Pinnacle Seminar at Gen Con Available to All!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Gen ConIf you weren’t able to make it to the Pinnacle Entertainment Group Seminar at Gen Con 2015, this is your lucky day! The whole enchilada* is available on YouTube right now.

If you want to know everything that happened at the seminar, be sure to watch the Pinnacle Seminar Video today! If you want the highlights of new products, read on:

  • Previously announced products include Deadlands Lost Colony, Necessary Evil 2, and Weird War I.
  • Fear Agent, published by Dark Horse Comics, tells the tale of Heath Huston, a cynical Texan who ventures into space to battle the aliens who destroyed the Earth.
  • Eric Powell’s The Goon is another Dark Horse Comics setting, an award-winning, tongue-in-cheek pulp crime series laced with horror and humor.
  • The  most unexpected announcement was the Flash Gordon roleplaying game. No concrete information has been released about the project yet, but watch here for more in the future.

We’re really looking forward to taking you through the coming year and beyond, and we hope you’re as excited as we are!

* Assuming “enchilada” is Spanish for “video.” My Spanish might be a little rusty, though.