Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter Closing Soon

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectThe history of Rome shows that even great things come to an end. The Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter has just over a week remaining. For the latest updates, including new art, be sure to check out the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page.

If you’ve not backed us yet, check it out. If you pledge at any level, you’ll get all the unlocked digital rewards. We’ve added Res Romana (a supplement by Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios) and Creature Feature: Hydra to the list since the last post, and The Half-Set Sun (an adventure in Aegyptus) and Creature Feature: Cyclops are both in easy reach. Check the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter for a full list of stretch goals achieved and in the future!

If you have backed us, thanks! We appreciate your support, and look forward to bringing you into the deep shadows cast by a shining empire. Be sure to let you friends know—even the Romans traveled with company, you know!