Happy New Year from Pinnacle!

Savage Worlds' Brave New YearThe year is nearly over, and 2016 has definitely left its mark. We’ve lost many friends, celebrities, and luminaries. There’s been war and terrorism throughout the world. Economies and politics have been exciting in the old-Chinese-curse sense of the word. As easy as it can be to focus on what’s gone wrong in 2016, it’s not been all bad.

We’ve had nearly 150 million new babies join us, filled with hope and wonder. Advances have been made in nearly every field of human endeavor, including several hopeful new lines of antibiotic research. Interest and drive to explore has reignited with a public passion for Mars. On a smaller but no less important scale, new friends have been made and good times have been had by nearly all of us.

In gaming, Pinnacle has brought several new settings to Savage Worlds and you’ve taken us to new heights with our Kickstarter projects. Savage Worlds has come to more languages and more parts of the world. Our licensees, including Fan Licensees, have grown and come up with an amazing cornucopia of settings and accessories—their creativity and drive continues to be an inspiration and amazement.

As much as we look forward to what we’re going to bring you in 2017 and what we’ll see from fans and licensees, we hope that you’re able to join us in having hope for the new year. Be open to new things and people, and accept the small and unexpected joys you encounter in life. And be sure to share your happiness with friends and family.

Oh, and for all the math geeks out there, we can clearly have high hopes for 2017—it is a prime number, after all.