SWADE Update Available & PledgeManager Reminder

We recently heard that there were some issues with the bookmarks in the Powers section of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. This has now been fixed, along with a few other things our foreign translation partners and Rifts® for Savage Worlds team noticed as they’re getting that MASSIVE PROJECT ready (PledgeManager for that coming soon!)

You can find the clarifications in the FREE Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Updates PDF so you can just mark or print out the few pages affected, or re-download the entire file (especially if you use the bookmarks feature in the PDF*).

And don’t forget that the SWADE Pledge Manager closes July 16, so make sure you have completed your orders before then!

* New to bookmarks in Adobe Reader? Open your PDF in an e-reader like Adobe Acrobat. Toggle the toolbar open on the left, and select the bookmark icon. A new panel opens so you can easily jump to chapters like Gear, Powers, and Game Mastering. You can also expand or contract the chapters so you can quickly find the Rules section on Opposed Rolls.


Updated SWADE Style Guide Now Available

Interested in writing for Pinnacle? Or simply want to know what guidelines we use to create and polish our products? Our FREE, 10-page Style Guide has just been updated for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, and it contains the most up to date info on what to italicize, capitalize… or just leave alone.

Download the Style Guide today and start working on that next great Savage Setting, supplement, or adventure!


Licensee Spotlight: Sagas & Six Guns – Final Hours!

It’s time to either unholster that smoke wagon or unpack that warhammer because the Kickstarter for Sagas & Six Guns from Gallant Knight Games is riding into its final hours!

Sagas & Six-Guns is a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition setting and rulebook about a mythical and uninhabited frontier settled by Scandinavian cultures. A mash-up of the Old West and the Old Norse, Sagas & Six-Guns is what happens when Beowulf takes on Grendel with a pair of six-shooters and his trusty axe.

Sagas & Six-Guns aims to give you all the tools you need to tell fantastic stories of shootists wielding pistols while shouting oaths to the Aesir in Valhalla. Your heroes will battle everything from cattle rustlers and train robbers, to trolls, and maybe even a dragon. You can be anything from a mundane pistolero or gunmaiden, to a runecasting seer, or a Valkyrie cut off from Asgard!

Pledge your support for Sagas & Six-Guns today, and be sure to grab the free JumpStart from DriveThruRPG if you want to give it a try!


Licensee Spotlight: The After: Post-Apocalyptic Action for SWADE

The After, from Fainting Goat Games and Jade Monkey Studios, is a setting of savage frontier action (think The Revenant or Jeremiah Johnson) in a sci-fi, post-apocalyptic world (think Annihilation or The Quiet Place).

Set in the northwestern reaches of the broken North American continent, you play survivors of the shattered human race trying to rebuild their world after nearly a century of alien predation and war. This utterly destructive invasion of Earth, followed by a terrifying war between rival alien species far more advanced than mankind, has left the planet a broken version of its former self. Major cities and areas of industrial and military strength have been completely obliterated. Only in the world’s most sparsely populated areas have people survived: areas that were ignored or undervalued by the rampaging alien forces.

The After will be a full-color, 150+ page book for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition with detailed, provocative artwork by Jon Gibbons. The book will feature new playable races, new Arcane Backgrounds, new Edges and Hindrances, additional rules to evoke the unique feeling of the setting – including scavenging, item decay and deterioration, a Bestiary of foes, and an extensive Gazetteer of the Wind River region of Modern Wyoming, where the setting takes place.

In addition, The After has its own sort of unearthly items – Remnants –  left behind by the alien races who used Earth as a battleground. These unique and powerful items are sought out by survivors to give both themselves and their communities a fighting chance to make a better life.

Visit the Kickstarter page to check out the growing list of Stretch Goals and to pledge your support for The After. And be sure to download the FREE Quick Start Guide available from DriveThruRPG.

It’s time to reclaim the Earth!


The Tabletop Almanac Reviews SWADE

Yes, we admit it. We love it when people say nice things about us and our work.

Recently, Skaye of The Tabletop Almanac, posted a comprehensive, 2,300 word review of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition that covers everything from the basics to changes between Savage Worlds Deluxe and SWADE. The review also focuses a bit on Dramatic Tasks, Social Conflicts, and the updated bestiary.

