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Weird War II is part of Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Weird Wars series.

In the horror of war, dark things rise, and World War II is history’s greatest conflict. The Japanese stalk the jungles of Southeast Asia. Carriers battle in the South Pacific. Tanks trundle across North Africa. Planes duel over England. The Nazi blitzkrieg conquers most of Europe with a genocidal madman at the controls. Prepare to battle the evil of the Axis powers and the hideous things that rise in their wake. This isn’t just war-this is Weird War!

Weird War II contains everything you need to run horrific World War II adventures with the Savage Worlds game system: new powers, Edges, Hindrances, weapons, vehicles for all the major powers, an Adventure Generator, dozens of Savage Tales, new monsters, and an operational-scale Plot Point Campaign that ties it all together.

Requires Savage Worlds to play. These adventures are written for Savage Worlds Deluxe.

Weird War II (PDF)

Weird War II: Ardennes of Darkness PDF

The fighting was as bitter as the cold during the winter of 1944. Hitler's push to disrupt Allied operations in Europe and inflict massive casualties to American troops had begun. How well can you handle your troops? How well can you do what your country needs of you?

This three-stage mini-campaign includes all the set-up, special conditions, and figure flats you'll need for hours of explosive tabletop battles! Options are included to play with the full-fledged horror of a Weird Wars campaign or to play the scenarios as historical models without fantastic elements.

Showdown Scenarios require the Savage Showdown miniature rules to play.

This is a PDF downloadable product with layers controls for ease of printing exactly what you want. Full color. 18 pages.

Weird Wars II: Island of Dreams adventure (PDF)

Weird War II: Wunderwaffe

Wendigo Tales are electronic books in the .epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats.

Weird War II: Los!

Wendigo Tales are electronic books in the .epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats.

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Weird War II (PDF)


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