MTE Releases Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic

Savage Insider #10: Make It EpicMystical Throne Entertainment takes you to the earlier days of high fantasy adventure with Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic! Draw your swords, grab your staves, cast your spells—get ready to defend your realm (and treasures) as best you can!

Savage Insider #10: Make It Epic brings you

  • A brand new, full-length adventure
  • A series of fantasy encounters for DramaScape’s The Crypts battlemap.
  • A look at the ranger fantasy archetype
  • Discussions about creating your own pantheon
  • An article about power trappings
  • Magical weapons, and more!

That’s way too much good stuff to let pass you by—be sure to get your copy (PDF or Print-on-Demand) today!