Lankhmar Collectors Box Set


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The complete Lankhmar box set has everything made for The Savage World of Lankhmar!

It includes:

– Lankhmar Collector’s Box
– Lankhmar: City of Thieves (regular edition softcover)
– Lankhmar; Savage Tales of the Thieves Guild (softcover)
– Lankhmar: Savage Foes of Nehwon (softcover)
– Lankhmar: Savage Seas of Nehwon (softcover)
– Lankhmar GM Screen & Eyes of Goro’Mosh Adventure
– Lankhmar & Nehwon Poster Map
– Lankhmar & Nehwon Map (Digital)
– Lankhmar Dice (Set of 7)
– Lankhmar Bennies (Set of 20)

Requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

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