Get Thee Back to the Forum

Savage Worlds Web ForumAs promised in last week’s news, our mighty forum is now back in action and we certainly hope it’s bigger and better (and faster and furiouser–and more mobile!) than ever! Pop on over to the brand-new forum right now, register (yes, you will have to register again), and have a good look ’round.

We’ve done a little remodeling (and reorganizing) and we’ve added a few much-needed sections, but so far we’re quite pleased with the results and we hope they get your seal of approval. Please don’t hesitate to tell us if you have any issues, but for now, let us all celebrate the triumphant return of the Pinnacle Forum!

Also note that the entire archive of the old forum is now accessible (and searchable) should you wish to revisit a few favorite conversations, search for answers to your questions, or just take a stroll back through time to see how it all began.