SWAGtember II: The Creators Strike Back

In celebration of the second anniversary of the announcement of the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG), the creator community on the Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord server is currently offering a spectacular bundle that assembles some of the best supplements, adventures, and accessories created by members since the launch of SWAG—all discounted at 50% off (or more) their usual price.

For just $31.51, you get 32 incredible PDF products:

  1. A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs by Gaming with Gage
  2. An Unexpected Wedding by James Walls
  3. Artificer’s Codex by Kristian Serrano and Jenn Sutcliffe
  4. Bards & Minstrels (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  5. Blood Hunt: A Savage Worlds One Sheet by Ben Giles
  6. Cleaners, The by the SWAG Author Community on Discord
  7. Companions & Familiars (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  8. Distant Journeys by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  9. Dungeon Delver’s Toolkit by David Anderson
  10. Eldritch Weapons (SWADE Version) by Richard Woolcock
  11. Fantasy Archetypes by Richard Woolcock
  12. Fast Lane Hacking by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  13. Gobfather, The by Richard Woolcock
  14. Herbal Alchemy by The Immaterial Plane, Jenn Sutcliffe, and Kristian Serrano
  15. Instant Encounters by Jakub Osiejewski
  16. Modern Monsters by Dylan Brooks
  17. Mutation Generation by Jakub Osiejewski
  18. Of Breath and Flow: Mystic Martial Arts Action and Savage Wuxia Adventures by Matthew Hoeveler and Steve Spaulding
  19. Operation Orphelin by John Stevens and Venatus Vinco
  20. Operation Thule by Stephen ‘Stormwell’ Hughes
  21. Petramancy by John Stevens and Venatus Vinco
  22. Sample Arcane Characters (for Savage Worlds) by the SWAG Author Community on Discord
  23. Savage Worlds Fillable Character Sheet – Generic Fantasy by Charlotte Irrgang and Karl Keesler
  24. Shadowcraft by M. “Syd Andrews” Halterman
  25. Summoner’s Circle by Dylan Brooks
  26. Tomes & Prayers (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  27. Wagon Mound Incident, The by Ron Blessing
  28. Wand Magic by Jan Jetmar
  29. Warrior Adept, The by Ron Blessing
  30. Wild West Countdown Deck by Richard Woolcock
  31. Wizards & Mystics (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  32. Wolverines Take the Highway to the Danger Zone by Chris Hussey

Please note that this colossal bundle will only be available through the month of September—otherwise known as SWAGtember—making this a great opportunity to get some high-quality community content for a fantastic price!

And once you’ve had the chance to read through or use each of these products, please visit their respective product pages on DriveThruRPG to leave a rating or write a review.

Have a very Happy SWAGtember!


Crush, the Con Goes Virtual This Weekend

This weekend (September 11-13), join designers and Game Masters Sean Tait Bircher and Robin English-Bircher (Dawn of the Daikaiju, Rifts® for Savage Worlds) for Crush, the Con!

Crush, the Con (known this year as The Cliff Bland Memorial Crush, The Con) is a weekend-long, virtual tabletop gaming event in support of Crush Foundation and patients with chronic diseases.

Crush Foundation is a non-profit organization created and dedicated to helping our communities raise funds needed for lifesaving medical efforts, acting as a liaison in the fight dedicated to the patient and their family, and furthering education about different diseases and the treatments available.

For tickets and more information about Crush, the Con, visit their Facebook Events page as well as the Crush Foundation website.

Great gaming for a greater cause!


The Premiere of Wild Die Harder on Twitch

Premiering tonight (Tuesday, September 8th) at 9pm Eastern, The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast presents Wild Die Harder, an all-new show on Twitch!

In tonight’s premiere, join Wild Die Podcast hosts Gary McCallum, Karl Keesler, and Eric Lamoureux as they show off all the fun props and helpful accessories they use to run their games!

And in future episodes, count on demos, special guests, and plenty of direct interaction with fans of Savage Worlds!

Tune in for the debut of Wild Die Harder tonight at 9pm Eastern only on Twitch!


It’s Raining Virtual Friend and Foe Tokens for Deadlands: the Weird West

We know that many of you—especially now—use virtual tabletops to game with friends across the globe, or even to manage combats in face-to-face games using a tablet or laptop.

While we are always quick to recommend the fantastic, and fully-integrated Fantasy Grounds, for those who use other services we’ve created these three VTT token sets for use with Deadlands: the Weird West or your other favorite Western settings.

Find your heroes (and a number of big bads) in the VTT Deadlands: the Weird West – Character Tokens set offering more than 50 tokens with gorgeous art from Deadlands: the Weird West and the Deadlands: the Weird West Companion.

Drop a few nightmares into your towns, ghost rock mines, and hidden valleys with the VTT Deadlands: the Weird West – Monster Tokens set boasting more than 30 fully-illustrated creeps and critters formatted as individual graphics for use with the VTT of choice.

