Weird Wars Vietnam: Tour of Darkness Bundle

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Everything for Tour of Darkness (Pinnacle’s Weird Wars setting for Vietnam) in print and PDF!

Your grunt has 365 days and a wake-up to learn what really lurks in the jungle.

Surviving is tough enough, but if your GI is really on the ball, he just might get drafted into the super-secret Phoenix Program and discover far more than he ever wanted about the Plain of Jars and the secret cults of the high mountains.

Tour of Darkness features new Sanity rules and how to deal with mind-numbing horror, a ton of Edges & Hindrances, new horrors, and an awesome Adventure Generator and Plot Points to tell the most savage of tales! Written by the mysterious Teller!

Tour of Darkness was written for an earlier version of Savage Worlds and requires a little tweaking to play with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

Tour of Darkness

Print + PDF

Tour of Darkness GM Screen Inserts (PDF)

Tour of Darkness Figure Flats PDF

Tour of Darkness Player's Guide (PDF)

This Player's Guide for Weird Wars: Tour of Darkness contains the first 35 pages of the book, including all the Edges and Hindrances, rules for character creation, complete equipment lists for America, French, and Vietnamese forces, and the setting rules (including resupply and the all-important fire support).

Our Player's Guides also feature a site license that allows the GM to print and hand out a copy of this document to every player in his group!

Look for Figure Flats and our exclusive GM Screen Inserts as well!

This product contains the first section of the game, including all the information available to players. It is NOT a separate game and presents no new material.
This product also contains a site license that allows the GM to print and hand out a copy to every player in his personal game group (up to six players).

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Tour of Darkness

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