Get a Discount on Storyweaver’s Most Popular Settings

HAEL Core Rules Discount LinkHigh Space Core Rules Discount LinkStoryweaver Games wants to thank you for their success by offering you a special discount! With these links, you can buy their High Space Core Rules or the HAEL Core Rules [Heck, you can actually buy both.] for $12 each instead of the normal $15.

While you’re there, go ahead and check out the full line of Storyweaver products. You’ll be glad you did.


Hero Labs Takes Savage Worlds into Space Past and Future

Space 1889 in Hero LabIf space adventuring is your cup of tea, check out the two newest Savage Worlds settings for Hero LabSpace 1889 and High Space.

Space 1889: Red Sands of Mars is the setting for space with that cup of tea! Take your Victorian heroes into space to see the red plains of Mars, the murky jungles of Venus, or even the rocky desolation of Mercury! Perhaps you could defend the Empire, perhaps even Earth herself, against the mad machinations of the unseen cabal set on destruction.  Good show!

High Space, the space opera from StoryWeaver, takes you to space’s far future, with fantastical science fiction heroes outfitted with the latest gadgetry!

This makes ten full Savage Worlds settings that Hero Lab supports for free, including Deadlands NoirTour of DarknessHell on Earth, Deadlands: Reloaded,  Rippers, and The Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds today! After all, it’s never a bad thing to make new friends.


StoryWeaver Welcomes you to Hael!

StoryWeaver's HaelThe world has been at an uneasy peace between the two great empires—the descendants of the orcs and the gnolls—since humanity and the lesser races were forced into the wilderness  with the ancient beasts and monsters a millennium past. But strangers have arrived from beyond the stars, bringing terrible new weapons and powers of the mind. War is returning to Hael, old hatreds are writ in fresh blood, and simmering revolution comes to a violent boil!

StoryWeaver’s new dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds is now available on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. The opening salvo includes the Hael Core Rules, the adventure Night of the Long Fangs, and the free adventure Burning Bridges! Did I mention the free adventure contains a beautiful printable map and a background audio track to set the mood? Still not convinced? Check out the Hael introductory video.