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Hell on Earth Classic: City o' Sin

Hell on Earth Classic: City o’ Sin PDF

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Inside this 128-page book is everything you ever wanted to know about Vegas and the strip, including the fun and wacky things these six-toed savages have done with the casinos of old! And what would a population of three-eyed freaks do without their own Mutant King? Silas Rasmussen’s mastery of the Glow, his fiery oratories, and his death-dealing Doombringers have riled up the mutant hordes, and they’re about to unleash Hell on their hated enemies–the norms!

Besides all that scaly-skinned goodness is a host of new powers and mutations for the evolutionary-challenged of your posse. If that’s not enough, City o’ Sin contains a full-length adventure pitting your heroes against the latest machinations of the Cult o’ Doom!



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