Taking Action: New Savage Insider Now Available

Taking Action: Savage Insider Volume 2, Issue 2Savage Insider Volume 2, Issue 2Taking Action— is now available and chock-full of great material. You’ll get

  • Two great adventures (The Damned by Brian Reeves and Mummy Troubles by Zach Welhouse),
  • Zhàndòu: City of Warriors from Sean Tait Bircher of Wine and Savages,
  • All the features you’ve come to love, including recent and upcoming releases,
  • Convention Connections, and
  • More live links than a chain golem factory!

Want more? Be sure to check out Rebirth and Reinvention (the last issue) or any of the fine offerings from Obatron Productions.


Savage Insider Call for Submissions

Savage Insider Call for SubmissionsIf you’ve ever wanted to write in the gaming industry, this may be your chance!

Obatron Productions is looking for submissions for Savage Insider’s next two issues, Taking Action and Giving Thanks (Volume 2, Issues 2 and 3 for you closet librarians). They’re looking for features, articles, illustrations, and advertisements. So, whether you’ve got something in you that you want to share* or have a product that needs some exposure, be sure to contact Obatron Productions.

For more details—including those all-important deadline dates—be sure to check the Savage Insider Call for Submissions or visit the Savage Insider Submissions & Advertising page.

* As long as we’re not talking parasites or gestating acid-blooded space aliens, that is.


Newest Savage Insider Now Available

Savage Insider Volume 2 Issue 1The newest Savage InsiderVolume 2—is just waiting for you to go snap it up. Response to the last issue was so good, they’ve bumped this one from 48 to 74 pages!

Normally, Savage Insider Volume 2 would be $4.49. But if you buy from one of the links on this page by August 4, you’ll get it for only $3.59. Considering it includes a $5 coupon for the Pinnacle Web Store and a 33% discount from StoryWeaver, you’re probably making money buying this magazine!

Fittingly, the theme of Volume 2, the first by Obatron Productions, is rebirth and reinvention. Highlights in this issue include:

  • A letter from Clint Black from us at Pinnacle,
  • Two great adventures with bonus maps and minis,
  • Returning favorite columns, including Designer’s Diary, Game Prep, Character Gallery, and Equipment Corral, and
  • Exclusive sneak peeks and discounts.

But that’s just the highlights. Buy Savage Insider Volume 2 today and see everything that’s waiting for you!


Keep Up with Obatron Labs

Savage Insider MagazineObatron Productions, the fine people who bring you Savage Insider and their own Tunseal line, want you to know what you want to know. Makes sense, right?

Sign up for their new newsletter today. You’ll get to select the topics you’re interested in, how you want to get the e-mail, and how often they send them to you. How can you beat a deal like that? Sign up today!

Oh, and if you like keeping up via e-mail, don’t forget that you can sign up to get the Pinnacle Weekly Updates and News via e-mail. We like to keep you informed, too, you know.


Savage Insider Wants Your Input!

Savage Insider MagazineObatron Productions is looking for feedback from the Savage Worlds community to help shape the future of Savage Insider, the quarterly magazine dedicated to all things Savage Worlds!

We’ve all got opinions…especially gaming opinions. This is your chance to have those opinions matter—take their brief survey and you may get exactly the Savage Worlds magazine you’ve always dreamed of!


MTE Releases Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic

Savage Insider #10: Make It EpicMystical Throne Entertainment takes you to the earlier days of high fantasy adventure with Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic! Draw your swords, grab your staves, cast your spells—get ready to defend your realm (and treasures) as best you can!

Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic brings you

  • A brand new, full-length adventure
  • A series of fantasy encounters for DramaScape’s The Crypts battlemap.
  • A look at the ranger fantasy archetype
  • Discussions about creating your own pantheon
  • An article about power trappings
  • Magical weapons, and more!

That’s way too much good stuff to let pass you by—be sure to get your copy (PDF or Print-on-Demand) today!


