Help Obatron Bring Tunse’al to You!

Tunse'al Quick Starts & Sidetracks KickstarterWe want to welcome new licensee Obatron Productions to the Savage Worlds fold. Their first offering, Tunse’al Setting Guide and a special project, Tunse’al Quick Starts & Sidetracks, is on Kickstarter right now, with less than a week left. Be sure to check it out quick, and be ready to help them start off with a bang!

Tunse’al is a world unlike any other. Honor is everything, magic is available to any who learn its language, and the world truly is out to get you! It’s also unique for what it doesn’t have: metals, money, or humans!

Be sure to check out the Tunse’al Kickstarter for full details and updates from the creators. Don’t dally, because it closes this Sunday!