Low Life Rises High Again!

Low Life: Rise of the Lowly Kickstarter CampaignThe demented-in-a-good-way Andy Hopp of Mutha Oith Creations is reaching into the oozy recesses of his brain to bring forth a new edition of Low Life: Rise of the Lowly. The original edition is nearly out of stock, and he’s enlisted Kickstarter to let you help bring this one-of-a-kind setting back in an even bigger, better, boddlier edition than ever before. You seem to be game, with the Low Life Kickstarter already well into its various stretch goals!

Not familiar with the most-apocalyptic—the world ends in every conceivable way, at once, but that’s all history now—game ever? Never played a talking snack cake, animated snot golem, or description-defying tizn’t? Give yourself the chance to witness this supremely original RPG, unlike anything in the history of history.

Check out the Low Life: Rise of the Lowly Kickstarter today. See what it is you may’ve been missing, and witness its rebirth into glory!