Get Yer Doomtown Pre-Releases at Gen Con 2018

If you’re heading to Gen Con next week and you’re a Doomtown: Reloaded fan who’s been waiting patiently to get your mitts on the There Comes a Reckoning Trunk as well as the Too Tough to Die expansion, then work out the quickest path from the main doors of the Exhibit Hall to Studio 2 Publishing (booths 1929 & 2029) because we’re bringing along just 20 copies of each per day and you’ll have to act fast to get yours!

We’ll also offer a number of other goodies from the Doomtown There Comes a Reckoning Kickstarter at the booth including playmats, rulebooks, Doomtown Deadlands RPG Conversion books, There Comes a Reckoning cards-only sets, and Errata and Promo card sets, all in limited quantities (less than 20, pardners. Total, not per day).

Get yer Doomtown pre-release items next week at Gen Con 2018!