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The official Last Parsec soundtrack features 11 tracks designed to follow the flow of your JumpCorp team’s adventures. This is nearly an hour’s worth of music by fan-favorite Harry Mack, and includes the following tracks:

1. The Jump
2. Beyond the Last Parsec
3. Dogfight
4. Approaching coordinates
5. Planetside
6. Contact
7. Dampening Field
8. Intruder Alert
9. Extraction
10. Mothership
11. Epilogue

1 review for The Jump (mp3)

  1. Nils Anker

    The the very first note of the first track named “The Jump”, Harry Mack draws you in with high paced tunes that scream ADVENTURE and ACTION at you. The synthesizers never get too cheesy and the beat never turn the ambient tunes into dance music – but it lingers somewhere in between, making it hard to stay in your seat (Approaching the Coordinates especially makes you want to break out the glow sticks), especially during a tense fight on the table top. Turned up or barely audible, Mack’s work is pure ear candy.
    The tunes are equally suited for playing the game and for GM’s looking to keep their creative juices going while writing their next sci-fi adventure.

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