Find Us in DriveThruRPG’s 10th Anniversary Bundles!

DriveThruRPG 10th Anniversary BundlesWhether you like Pinnacle products, DriveThruRPG, anniversary celebrations, or savings in general, you’re going to love these bundles!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary Fiction Bundle includes Through the Mists, the first installment of the Legend of Kyla Kidd fiction from the world of 50 Fathoms. This bundle includes ten different books and a 78% discount!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary Comics Bundle includes Black Water, one of four Deadlands singles by Visionary Comics. Follow a tale of mysticism, eternal love, and a sea monster or two as a wealthy man searches the Great Maze for the woman who haunts his dreams. And this is another great deal, with ten comics bundled at a 77% discount!

The DTRPG 10th Anniversary RPG Bundle 2 includes the full version of Necessary Evil: Explorer’s Edition. Take your Savage Worlds game to a world where the superheroes have been eliminated, and it falls to the super villains to save the earth from alien occupation! If you thought the other deals were good, hold on to your socks—this bundle includes ten RPGs at a 94% discount!

With each bundle at only $10 and the fleeting nature of anniversaries, you best act now!