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Pinnacle licenses the Savage Worlds game system to approved and independent partners. Each one of these “Aces” has gone through our approval process and can now make settings and adventures for Savage Worlds.

We’ve asked the Aces to create brand new, digital “JumpStarts,” a completely playable introduction to their worlds and adventures featuring a sample of their background and setting material, Edges, Hindrances, gear, Setting Rules, creatures, and anything else you need to play.

And best of all, you get all these incredible, PLAYABLE settings ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Check out this Update where we talked with David Jarvis of Gun Metal Games.

The actual JumpStarts will be delivered in the months following the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter as each partner delivers the document to us. We’ll also have articles and interviews with some of our Aces to share in the days to come, so stay tuned!

Here’s the list of Aces and settings unveiled so far!

  • Super Genius Games: Strike Force 7 Savaged! (2nd Edition)
  • Gun Metal Games: Interface Zero
  • Up to Four Players: Crystal Heart
  • Aegis Studios: Contagion
  • Rocky Mountain Savages: SWAT: Spells, Weapons & Tactics
  • GRAmel Books: Beasts & Barbarians
  • Evil Beagle Games: Freedom Squadron Recruitment Manual
  • Knight Errant Media: Titan Effect RPG for Savage Worlds
  • Just Insert Imagination: Winter Eternal—Rise of the Ghost Machines
  • Melior Via: Accursed
  • High Level Games: Archons of Nikud: Anthropomorphic Heroes in an Age of Tumult
  • Happy Monster Press: Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776
  • Amora Games: Art of War
  • Kyoudai Games: Thunderscape: the World of Aden
  • Utherwald Press: Frozen Skies
  • Four-in-Hand Games: Steamscapes
  • Blackwing Productions: Heroes of Terra
  • Tri Tac Legacy & Longshot Productions: Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic
  • Obatron Productions: Tunse’al
  • Atomic Ninja Studios: Dead End
  • Aegis Studios: Choe Phoe Savage Edition ACE
  • Dog House Rules: Trailer Park Shark Attack!
  • GG Studio: Hope & Glory
  • Fainting Goat Games: The After
  • Applied Vectors: Sovereign Stone
  • Blessed Machine: Secret Agents of CROSS
  • Hardy Tales: Empire of Venom & Silk RPG
  • Intellistories: Seven Worlds– A Realistic Science-Fiction Setting
  • Savage Mojo: The Suzerain Universe: Home of the ENnie-winning Shanghai Vampocalypse, Shaintar, and many other realms!
  • Mutha Oith: Low Life
  • Misfit Studios and RPG Objects: Darwin’s World, Nuclear Edition
  • Triple Ace Games: Hellfrost
  • Demon Skunk: Aether Adrift
  • BPB Games: Savage Tokusatsu
  • Sigil Entertainment Group: The Savage Sign
  • Mystical Throne Entertainment: Mythos
  • Triphammer Games: Warbeasts & Wyrms
  • Pirate Press LLC: Battle for Oz
  • Fabled Environments: Olympus Inc
  • Old Cowboy Games: SOUL
  • Wingspan Games: Lords of Venus
  • Bumblebear Games: Nephilim
  • Sneak Attack Press: Broken Earth
  • Steam Sun Games: The City of the Steam Sun
  • Dark Smile Games: Fae Nightmares
  • Aegis Studios: Citizens Divided ACE
  • Savage Mojo: Austeria
  • GRAmel Books: Tyrnador
  • Savage Mojo: Dungeonlands
  • Just Insert Imagination: Wiseguys
  • Third Eye Games: Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
  • Savage Mojo: Fae Land
  • Happy Monster Press: Children of the Apocalpyse
  • Fabled Environments: Monster Hunter’s Club
  • Star Anvil Studios: SAINTs and Synners
  • Savage Mojo: Untamed Empires
  • GRAmel Books: Tropicana
  • Battlefield Press International: From Fargo to the Fair for Gaslight Victorian Fantasy
  • Gallant Knight Games: Monster Hunters International
  • Savage Mojo: Gatherall
  • Obatron Productions: Retribution
  • Gallant Knight Games: Sagas & Six Guns
  • AAW Games: Noble’s Feast
  • Savage Mojo: Wilderlands
  • GG Studio: Evolution Pulse
  • Super Genius Games: Solid: The Savaged! Blaxploitation Experience
  • Red Scar Publishing: Devil’s Run RPG
  • And more may be added! Keep checking back!


*JumpStart Disclaimer: We have lots of JumpStarts from our various partners heading your way and want to make it clear that each one is the responsibility of their various owners. We’ll distribute the documents in bundles as they’re given to us, but Pinnacle cannot guarantee their quality, creation, or delivery.


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