Lankhmar City of Thieves Releases Next Week!

lankhmarSoon you’ll be making rogues and rapscallion heroes to ply the streets of Lankhmar, City of Thieves! Next week we’ll open up the channels for print preorder and PDF release for the first book in our series for Lankhmar using the award-winning Savage Worlds game system.

We’ve already given you a few glimpses of the art on our Facebook, Google+, and Twitter news feeds. If you haven’t seen them yet go check it out and share or retweet to your hearts’ content.

Can’t wait even one week more? Here’s a first look at some heroes known to walk those streets already…a Twain of heroes, if you will.

*You may note this week doesn’t sound quite like our usual witty banter. Our thoughts and prayers are with Joel Kinstle and his family as he suffers the loss of his grandmother. If I were any closer I’d be taking a green bean casserole to his mama’s house—standard funeral comfort food here in the South. Hopefully Joel will be back at it next week! —Jodi Black.