Licensee Spotlight: Interface Zero 3.0 – Now on Kickstarter!

Jack into the Kickstarter for Interface Zero 3.0 from Savage Worlds “Ace” licensee, Gun Metal Games.

This campaign is being run to fund the development of Interface Zero 3.0 for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, The Game Master’s Guide to 2095, an introductory adventure, and a host of cool add-ons including a three-panel Game Master’s Screen, custom Action Deck, Bennies, and much more!

In Interface Zero 3.0, you’ll find updated races, completely overhauled rules for hacking and drones, campaign themes to help you dial in on the type of cyberpunk game you wish to run and play, City and Corporate Trappings, new bio-horrors, gear customization options, and a bunch of Savage Tales to get you started.

The Game Master’s Guide to 2095 will provide you with a more detailed look at the Interface Zero setting, Savage Tales for each region of the world, information on major corporations, governments, and the people who run them, new threats, and three Plot Point Campaigns.

So, head on over to Kickstarter, check out everything Gun Metal Games has to offer, and pledge your support for… the future!


Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun Available for Interface Zero 2.0!

Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun for Interface Zero 2.0Welcome to the Japan of 2090, nakama. Here, “ronin” a legacy fraught with peril and crushing burdens, not just a nickname. From the highest Zen master to the lowliest yakuza thug, from bio-molded cities to ancestral cyberspace vistas, prepare to be plunged into an empire transformed by its unique cultural identity as much as the world’s rampaging technology. Join us in Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun.

Whether you’re a mere robotics tech or descend from Japanese royalty itself, the time has come to choose your path. Delve into the DATAfeeds of the Chrysanthemum Corporation or whet your appetites in the orbital pleasure palace of Golden Heaven. Master stealth technology to join the shinobi or defend innocents from the ravages of the Setting Sun cult. The gates are open. The temple bells toll a new era. Do you have the wits, will, strength, and skill to survive and take control of your own legacy?

In this new supplement for Gun Metal GamesInterface Zero 2.0 Savage Worlds cyberpunk setting, you’ll get

  • New character options and gear,
  • True Cyber-Samurai and Cyber-Ninja,
  • Deadly bioforms sprung from Japan’s rich mythology,
  • New threats and Savage Tales to launch you into the action, and
  • Rich details of life in the Japan of Interface Zero’s world of 2090!

Explore whole new cityscapes of cyberpunk adventure where honor is everything—come to Japan: Empire of the Setting Sun today!


Get Half Off Gun Metal Games in November

Gun Metal GamesGun Metal Games is having a half-off sale until the end of November! That’s right—half the cost for the same great stuff, or twice as much for nothing more!

You may be most familiar with their cyberpunk setting, Interface Zero 2.0, but be sure to check out the whole Gun Metal Games catalog while you’re looking. At prices this low, you can have a very happy Thanksgiving or get some of that Christmas shopping out of your hair really early.


Harvest the Seeds of Discontent for Interface Zero

Seeds of Discontent for Interface Zero 2.0Gun Metal Games has released Seeds of Discontent, a new adventure for Interface Zero 2.0.

The family farms of the King County Cooperative are trying to get by, but big agricorps and biker gangs alike are out to make it harder. Of course you’re good for a simple job of protecting the little guy, but are you up for where the inevitable complications lead you?

Be sure to check out the full line of Gun Metal Games products. An entire Savage Worlds cyberpunk future is waiting for you.


Real Estate One-Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0

Real Estate One Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0Gun Metal Games has released Real Estate, a new One-Sheet for Interface Zero 2.0. Gangs try to take over new territory all the time, but this time it’s led to an all-out war between two gangs for the neighborhood you live in! It’s not just about survival, it’s about a place to call your own.

Be sure to check out the full line of Gun Metal Games products. An entire Savage Worlds cyberpunk future is waiting for you.




Two New Adventures for Interface Zero 2.0

Drip by Bloody Drip for Interface Zero 2.0Gun Metal Games has released two new adventures for Interface Zero 2.0: Drip by Bloody Drip and The Delivery.

In Drip by Bloody Drip, the group is hired to grab some medical research files from an abandoned naval base on the Puget Sound. Seems simple enough, except for the base’s security systems. Can the group survive military-grade robots and drones long enough to retrieve the data? And why is another recovery team on the base?

The Delivery is a simple drop-off job, some might even say a milk run—but not all jobs are as easy as they look. Two hours to deliver a briefcase across town should be enough, but there may be a few obstacles that threaten that deadline.

Take a minute and check out Gun Metal Games’ full line. A Savage Worlds cyberpunk future is yours for the taking—or at least for a very reasonable price!


Extraction With Extreme Prejudice for Interface Zero 2.0

Extraction with Extreme Prejudice for Interface Zero 2.0The job seems simple enough; grab a high profile geneticist from Bio Solutions, and deliver him to the contractor. In, out, done. Easy Peasy, right? Wrong. Word spreads fast in the sprawl, and once the wolves hear about the dandy diaper baby coming down from his ivory tower, he becomes a huge payday, and everyone wants to cash in. Can you complete the job as promised? Or will you succumb to greed and sell the mark to the highest bidder? Do you even have a choice?

Extraction with Extreme Prejudice is an adventure for 3 to 5 characters for Gun Metal GamesInterface Zero 2.0 cyberpunk setting. You even get free rules for creating your own safe house!


Print Preorder Available for Interface Zero 2.0

Interface Zero 2.0 Print PreorderDid you miss the Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter, but still wish you could get a physical copy of the book? Well, it’s your lucky day!

For a limited time, GunMetal Games is offering a chance to pre-order Interface Zero 2.0: Full Metal Cyberpunk for the same price as the Kickstarter backers. That’s 320 pages of future dystopia “goodness” for only $50.99—ten bucks off the eventual cover price!

Don’t wait. This offer is limited, and you never know when someone’s going to hack your custom-coded cyber-limbs to stop you from getting their copy!


Interface Zero 2.0 Now Available!

Interface Zero 2.0 on DriveThruRPGIt’s a new vision of a new future for a new year—Gun Metal Games has released Interface Zero 2.0! Currently available in PDF, it will soon be available in print directly from the Gun Metal Games web store or via print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG.

Can you survive, even prosper, in a full-metal cyberpunk future marked by some of the greatest innovations and most violent turmoil humanity can produce? Interface Zero 2.0 brings you a 2090 filled with cyborgs, simulacra, genetic hybrids, bioroids, androids, Human 2.0, and “regular folk” in a hostile world of hacking, A.I.s, and old-fashioned physical violence—all powered by the Savage Worlds game system you know and love!

Check it out today. Who knows, it may be good practice if you’re planning to be around in 76 years or so…


Interface Zero 2.0 at 400% and Climbing

Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter CampaignThe Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter from Gunmetal Games has clearly tapped into a neuron or two out there. Their plan to update, expand, and improve their sci-fi/cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds is 400% funded with over three weeks to go!

Stretch goals attained so far include more minis, more floor plans, more adventures, three more source books (Japan, New Seattle, and the Republic of Texas), and an Explorer’s Edition! Playtest documents and preview PDFs are already available to backers for several sections of the core rule book.

For full details on what’s new and the stretch goals to come (including the whole solar system, mind you), be sure to check out the Interface Zero 2.0 Kickstarter today.