Hungarian Classic MAGUS Reborn as Savage Ynev with the Fan License!

Savage Worlds Fan License ProjectsHave you ever wondered what you can really do with the Savage Worlds Fan License? How about bringing a classic RPG back to new life? That’s exactly what Hungarian Savage Worlds fan Bulldy did!

MAGUS – Chronicles of Adventure Roleplaying Game and its world of Ynev was a major RPG in Hungary in the 90s. Last summer, a contest was proposed on a Hungarian roleplaying forum to rework Ynev, the classic world of MAGUS, into a newer system. Five developers submitted their works: a modified d20 game, a FATE version, a unique custom system, a revised Hun system, and a Savage Worlds version. With votes from all participants tallied, Savage Ynev was named the winner!

If you can speak Hungarian (or have a translator you’re happy with), be sure to check out Savage Ynev. Even if you can’t, follow its lead—use Savage Worlds to breathe new life into an old setting today, and use the Savage Worlds Fan License to share it with your friends and fellow fans!