Give the review a read, and thank you very much for your kind words, Skaye!


THE IRREGULARS take on Savage Rifts®!

THE IRREGULARS is a Savage Rifts® game played online on Roll20 and streamed live on Twitch:

A group of adventurers have set down roots in Castle Refuge, a Savage Rifts® world that is both similar to and different from that shown in the core book. The Coalition is on the decline, Tolkeen never fell, and giants roam the land. Can these Irregulars come together to save a universe that doesn’t recognize their importance?

Follow and Subscribe to Hippo TV on Twitch where you’ll find THE IRREGULARS stream, and be sure to follow the group on Twitter, read about their adventures on Obsidian Portal, and discuss their adventures on Roll20.

The next Savage Rifts® adventure rolls out June 1 at 6pm Pacific!


Preorder the Doomtown: Out for Blood Expansion

Saddle up, pardners because the sun is high over Tombstone, and it’s time to preorder the next expansion for the Doomtown expandable card game… Out for Blood!

This new expansion features four copies of 56 new cards, including a new home for each of the six factions and a brand new legend: good ol’ Doc Holliday, himself!

Out for Blood is an expansion to the Doomtown Reloaded card game and includes 224 cards in total.

Order the printed version of this expansion today and you’ll get the PDF for absolutely free!

Shipping for preorders will begin in June 2019. Out for Blood releases for retail in September (and Savage Retailers should keep an eye out for a special restock deal to boot!).


Convert Your Favorite Savage Worlds Settings to SWADE

Since the advent of the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, many fans have been wondering how to adapt their favorite Savage Worlds Settings to #SWADE. To that end, we are offering FREE PDF conversion docs through our online store!

Right now, we’ve got multi-page documents for The Last Parsec, The Goon™, Lankhmar, and Fear Agent™, with even more in the works. And while most of the rules as written in those original products can be used as-is, those that require a little more work are detailed in these free downloads.

With these documents in hand (along with the SWD to SWADE Conversion Notes we posted a couple weeks ago), you should be able to update certain elements quickly and with little effort so that you can keep your campaigns rolling along with as little interruption as possible.

Note: These are all “living” documents, so if you spot something we missed in any of them, please tell us on the Pinnacle forums!


FINAL WEEK for The Last Parsec Bundle of Holding

Heads up, spacefarers!

This is the final week for you to jump into the Bundle of Holding for The Last Parsec for Savage Worlds!

For just $9.95 USD you get all five titles in this offer’s Player Collection (retail value $39 USD) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete The Last Parsec core setting book, the Savage Worlds Science Fiction CompanionThe Last Parsec Archetypes, and the JumpCorp Requisition Kit, as well as the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer Edition core rulebook — everything you need to start your JumpCorp starfaring career.

And if you pay more than this offer’s threshold price of $24.46 USD, you’ll level up and also get this offer’s entire Game Master Collection with eleven more titles worth an additional $68 USD, including the campaign settings LeviathanEris Beta-V, and Scientorium; the introductory adventure Omariss Death Worm; four Combat Maps; two sets of Last Parsec Figure Flats; and The Last Parsec GM Screen Inserts.

And don’t forget! Savage Worlds Ace Licensee Intellistories also has a science fiction Bundle of Holding for Seven Worlds that will wrap up at the same time!

Ten percent of your payment (after gateway fees) goes to these two Savage Worlds offers’ designated charity, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Both Bundles (The Last Parsec and Seven Worlds) will vanish into deep space next week, so don’t miss out!


Now on Fantasy Grounds: His Brother’s Keeper for Deadlands Noir

Originally available in print in the second issue of Savage Worlds Explorer, His Brother’s Keeper is an adventure for Deadlands Noir penned by brand manager, John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, and many others). Containing a mix of investigation and combat, His Brother’s Keeper takes the heroes from the Garden District’s posh mansions to the edge of the bayous and back again.

Now, with the Savage Worlds core rules, Deadlands Noir, and an active subscription or one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license, you can run this adventure for your friends using the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop (version 3.3.8 and higher).

Purchase His Brother’s Keeper directly from the Fantasy Grounds store or though Steam today and laissez les bons temps rouler (“Let the good times roll”)!