Savage Worlds Licensees

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Winter 2013

12 to Midnight: Home of Pinebox, Texas and rules and adventures for any horror setting

12 to Midnight

Adamant Entertainment: Creator of Mars and Thrilling Tales for Savage Worlds

Adamant Entertainment

Alexander Winn: Creator of Live Sheet for Savage Worlds

Alexander Winn

AlterEgo: Home of Metacreator for Savage Worlds


Applied Vectors: Developer of Twilight Future and Chryse for Savage Worlds.

Applied Vectors

Arc Dream Publishing: Developers of The Kerberos Club, Wild Talents, Godlike, and Delta Green.

Arc Dream Publishing

Atomic Overmind: Publisher of Ken Hite’s Day After Ragnarok.

Atomic Overmind

Battlefield Press: Creators of Sherwood.

Battlefield Press

BlackWyrm Publishing: Creators of the Imaginary Friends, Terracide, and Widening Gyre.

BlackWyrm Publishing

Chimera Press: Home of the Mythic setting for Savage Worlds.

Chimera Press

Cursed Empire: A dark fantasy setting being converted to Savage Worlds.

Cursed Empire

Daring Entertainment: Creators of War of the Dead, World of the Dead, and Hellbrood.

Daring Entertainment

Dias Ex Machina: Creators of the Amethyst RPG

world guide

Dog House Rules: Creators of the Buckshots adventures.

Dog House Rules

Dramascape: High Quality Maps, Floor Plans and Adventures.


Evil Beagle Games: Sean Patrick Fannon’s publishing house, featuring the setting of Shaintar as well as other Savage products.

Evil Beagle Games

Evil DM Productions: Creator of Legends of Steel and the Lost World of Hador.

Evil DM Productions

Fantasy Grounds: Virtual tabletop for pen and paper RPGs.

Fantasy Grounds

Four-in-Hand Games: Creators of Steamscapes, an alternative historical steampunk setting.

Four-in-Hand Games

FunSizedGames: Creators of Streets of Bedlam: A Savage World of Crime + Corruption.


GG Studio: Savage Worlds favorites translated to Italian.

GG Studio

Glove & Goggle Labs: Home of Ronin: Chrome & Steel, a dystopian blend of cyberpunk metroplexes embedded in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Glove & Goggle Labs

GRAmel: Offering Polish translations of Savage Worlds products as well as new Polish-language materials.


Green Ronin: Savaged Freeport

Green Ronin

Growling Door Games: Creators of curse the darkness and A Tragedy in Five Acts, and our own Savage Setting: M0arpigz!

Growling Door Games

Gun Metal Games: Makers of Interface Zero, a 2088 cyberpunk setting

Gun Metal Games

Hearthstone Games: Creators of the Marchland RPG setting

Hearthstone Games

Hero Lab: Character creation software has finally leveled up!

Hero Lab

Journeyman Games: Makers of Wild Card Creator

Journeyman Games

Just Insert Imagination: “Role-playing games have been our passion for many years and we are very excited to share our work with others who feel the same”.

Just Insert Imagination

Lynnvander, Inc.: Creator and publisher of the Legacy of Mana campaign setting and living world system.

Lynnvander, Inc.

Melior Via: Home of Accursed and The Thin Blue Line.

Melior Via

Misfit Studios: Creators of SpirosBlaak.

Misfit Studios

Modiphius: Makers of Achtung! Cthulhu.


Mutha Oith Creations: Home of Low Life.

Mutha Oith Creations

Mystical Throne Entertainment: Home of Ancient World, Mercenary Breed, and Mythos.

Mystical Throne Entertainment

Natural Twenty Gaming: Creators of the fantasy setting Realms of Eldrath.

Natural Twenty Gaming

Nevermet Press: Proudly crowd-sourcing community-driven games.

Nevermet Press

Obatron Productions: The creator of Tunse’al and home of Savage Insider

Obatron Productions

paNik productions: Creators of Abyss of Insanity, Caravan, The Deadly Seven, and R.E.A.C.T.

paNik productions

Phipps Gaming Studio: Home of Winterweir, It Has To Be Done and Blackhole.

Phipps Gaming Studio

Pirate Press: Creators of Battle for Oz.

Pirate Press

Plain Brown Wrapper Games: Creators of the unsavory superhero setting Bedlam City.

Plain Brown Wrapper Games

Prometheus Games: The German version of Savage Worlds.


Reality Blurs: Agents of Oblivion, Runepunk, Realms of Cthuhlu, Iron Dynasty, and Ravaged Earth.

Reality Blurs

RETROPUNK: Savage Worlds translated to Portuguese.


Roseburner Limited: Savage World combat tracker and dice roller.


RPGObjects: Makers of Darwin’s World: Post-Apocalyptic Adventures.


Savage Mojo: Home of Savage Suzerain.

Savage Mojo

Sigil Entertainment Group: Our own Aaron Acevedo’s brand.

Silver Gryphon Games: Creators of Wellstone City, adventures, and other mini-settings for our fellow Savages.

Silver Gryphon Games

Sneak Attack Press: Publisher of RPG Adventures and Accessories.

Sneak Attack Press

Soldier-Spy, LLC: Home of the Dragon Kings.

Dragon Kings

Squid&Crow: Creators of the SWToolset.


StoryWeaver: Home of the HAEL and High Space settings for Savage Worlds.


Studio 101: Russian home for Savage Worlds (Deadlands, Hellfrost, Accursed, and some new Russian settings).

Studio 101

Third Eye Games: Creators of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

Third Eye Games

Tricky Troll Games: Creators of the Savage Bestiary.

Triple Ace Games

Triple Ace Games: Hellfrost, Necropolis 2350, Sundered Skies, Daring Tales adventures.

Triple Ace Games

Vagrant Workshop: Creators of the future fantasy setting Equinox.

Vagrant Workshop

Visionary Comics: Creators of the Deadlands comics.

Visionary Comics

Warning Label, LLC: Creators of the Cast of Cards: On-Call RPG Characters.

Warning Label

White Haired Man: Fantasy adventures in Kith’takharos.

White Haired Man

World Works: Creators of fine paper buildings and terrain and adventures.

World Works