Necessary Evil 2 Coming in Two Weeks!

Black hand compoundIt’s the superhero prequel of the summer, the one that you demanded be made—Necessary Evil 2: Break Out! And you can get your hands on it in just two weeks!

When the evil v’sori destroyed earth’s superheroes, the resistance fell on the shoulders of its supervillains—including you! The nefarious resistance of New York City was one of the last to hold out against the new alien overlords, and the v’sori responded by “quarantining” Manhattan in an unbreakable energy field. Can you survive the ongoing battles for food, weapons, and dominance? Deal with the powerful gangs and the Black Hand’s black market? Handle the strange creature swarms in the sewers and subways? Can you even, possibly, Break Out?

In just two weeks, you can get your hands on the exciting prequel to Necessary Evil. It details the New York City Prison setting, complete with Plot Point Campaign for Street Level super villains trapped inside. You’ll need Savage Worlds and the Super Powers Companion, but the original Necessary Evil is purely optional—fantastic, but optional.