And for the ultimate “full body” image collection, the VTT Deadlands: The Weird West – Pawns set includes all the heroes, villains, and monsters from the cardboard punchboard miniatures created for the Deadlands: the Weird West Pawns Boxed Set. Note: the VTT Pawns includes full body images for all the tokens released for the Characters and Monsters of Deadlands: the Weird West!

Add a little character to your Deadlands: the Weird West games on your virtual tabletop of choice with these three token sets, available in our store today!


Upgrade Your VTT Accessories for Deadlands: the Weird West

You’ve got your rulebooks, your adventures, and your character and critter token sets. Now round out your collection of VTT accessories with these all-new Bennies, Power Cards, Harrowed Cards, and Area Effect Templates for Deadlands: the Weird West!

Select and track your spells, miracles, and devices with the complete deck of VTT Deadlands: the Weird West Power Cards.

Check the extent of your area effect attacks using the VTT Deadlands: the Weird West Templates featuring Small, Medium, and Large Blast Templates as well as Cone Templates presented in both shrieking Spirit and raging Storm themes.

See what your Manitou has on its twisted agenda should it decide to take control of its host with the FREE VTT Deadlands: the Weird West Harrowed Cards.

And no Deadlands: the Weird West game would be complete without a set of VTT Deadlands: the Weird West Bennies, here featuring artwork from the core rule book and the Deadlands: the Weird West Companion.

No matter which virtual tabletop you use, these accessories will help make your sessions look great and run smoothly. Get the goods today!


GM Screen Inserts for Deadlands: the Weird West

If you’re the kind of Marshal who prefers to work their magic from behind one of our popular, tri-fold Savage Worlds Customizable Game Master’s Screens, we are now offering a complete PDF set of print-and-play GM Screen Inserts for Deadlands: the Weird West.

For just $3.99 USD, this new set of inserts contains full-color, landscape format pages featuring original game art as well as all the tables and handy reference items needed to run and play Deadlands: the Weird West.

Display some of our dramatic Deadlands artwork for your players while keeping all your notes secret (and ensuring you have all the important reference items at your fingertips) with this brand-new set of GM Screen Inserts available now from our store!


New, Easier to Remember Customer Service Addy

In other exciting news, we’ve just launched a new, snappier customer service email address to help make it easier to contact us if you ever have questions about orders, Kickstarters (be sure to mention which Kickstarter you’re asking about!), shipping updates, retail info, or you just want to let us know how we’re doing.

From now on, to get in touch with our Customer Service maven, Christine Lapp, simply email [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Dragon Con + ReaperCon = One Great Savage Worlds Official Event Program!

Recently we launched Savage Worlds Official Events, an exciting new program to help better coordinate all those Savage Worlds games being run at your favorite online conventions.

Through Savage Worlds Official Events, you can earn rewards for running and playing games, unlock achievements, and get exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming Savage Worlds releases.

This coming weekend (Labor Day weekend here in the United States), ReaperCon “LIVE” Online and Dragon Con Online 2020 will offer Savage Worlds games and seminars, and the Savage Worlds Official Events Con Crew are coordinating GMs and players for both conventions.

There are also rumblings of a Con Crew panel at ReaperCon, so be sure to keep your eyes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Discord servers for ReaperCon and Unofficial Savage Worlds for details as they develop!

*** Con Crew Panel at ReaperCon – Friday, Sept. 4th 9–10pm Central ***

Go to https://reaperconlive.com/faq#discord to find the instructions on how join their Discord server. Then go to the “Panels” section of channels and look for the voice channel “Panels and AMAs” to watch. Participants will type questions in the chat titled “Panels-and-AMAs.” On-camera panelists: Shane Hensley, Creator of Savage Worlds and Deadlands, Jodi Black, COO for Pinnacle, Dr. Amy Marshall, VTT Project Manager, and the Con Crew: Chris Landauer, Chris Fuchs, and Dustin Hatchett. Moderated by ReaperCon.

To begin earning your Savage Worlds Official Events loyalty rewards, Game Masters and Players should e-mail us at [email protected] for additional information on how to get started.


Savage Worlds Official Event Program

Savage Worlds Official Events are coming to an online convention near you—as close as your phone or computer—and you don’t even need to put on pants to participate!

Earn rewards for running and playing in an Official Event, unlock achievements, and get exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming Savage Worlds releases.

Your next chance for adventure is Labor Day weekend here in the United States [September 3-7] with TWO online conventions: ReaperCon “LIVE” Online and Dragon Con Online 2020. Players can already start signing up for games and more events will be added soon.

To begin earning your loyalty rewards, Game Masters and Players should e-mail us at [email protected] for additional information on how to sign up.


Deadlands Character Token Set for Roll20

If you’re looking to upgrade your Deadlands games over on Roll20, this new set of 54 Character Tokens is a must-have!

Featuring official art from Deadlands: the Weird West, this set includes plenty of options to represent players, allies, and villains.

Augment your virtual tabletop with gunfighters, braves, hucksters, martial artists, shamans, mad scientists, blessed, and much more!

Add this new Deadlands Character Tokens Set to your Roll20 Marshal’s kit today!