Fillable JumpCorp Forms for Last Parsec

JumpCorp Requisition Kit for the Last ParsecIt’s time to the put the paper back in the pen-and-paper RPG, and we’ve got just the ticket for you. The Last Parsec Requisition Kit brings you four form-fillable PDFs to put the game in your players’ hands.

Everyone has to be someone, and you’re nobody until people believe otherwise. With your new JumpCorp ID tag, your character will finally have that custom company identification that’s the difference between “Welcome to JumpCorp Facility Alpha” and “Purging of unauthorized intruder begins in ten, nine, eight…”

Put an end to the “of course I carry six left-handed franistans” arguments with the new Equipment and Supply Requisition Form. When you absolutely, positively have to have a stellar redactor and the spaceship to carry it, you better be ready to fill in the little box marked “Business Purpose.”

Not every trip goes well. Not every operation turns out quite the way it should. These are the times you might need to fill out an Incident Report or, in the worst case, a Death Certificate. Then again, maybe you’re the clean-up crew and it would be nice to know exactly what happened to those poor basta…uhm…”your predecessors” before you proceed.

Remember, in space, no one can hear your scream about the paperwork.

Omariss Death Worm Surfaces for The Last Parsec

Omariss Death Worm: An Adventure for The Last ParsecSpace is home to things big and small, great and humble—but which of these applies to the legendary “Death Worm”? Now that you’ve been asked to accompany Dr. Albert Mars to the distant desert world of Omariss 7 in hopes that he’ll capture the mysterious creature, maybe you’ll find out. Keep your wits about you, though, since the local war may complicate your expedition just a touch. And sometimes a touch is all it takes…

Omariss Death Worm is a short Last Parsec adventure originally written for Gen Con 2013 with great opportunities for roleplaying, combat, and figuring out some very tricky situations. You also get a pregenerated team ready to print and play and Figure Flats for all the characters, creatures, and even a few new vehicles. If you were paying close attention to the recent Explorers of the Last Parsec Figure Flats release, you might already have a few hints—if you didn’t spot ’em, you’ll at least have a few more friends to bring along!

Fill Your Table with New Last Parsec Maps and Figure Flats!

The Last ParsecFill up that empty space on your table with our exciting space of the future—The Last Parsec! Today we’re releasing enough maps and figure flats to choke out a black hole!*

There’s two sets of Figure Flats ready for you—Explorers of the Last Parsec Figure Flats and Terrors of Deep Space Figure Flats. Whether you need folks from all the races of The Last Parsec or you just need the most dangerous beasts those people may eventually run afoul of, we’ve got you covered. Both sets are ready to be printed and assembled into either tri-fold figures or based-tent figures to suit your preferences, and you can make as many as you want to. You caught that, right? As many as you want. There’s no reason to stop at five or six players against one or two beasts, not when you can add in a few (or a few hundred, or a few thousand) of their allies…on both sides!

With persons and things covered, it’s time to round out the nouns and give you some places for your Last Parsec games! Right now you can get your hands on four different PDF maps, each ready to print at 24″ x 30″ (if you’ve got the printer) or to be tiled to suit your printing and table needs. Whether you need a Dropship Map, a Freighter Map, Pirate Vessels Maps, or a Research Ship Map, this is the place to be! Each is ready to be filled with your minis or our Figure Flats.

For those of you out there with the foresight to have joined the Last Parsec Kickstarter as backers, these files are already waiting for you. If you’re not in that special crowd, what are you waiting for? Get your Last Parsec Maps and Figure Flats today!

* Okay, a very small, highly theoretical black hole that probably doesn’t exist and may have sent our actual physicist readers into conniption fits. Sorry about that. I get carried away sometimes.

Explore Scientorium’s Wonders in The Last Parsec

Scientorium PDF for The Last ParsecFind lost technological treasures and knowledge beyond Known Space’s understanding in the library of Scientorium. This mammoth artifact lies hidden by sheer distance and forever shrouded from the minds of the curious. It’s strange experience chambers offer passage to millions of histories on millions of worlds, secrets and technologies undreamed of. Mysteriously abandoned except for its automated security systems and enigmatic caretakers, its workings are strangely twisted and jealous, meting out reward and punishment in equal measure.

Scientorium is a setting book for The Last Parsec. It contains new locations and characters for the epic journey to find Scientorium, new Setting Rules for the library’s many wonders, a Plot Point Campaign, Savage Tales, and detailed insight into the world of the reclusive Librarians.

The Scientorium PDF is available immediately, but the printed versions of the book are still on the Last Parsec Preorder Page! You can still preorder the whole Last Parsec line-up, including adventures, the GM Screen, tokens, all three system books (Eris Beta-V, Leviathan, and Scientorum, each with its own Plot Point Campaign), and custom dice, Bennies, and miniatures! Check it out today.

Preorder The Last Parsec Now!

The Last Parsec Preorders PageStake your claim to space and the future of humanity (and “friends”) today from The Last Parsec Preorder Page! You’ll get any PDFs as soon as they’re available and your physical products are planned to ship during May 2015 (earth time, that is).

