Interface Zero—Times Two!

Gun Metal Games is having a double-barrelled week for Interface Zero, a shadowy world of political intrigue, corporate hegemony, and urban decay.

Resources can be scarce in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting, and they can be scarce at the gaming table, too. The Interface Zero Game Master Screen can put most everything you need in easy reach. With full-color art panels, updates for the new hacking rules and Savage Worlds Deluxe, and rules for cybertrauma, biotrauma, movement, stealth, and favors, it’s like having your own direct mental interface into the rules!

And speaking of direct mental interfaces, how comfortable would you be with a straight connection between your brain and a wireless, world-pervasive web? Put a TAP (that’s Tendril Access Processor) into your head and plumb the hyper-real infoworld known as the Deep, and do it even easier with the new Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 rules update for hacking. These new rules streamline the old ones, take them in new directions, and fit your dystopic imagination like a hyper glove. They also introduce the hyper glove—just in time, eh?

If we’ve piqued your interest, you might want to act fast. Both the Interface Zero Game Master Screen and Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 are on sale through Wednesday, March 7 at the RPGNow GM’s Day Sale.


Go South of the Virtual Border!

Don’t Drink the Water is now available as a Fantasy Grounds II module from SmiteWorks and from RPGNow.

No matter how far-flung your posse is, round ’em up and head ’em on south o’ the border for high adventure. Dodge the Foreign Legion, aid some revolutionaries, and put a few wayward dead folks back into Boot Hill where they belong! Polish your six-guns, saddle up, and throw on your poncho, but don’t drink the water!

Trapped in the physical world of tabletop RPGs? The original Don’t Drink the Water PDF is available, too.


RPG Countdown: Best of 2011 Announced

The RPG Countdown Best of 2011 is out, and I’m sure you’ll find some of your favorite games and game companies when you’re listening. I’m sure, I tell you. You might also be exposed to some great games you weren’t aware of, so don’t be shy—listen soon!

But that’s not all by a long shot! RPG Countdown is running a promotion for the next few weeks to highlight the Best of 2011 list and drive customers into retail stores. You can win $2,011 just by buying a great game, and one lucky participating store will win $2,011 in advertising on the Gamerati network of sites! Be sure to check the details on the RPG Countdown Best of 2011.


The Blessing Podcast One-Two Punch!

It’s a big week for two of our frequent homepage podcast featurees, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill comes to you live from the much-ballyhooed Genghis Con XXXIII. The regular cast of the show was joined by con guests Clint Black and Sean Preston, folks from the Denver Gamers Association, Rocky Mountain Savages, and others. It’s also five months in a row for a podcast that was dead over a year, and you know how much Pinnacle likes our zombies! Woo-hoo!

Speaking of the dearly departed, The Game’s the Thing released its hundredth and final “regular” episode today. Long-time show hosts Veronica and Ron Blessing were joined (also at Denver Gamers’ Genghis Con XXXIII) by Clint Black (Pinnacle Entertainment Group), Ed Doolittle (friend), Chris Fuchs (The Savage Mommy), Lee Langston (The God of Gaming), Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games), Leif Olsen (DGA), Sean Preston (Reality Blurs), Bill Stilson (DGA), Justin Suzuki (Protocol 5 Productions), and Linda Tschappat (DGA). There were short appearances by Doug Keester (friend and local gamer-at-large), Bill Keyes (Blackwyrm Publishing), Ross Watson (Vigil Games), and others. Although the show starts with a Genghis wrap-up, they also talk about the show ending, their all-time favorite moments, and what’s coming up for Ron and Veronica.

They also introduce their new, upcoming show, RoleplayDNA coming in April with cast Ron Blessing, Veronica Blessing, Ed Doolittle, Lee Langston, and Justin Suzuki.


Savage Worlds Combat Tracker for iPhones!

Roseburner Limited has released the Savage Worlds Combat Tracker iPhone app (SWCT for short). This handy little app helps both players and GMs track modifiers, dice rolls, combat tactics, wounds, fatigue, and a whole lot more.

Put your Savage Worlds fights in the palm of your hand today with the SWCT.


Beautiful Brains Hosts Piotr Korys on Thursday’s Chat

Piotr Korys, of GRAmel Games and Savage Worlds Line Editor, will be the guest this Thursday on the Beautiful Brains Books & Games Thursday Chat Session.

If you’ve got any questions about what it’s like to edit a bunch of Savages, the Beasts & Barbarians setting, GRAmel Games, or just living in Poland, be sure to log in this Thursday, March 1, 9:00-10:00pm Eastern.


Aaron “Ace” Acevedo Joins Pinnacle as Art Director

Aaron AcevedoWe’re tickled pink (if he’s good with pink) to welcome Aaron “Ace” Acevedo as the new Art Director here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group!

Aaron is a long-time friend of the company. He freelanced for Deadlands classic, Hell On Earth, Weird Wars, and a slew of Savage Worlds products over the years. We’ve not had him all to ourself, though—he’s worked on A Song of Ice & Fire, Babylon 5, Call of Cthulhu, Legend of the Five Rings, Suzerain, Warlord, and Wheel of Time properties, among others, and produces art and design for bands, comics, films, and games. He’s also art directing for Savage Mojo, one of our award-winning licensees.

As our new Art Director, Aaron is always on the lookout for new artists, cartographers, and designers. If that’s something you’re interested in, be sure to send him an e-mail if you’d like to share your portfolio.


Deadlands Minis—Fallin’ in with a Bad Crowd

Every crowd’s got a bad seed, but some crowds are nothin’ but bad—and two of those crowds are now comin’ your way as Savage Worlds minis!

Parts make things, and bad parts make very bad things indeed. The new Glom mini can shamble across the dusty plains of your gamin’ table as semi-livin’ proof. Buy a couple and let your posse learn a new meanin’ for “parts unknown”!

Last week, the Prairie Tick Queen crawled into town. True to form, there’s a pair of prairie tick swarms waitin’ on you now. Don’t wait on the school marm to tell you to shut your mouth, partner!

And speakin’ of crowds, that brings Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line up to twenty—that’s a full score for all you Andrew Lane fans out there!


KantCon 2012 to Buy Shane Hensley!

KantCon 2012“Buy” might be a strong word—”lease” might actually be more appropriate.

KantCon’s 2012 Preregistration Kickstarter Campaign first stretch goal is importing our own Shane Hensley, author of Savage Worlds and founder of Pinnacle Entertainment, to KantCon 2012. They’re very nearly at their goal!

Want to see Shane live at KantCon? Want to see what they might put out as their next stretch goal could be? Want to support a convention just because? Drop by the KantCon Kickstarter today!


Penultimate* Hellfrost Region Guide Available!

Triple Ace Games continues their exploration of their frozen fantasy north with the latest Hellfrost Region Guide #50: Hrimthyr Isle.

Since the time of the Blizzard War, Hrimthyr Isle has been a bastion of evil, home to thousands of Thrym’s barbarous servants. Although the frost giants suffered a bitter defeat a century ago, their strength is building once more. Huge longships packed with giants and orcs once again plague the eastern coast, while within the walls of the mighty fortress of Jarlshof, High Ice King Nagal plans an invasion.

This supplement looks at the powers of High Ice King Nagal and the perils that await explorers to the forbidding isle of eternal winter, present four new locales, inroduces seven new prc tribes, and details four new wintry hazards.

*That’s “next-to-last” if you’re not trying to make a headline sound cool, by the way.