Shane Hensley Talks Deadlands on the Rollin’ Bones Podcast

Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin Beat

In the latest episode of the Rollin’ Bones podcast, Shane Hensley joins Dungeon Master and host Ryan Howard to discuss the current Kickstarter campaign for Deadlands: The Weird West.

Delve deep into the Deadlands, get the skinny on Savage Worlds, and take a peek inside the inner workings of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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The Kickstarter for Deadlands: the Weird West is LIVE!

OK, amigos, it’s time to pony up those pesos because the granddaddy of Horror Western RPGs, Deadlands: the Weird West, is BACK with an ALL-NEW edition now LIVE on Kickstarter!

This new edition is the biggest revamp of the game’s background and rules since “Reloaded” from 2005. It’s been revised, rewritten, and refocused by both Deadlands Line Editor Matthew Cutter and original creator Shane Hensley.

And, of course, all the rules have been updated and adapted to the latest version of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Pledge now to get your mitts on all the new hotness including the Deadlands: the Weird West Boxed Set (containing the core book, a GM screen plus adventure, a set of 25 Bennies, seven dice, a brand new poster map of the Weird West, and six Archetype Cards), the Horror at Headstone Hill Campaign Boxed Set, and the Deadlands Pawns Boxed Set, offering over 100 punchboard minis!

Additionally, if you jump in at the High Roller level, you’ll also nab a deluxe Deadlands Dice Tray and a set of gorgeous, metal Deadlands dice from Norse Foundry.

PLUS, with your help, we’ll unlock some amazing Stretch Goals in the coming weeks like new Harrowed Cards and updated Power Cards.

Check back frequently to see where we’re at, tell your friends to check out our project—every pledge means more for everyone—and be sure to follow Pinnacle Entertainment Group on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


Shane Hensley and the Deadlands Kickstarter on the Latest PEGShow

Get all the nitty-gritty details about the new Deadlands: the Weird West Kickstarter straight from the horse’s mouth as Shane Hensley joins host Ron Blessing on the latest episode of the PEGShow!

And while you’re there, get all caught up on the previous 22 amazing episodes by subscribing through iTunes, via the RSS feed provided on the show’s site, or wherever you download your podcasts.


Savage Cruise Q&A Featuring Shane Hensley

For those who missed out on the recent Savage Cruise, thanks to the fine folks with the Rocky Mountain Savages, you can now watch a fun (some might say raucous) and very informative Q&A session over on YouTube featuring Shane Hensley, Jodi Black, Clint Black, Cheyenne Wright, and Darrell Hayhurst.

Topics discussed include the upcoming Deadlands Kickstarter, Savage Rifts® , updates to our popular Savage Worlds Companions, Necessary Evil 3 (yes, THREE), and much, much more!

Pour yourself a glass (or frosty mug) of your favorite beverage, fire up this video on YouTube, and enjoy roughly 30 minutes of Savage Worlds shenanigans on the high seas!


Wendigo Tales Volumes Zero and One are Now Available!

First Look at Wendigo Tales, Volume One!

If you’re on the hunt for some exciting Savage Worlds-inspired fiction, the electronic versions (.epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats) of our Wendigo Tales collections, featuring chilling tales of horror and adventure by some of today’s top authors, are now available for purchase directly from our store!

Wendigo Tales: Volume One features:

  •  FAIT ACCOMPLI, by Shanna Germain (Predation, No Thank You, Evil!)
  •  RAIDERS OF THE POISONED PLAINS, by Tim Waggoner (The Winter Box, Deep Like the River)
  •  ON THE FLIP SIDE, by Aaron Rosenberg (DuckBob, Dread Remora)
  •  THE IRISH GOODBYE, by Matthew Cutter (DeadlandsThe Goon™ RPG)
  •  THE FIRES OF ROME, by Shane Lacy Hensley (Savage WorldsDeadlandsWeird Wars)

We are also now offering revised collections of our original three “Seasons” of Wendigo Tales, now referred to as Wendigo Tales: Volume Zero.

These three uniquely-themed volumes contain several thrilling tales set in the worlds of The Last Parsec, Necessary Evil, and Weird Wars by authors like Christine Thompson, John Wick, Ed Stark, Jon Leitheusser, and of course, Shane Lacy Hensley.

If you would like print + complimentary PDF/ePub versions of these volumes, order the books as part of our Wendigo Tales: Volume One (and Deadlands: Lost Colony) Kickstarter’s PledgeManager. Then be sure to email with your completed receipt and request a comp copy of the PDFs/ePub. Please note you will be pledging as a late backer and purchasing at minimum Wendigo Tales: Volume One in print (plus comp PDFs).