This is your first chance to preorder everything from The Last Parsec line-up, including adventures, the GM Screen, tokens, the three system books (each with its own Plot Point Campaign)—even custom dice, Bennies, and miniatures! Check it out today.

Oh, and there’s two things you need to keep in mind if you’re one of our original Last Parsec Kickstarter backers. First, thanks again—you’re fashionable, good-looking, pleasantly aromatic, and generally awesome. Second, you don’t have to preorder anything you’re already getting unless you want another copy. You’ll still be getting everything coming to your backer level through other means.

Get a jump on the future today—it’s not going to wait on you, you know.

New Last Parsec Releases for Kickstarter Backers!

The Last Parsec November 25 ReleasesWelcome to the space of the Known Worlds with our first wave of The Last Parsec releases, available now to Last Parsec Kickstarter backers!

Eris Beta-V is a magnificent ringed gas giant with several moons on the icy fringes of interstellar space. You’re there to protect its valuable commercial potential from unscrupulous enemies of JumpCorp. Discover ancient artifacts of enormous power and solve the oldest mystery of Eris Beta-V before time runs out…if you can.

Eris Beta-V is the first setting book for The Last Parsec, bringing you new locations, character, and adventure as well as new starships, Setting Rules for asteroid mining and ringstorms, a Plot Point Campaign, several Savage Tales, and a host of new creatures from these strange worlds.

The Last Parsec wallpapers are now available to all backers. Those who backed at Crew Member or above are also getting The Last Parsec Customizable GM Screen PDFs.

All three are available now by logging into your account and checking your vault. Once we’re sure everything’s working smoothly here, we’ll send those out via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow links. See, aren’t you glad you backed The Last Parsec Kickstarter?

If you didn’t, don’t worry. Space is still out there, and it’s not as lonely as you thought. Just watch this space—or The Last Parsec Kickstarter Updates—for more details and dates for general releases!

The Last Parsec Archetypes Now Available

The Last Parsec Archetypes Space can be mighty lonely, so it’s best to have some friends. The Last Parsec Archetypes will help you fill that void in the stars and your heart while bringing the known races to your table.

These thirteen ready-to-play archetypes can also be used for PCs, representing iconic JumpCorp crew members from all the core races of the Known Worlds. They’re ready to roll with The Last Parsec rules, the Figure Flats that come with the archetypes, or The Last Parsec Miniatures (which are coming soon).

For a complete list of who’s who (and what’s what), be sure to take a look at The Last Parsec Archetypes today!

The Last Parsec Soundtrack Now Available!

The Jump Soundtrack for The Last ParsecIt’s time we put the sound back into space, and we’re doing it in style! The Jump—the The Last Parsec’s official soundtrack—is now available from the Pinnacle Web Store.

Eleven tracks from fan favorite Harry Mack give you nearly an hour of music to guide you through your journeys in space. Remember, the difference between tragic home footage of multiple deaths and a spectacular film chronicling your JumpCorp team’s heroic adventures in space is the background music. Be honest—which would you rather be featured in?

Help Us Celebrate the Wild Success of The Last Parsec!

The Last Parsec Kickstarter ProjectWith nearly a thousand backers and over a thousand percent funded, we couldn’t be happier with your response to The Last Parsec Kickstarter project. We’re always aiming to make the books and projects that you really want, and you’re telling us that we’re hitting that mark. Thank you for the support, thank you for the feedback, and thank you for helping us go so far!

Help us celebrate! You can go shootin’ up the town like our pictured Saurian friend, or you can enjoy all six of the JumpCorp Cares posters, now freely available in the downloads section on the right of the Last Parsec page. There are probably other choices, too, but we’ll leave those to you.

I guess it’s time for us to turn our attention to making sure that everything’s ready for you! Keep watching here for the release of downloadable content and stretch goals, like the upcoming Last Parsec Soundtrack.

Last Chance for the Last Parsec Kickstarter!

JumpCorp Asimov Circuits PosterSpace may be infinite, but Kickstarters aren’t. The Last Parsec Kickstarter project closes this Thursday, October 23, at 12:23 pm EDT (9:23 am PDT).

Don’t despair! You still have time to join up and grab a few more of our Stretch Goals. Just this week, Last Parsec Figure Flats II: Terrors of Deep Space were unlocked. That’s our ninth Stretch Goal so far, and the next ones mean more Last Parsec Miniatures for everyone getting any minis at all—at no additional cost! You can also get your hands on new add-ons, like Savage Worlds Deluxe, the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion, and the new custom Last Parsec Dice Set.

You’ll also have lots of things to remember us by! Just this week, we’ve put out John Goff’s latest Last Parsec One-Sheet, Catch of the Day. You can also get the Design Diary Volume 4 for more insights into the creation of The Last Parsec material. Remember, you can get all the Design Diaries, One Sheets, and other free resources (like the Last Parsec Character Sheet) from the Downloads section at the right of the Last Parsec page. And there’s always the entire Wendigo Tales Season 3 for you—six different tales of life in The Last Parsec, ready for your reading pleasure.

If you care about yourself at all, do yourself two little favors before it’s too late—get the full-size JumpCorp Asimov Logic poster so you don’t forget to take routine safety precautions and visit The Last Parsec Kickstarter project while you can still do something about it!