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Rippers Companion

Rippers Companion PDF


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The follow up for our Rippers setting for Savage Worlds, The Rippers Compendium, takes players deep into new mysteries in the battle against the Cabal.

For Player and GM alike, new tools await. Discover the mesmerizing mysteries of Gypsy Curse Magic. Uncover the arcane anomalies of Angelic Magic of the Rosicrucians. But not everything is mystical. For Rippers that prefer the mundane in their battle against darkness there is a whole section dedicated to vehicles, gear and training animals to fight at your side!

As good begins to triumph, evil has found new corners of the world to hide and new allies emerge. A new and expanded Gezetter opens up whole new countries and contents to play and details ‘Frazer’s Fighters’, the latest band of heroes to join the fight against the night. A complete set of new Savage Tales helps to flesh out any Rippers’ wanderings. Don’t forget to outfit the Lodge while you’re out! The Compendium also gives player a whole new and exciting way to game strategic missions.

But that’s not all, new monsters wait to be trophy mounted, new plots wait to be weaved into your story, and new Rippertech awaits your physician’s all too willing hands.

This is a zip download containing both a full-cover and printer-friendly PDF.



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