Get Ready for the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild!

Soon the eagerly-anticipated Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG) officially opens for business!

The Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild allows YOU to create new and original content using the Savage Worlds rule system and sell it on OneBookShelf platforms including,,,, and

Feel something is missing, or you have a sparkling idea? Take the opportunity to publish it!

For creators, we’ll offer a range of art, templates, and logos to help you accomplish your ideas for Savage Worlds, and we have created comprehensive guidelines to start sharing your worlds with the real world.

Unlike other community content programs, creators will retain the rights to the material they publish and once you activate your Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild title for public sale, your account will begin to accrue a 60% royalty every time your title sells.

You’ll also soon be able to publish using the Savage Worlds Fan License if you wish to produce unapproved, free, material on your own website. Fan licensed material does not allow Pay What You Want pricing or exclusive content to patrons—it must be completely and immediately free to everyone.

Please visit our licensing page for further details or contact