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Hell on Earth Classic: Hell or High Water

Hell on Earth Classic: Hell or High Water PDF

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Life in the Wasted Westâ„¢ is hard, and there are few places where it’s harder than the Mississippi Delta. Waltzing around within spitting distance of the roving undead minions of the Necropolis is something that’s done only by diehard heroes or brainers either too stupid or desperate to get the Hell out of the place.

Still, that’s where Hell or High Water finds the posse, wandering around the bayou in what used to be Louisiana before the ghost-rock bombs nearly blasted humanity from the face of the Earth.

There the heroes stumble upon Nouveau Baton Rouge, a post-Apocalyptic Venice in which what’s left of old Baton Rouge’s taller buildings poke out of what’s now the middle of the mighty Mississippi like the skin-stripped fingers of some gigantic, waterlogged corpse.

The people of Red Stick (as the town’s also known) have trouble coming in the shape of a ramshackle riverboat full of cutthroats roaming down the river and looking for prey. The town’s right in the path of these post-modern pirates, but that’s the least of the populace’s problems. Somewhere out in the steamy swamps, a great evil has been awakened by the townsfolk, and it’s up to the heroes to put the damned thing down for good.

If they fail, every man, woman, and child–and the heroes along with them–are going to meet a watery doom!



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