Rippers BackerKit Responses Needed!

Reaper MinisIt’s that time of the year, when young people’s fancies turn to thoughts of Rippers Resurrected Kickstarter fulfillment. Sure, there might be some love in there somewhere, too, but we know it’s mostly “gimme my Rippers!”

The Rippers BackerKit e-mail has been sent out to all backers, and we need your responses. Let us know how to spend your Add-On dollars and where you want your rewards sent. Don’t spend another night pining for goodies you could’ve had—respond today!

As a special bonus to our backers, you can order the first set of minis to ship with your rewards—at a discount! For $30, you get 6 minis. Be the first to get your hands on male and female minis for Masked Crusaders, Witch Hunters, and Frazer’s Fighters! Those prices will be higher when they’re released to the public, which will happen when we have the entire line in stock.

While we’re talking about you telling us what you want and us giving it to you, we still have backers from The Sixth Gun and Stone and a Hard Place Kickstarters that haven’t responded to their surveys. Check your e-mail for a recent reminder so you can get what’s coming to you.*

* No, not in the way most people get what’s coming to them in The Sixth Gun or Stone and a Hard Place. In the nice way, where you get stuff you want. Trust us. Always trust us…