Join us at Genghis Con and Con Nooga!

Pinnacle ESavage Worlds at a Convention Near Yountertainment and the Savage Worlds crowd aren’t quite up to Santa standards (everywhere, all the time) yet, but we are more places more often than you might think! If we’re in your neck of the woods, come on out and see us.

Denver Gamers’ Genghis Con XXXIII will be playing host to Savage Worlds Core Rules Manager Clint Black; Reality Blurs head honcho Sean Preston; Third Eye Games founder and chief author Eloy Lasanta; and Savage podcasters Veronica Blessing, Justin Suzuki, and Ron Blessing, variously of The Game’s the Thing, Smiling Jack’s Bar and Grill, and Don’t miss the rare west-of-the-Mississippi appearance for both Clint and Sean, February 16–19 at Red Lion Hotel in Aurora, Colorado. Besides, who knows what they’ll say in that thin mountain air!

For those of a more eastern mindset, come by Con Nooga February 17–19 in Chattanooga. You’ll have the chance to meet Pinnacle Vice President* Joel Kinstle; frequent Pinnacle editor and Beautiful Brains Books and Games owner Jodi Black; author of Darksummer Nights for RunePunk and general gamer-about-town Mark Francis; SilverMeet Studios’ Carinn Seabolt; and Mr. Shaintar himself, Sean Patrick Fannon.

*And guy who types these things, which is the only reason he’s first on the list.


Bring Shane to KantCon 2012!

And if KantCon 2012you think that list of con appearances isn’t enough, you have the power to change it! If the KantCon 2012 Preregistration Kickstarter Campaign reaches its stretch goal, they’re going to import our own founder, president, luminary, and fairly-high poobah Shane Hensley, author of Savage Worlds, to KantCon 2012.

Whether you want to see Shane live at KantCon, want to see how a Kickstarter campaign can be used for convention-planning, want to bring more gaming to Kansas, or just really want to see work-in-progress images for a Jabbergluck mini*, be sure to drop by their Kickstarter today!

*Seriously…what’s a “Jabbergluck”?