Perpetual Motion Games Kickstarts Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire

Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire KickstarterPerpetual Motion Games is hoping for you help in bringing their first Savage Worlds product to fruition. Check out their Kickstarter for Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire for more details and excitement!

Exemplar brings you tales from a world very close to our own from the past, but unavoidably different. When the Crusades are paused by a great cataclysm from the sky, no one foresaw the dawning of an age of heavenly power on earth. The Holy Roman Empire took the mandate and expanded its territory greatly with their nigh-unstoppable Holy Seven. But another brush with the heavens would leave power scattered across the globe, in the hands of those so recently oppressed, ready for vengeance.

Exemplar brings you a fantastic world of Holy Roman Empire, masks, super powers, fealty and service, and those tainted by their baser natures and powers—the Dark Exemplar.