Big Changes at Savage Insider

Savage Insider MagazineAfter Savage Insider releases Issue 10 in April, the Savage Worlds-focused magazine will continue under a new editor and schedule. Vickey Beaver will take over as editor after having worked with Aaron Huss since Savage Insider’s inception.

The new Savage Insider will be released on a quarterly seasonal format, with a bonus issue to make five annually. Volume 2, Issue 1 in June 2014 will be the summer release. Each issue will be released via PDF and print-on-demand, with select issues being available at larger conventions. Watch Savage Insider for final details on pricing and availability.

This time of change is also a time for input. Savage Insider has asked for fans and publishers alike to contact them with any questions or requests. Want a feature? Have an article? Want to advertise? Get in touch with them from their web site or on the Savage Insider Facebook page.


Savage Insider Issue 7 Released

Savage Insider 7: End of DaysSavage Insider Issue 7Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Savage Worlds e-zine, is available for free download at RPGNow.

This issue, End of Days, looks at the world after apocalypse, at an age where life on the new earth is much different than that which we know today. This issue concentrates more on options and content for post-apocalyptic game play while offering a short adventure and fictional piece that can be interpreted onto your tabletop.

The pillar article Technology Lost discusses what conveniences and technology would be lost depending on how the apocalypse affected the world while Religion in a Post-Apocalyptic Age presents information about how the faithful are able to practice their religion in a world without some of our modern conveniences.

End of Days includes:

  • Post-Apocalyptic Gear to equip your characters
  • Two flagship articles about life in a post-apocalyptic world
  • A fictional piece set in a post-apocalyptic environment
  • A one-sheet adventure
  • And more!

Keep your eyes open every quarter for a new issue.


Savage Insider Premium Issue #4 Now Available

Savage Insider Premium Issue 4Mystical Throne Entertainment brings you Savage Insider Premium Issue #4—the fourth premium issue of the Savage Insider magazine—with five new full-length pieces:

  • Tavern Tales
    a continuation of life at inns and taverns for fantasy games with a look at games and Agen Sbobet gambling.
  • The Secret of Isla de Monos
    a pirate-themed adventure for Savage Worlds
  • Nation Guide: Bulgarian Empire
    a gazetteer detailing the Bulgarian Empire for Faith & Demons: The Rising with new source material, character options, and bestiary
  • Hastilion Expanse: Mission Delta
    the continuation of the Hastilion Expanse campaign for Mercenary Breed, designed for Seasoned characters
  • Surveyed: Underhome
    a mini-sourcebook for Ancient World detailing the city of Hightower and the nearby ancient inhabitants of the now-gone city of Underhome

Look for new issues of Savage Insider Premium between releases of the free Savage Insider standard issues, all available from the Mystical Throne Entertainment section of the Pinnacle PDF store.


Savage Insider #3 Released

Savage Insider Premium Issue 3Savage Insider magazine is dedicated to supporting the Savage Worlds role-playing game, and they’ve just release Savage Insider Premium Issue #3. It includes:

  • Mission Gamma—part 3 of a Mercenary Breed campaign set within the Hastilion Expanse.
  • Nation Guide: Anglo-Saxona gazetteer detailing the Anglo-Saxon nation for Faith & Demons: The Rising with new source material, character options, and bestiary.
  • Of Orchids and Oathsa modern fantasy horror adventure for Judgment Day.
  • Random Encounters: The Ossuarya fantasy horror adventure including battlemap.
  • Surveyed: Lord Bane-a mini-sourcebook for Faith & Demons: The Rising detailing the domain of Lord Bane.
  • Tavern Talesa continuation of life at inns and taverns for fantasy games.
  • Ultimate Mass Battle Guide, Part IIpart 2 of our alternate mechanics series bringing new options for running a mass battle.

Look for new issues of Savage Insider Premium every quarter between releases of the free Savage Insider standard issues.