Wizards of the Couch Interviews Shane Hensley

Recently, Shane Hensley (Pinnacle President and creator of Savage Worlds) sat down with the fine folks from Wizards of the Couch to chat about alternative RPGs beyond those you’re likely to find on the shelves of your local big-box stores.

Shane also deep dives into his past to share stories of his earliest days in (and out of) gaming, his time working in the video game industry, and the founding of Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Follow and Subscribe to Wizards of the Couch on Twitch and explore their archive on YouTube.

* Please note that the language in this interview, like most Wizards of the Couch interviews, gets a little salty from time-to-time, but it’s still a terrific conversation!


Savage Cruise Wrap-Up

Now that the ship has returned to port and all the passengers have gotten their land legs back, it’s time to reflect on this year’s phenomenally successful Savage Cruise!

Rocky Mountain Savages tour guides Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, and Steve Kellison were thrilled to host Pinnacle luminaries, Shane Henlsey, Clint Black, and Jodi Black along with almost 100 Savage Worlds fans from North America and Europe on the inaugural Savage Cruise.

Over 60 games were played over nine days in four countries (including a river, a gulf, a channel, and a sea) making this the longest and most unique Savage Worlds event to-date. The group survived a 6.7 earthquake, a three-foot tsunami, and Chris Fuchs’ karaoke. They also experienced a 21-gun salute, close encounters with stingrays, sharks, gators, and sea turtles, an all-you-can eat buffet, haunted mansions, and even a submarine.

The Rocky Mountain Savages are currently planning a shorter encore event this fall that’s a little closer to home, so if you’d like information about the next Savage Expedition, visit their website where you’ll find a sign-up form and galleries from this year’s Savage Cruise.


Comix Asylum Chats with Shane Hensley and Scott Woodard

Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin Beat

Recently, Comix Asylum (“your #1 source for pop culture entertainment”) posted a fun little interview with our illustrious leader, Shane Hensley along with Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™).

In this article, the two briefly discuss the history of Pinnacle Entertainment Group and some of the products the company is best known for. Scott also offers up a few Savage Worlds dream settings he’d love to see, a couple of which may surprise you!

Our thanks to interviewer Thomas Riccardi and Comix Asylum for putting this all together.


Solomon Kane Heads Homeward

Today, as we stand at the dawn of a new year, Pinnacle Entertainment Group officially bids farewell to The Savage World of Solomon Kane Roleplaying Game.

Based upon the incredible works of author Robert E. Howard and first published back in 2007, The Savage World of Solomon Kane, written by Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams and Shane Lacy Hensley (with additional material by Randy Mosiondz and Piotr Korys), has proven to be one of Pinnacle’s most popular lines for Savage Worlds.

If you have not already added this Savage Setting to your collection, this is your LAST CHANCE as the rights to the legendary puritan swordsman return to Cabinet Entertainment at midnight tonight. After that, all Solomon Kane products will vanish from our site and, for both PDF and print + PDF sales. PDFs stored in your account will be accessible, but no more sales will occur.

Solomon Kane

Visit our store now and order The Savage World of Solomon Kane core rulebook, The Path of Kane, The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane, and the Traveler’s Tales adventure collection, all for a whopping 40% off their cover prices.

And don’t forget to download all the freebies there as well including the Solomon Kane Conversion for Adventure Edition document, our three One Sheet adventures including Blood Feast, The Forgotten Victim, and The Lincoln Imp, GM Screen Inserts, Character and Ally Sheets, and The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane Map Pack.

And Solomon Kane looked up into the silent hills and felt the silent call of the hills and the unguessed distances beyond; and Solomon Kane shifted his belt, took his staff firmly in his hand and turned his face eastward.” ~ Robert E. Howard


A Recent Batch of Pinnacle Interviews

Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin Beat

When we’re not creating Savage Worlds, running Savage Worlds, or playing Savage Worlds, we’re often talking about Savage Worlds!

While our brand new podcast, the PEGShow, is now our own corner of the internet for these types of discussions, you can also occasionally find a few of us on other podcasts or being interviewed for various gaming sites and blogs!

First up, Shane Hensley chats with John Haremza of Legends of Tabletop about his gaming background and career, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, some recent (and upcoming) Kickstarters, a few of his favorite Deadlands actual play podcasts like Sounds Like Crowes and The Adventures of Young & Holt, and the upcoming Savage Worlds sea cruise with the Rocky Mountain Savages.

Second, Egg Embry of d20 Radio recently caught up with Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™) to discuss his process of adapting The Sixth Gun comic series to a tabletop roleplaying game. Find that interview here.

And lastly, our own Ron Blessing (Savage Worlds Community Manager and host of the PEGShow) sat down with Gage Verronneau of the Gaming with Gage podcast to talk about his introduction to RPGs and what exactly an editor does.