Savage Insider #3 Released

Savage Insider Premium Issue 3Savage Insider magazine is dedicated to supporting the Savage Worlds role-playing game, and they’ve just release Savage Insider Premium Issue #3. It includes:

  • Mission Gamma—part 3 of a Mercenary Breed campaign set within the Hastilion Expanse.
  • Nation Guide: Anglo-Saxona gazetteer detailing the Anglo-Saxon nation for Faith & Demons: The Rising with new source material, character options, and bestiary.
  • Of Orchids and Oathsa modern fantasy horror adventure for Judgment Day.
  • Random Encounters: The Ossuarya fantasy horror adventure including battlemap.
  • Surveyed: Lord Bane-a mini-sourcebook for Faith & Demons: The Rising detailing the domain of Lord Bane.
  • Tavern Talesa continuation of life at inns and taverns for fantasy games.
  • Ultimate Mass Battle Guide, Part IIpart 2 of our alternate mechanics series bringing new options for running a mass battle.

Look for new issues of Savage Insider Premium every quarter between releases of the free Savage Insider standard issues.