Get More from The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter!

The Goon for Savage Worlds KickstarterOh, sure, there’s all sorts of stuff you can get from The Goon™ for Savage Worlds Kickstarter—books, PDFs, dice, minis, and more—but there’s also stuff YOU can make happen! That’s right, your pledge can get us to the Stretch Goals to make more. In a way, that makes you an author, right?*

We’re almost to another print reward, the Custom Combat Options Chart in print. The Creature Cards in print are right on his heels! If you’ve not backed the Kickstarter yet, join us and everyone gets more stuff! If you have, round up your friends, your neighbors, and maybe even your parole officer to get them on board.

Remember, you only have until Monday, April 17th at 5pm Eastern. Don’t wait too long…

* No, you will not receive an authorship credit. nice try.