Licensee Spotlight: Citizens Divided from Aegis Studios

If you’re looking for an exciting and brand new post-apocalyptic, dystopian, cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds, then step into the shadowy universe of Citizens Divided, now available from licensee Aegis Studios.

Fifty years from now, the climate has changed and corporate greed has led to economic collapse, class warfare, and widespread unrest. Explore the grungy streets of the crumbling prole villages as a Gutter Punk, fight for the rights and welfare of the weak as an ExoPilot, or bend the internet to your will as a Hacker!

Citizens Divided contains new Professional Edges, as well as rules for Bioware and Cyberware.

To learn more and to purchase your copy of Citizens Divided, click here! You’ll also find links there to some free adventures and a customized Citizens Divided character sheet.