Get Yer’ Deadlands: Lost Colony PDF Accessories Right Here!

The Deadlands: Lost Colony transdimensional flood gates are opening and right now we’ve got a number of new PDF releases all ready for you to use in your campaigns!

Our custom set of GM Screen Inserts contains full-color, landscape format pages for the Customizable GM Screen and features fantastic art from Deadlands: Lost Colony, plus all the tables and handy reference items a GM needs to run the game, all for the low price of just $3.99!

And spare your wallet with this terrific trio of freebies including new Power Templates (with purple energy trappings to complement the SWADE Power Templates), Power Cards (detailing a few new powers like Banshee’s howl and ghost in the machine), and six new wicked Harrowed Cards — a new way to manage Dominion for the Harrowed.

And if you don’t have them already, PDF versions of the Deadlands: Lost Colony core book, Widowmaker adventure, and Archetype Cards are already available in our store.

Plus, right now you can preorder ALL the Deadlands: Lost Colony physical items (books, boxed sets, and more) through our PledgeManager. Once you’re done picking and choosing over there, be sure to email for all your complimentary PDFs!