Happy 2020 from All of Us Here at PEG!

We here at Pinnacle are all about looking forward, and we have a feeling 2020 is going to be a fantastic year of happiness, growth, and, of course, Savage Worlds!

2019 was a BIG one for both Pinnacle and Pine Box Entertainment with the release of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, three successfully-funded Kickstarters (American Armageddon for Rifts®, Deadlands Lost Colony, and Wendigo Tales Volume One), some new expansions for Doomtown including Too Tough to Die and Out for Blood, the Deadlands: UnDeadwood mini-series over on Critical Role, and several fantastic game conventions (many of which hosted well-attended Savage Saturday Nights).

In the coming year, if you’re not already rolling dice with friends, consider organizing a game group, whether one that meets in your home, at a local game shop, or online using a virtual tabletop like Fantasy Grounds. For our money, nothing builds bridges more than good, ol’ fashioned gaming!

And before the sun sets on 2019, be sure to visit our store as our holiday sale (with several items discounted as much as 50%) ends very soon! This may be your last chance to get some incredible bargains on box sets, core rulebooks, supplements, dice, miniatures, Bennies, and so much more!

From all of us here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group, we hope you have a safe and very Happy New Year!


Solomon Kane Heads Homeward

Today, as we stand at the dawn of a new year, Pinnacle Entertainment Group officially bids farewell to The Savage World of Solomon Kane Roleplaying Game.

Based upon the incredible works of author Robert E. Howard and first published back in 2007, The Savage World of Solomon Kane, written by Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams and Shane Lacy Hensley (with additional material by Randy Mosiondz and Piotr Korys), has proven to be one of Pinnacle’s most popular lines for Savage Worlds.

If you have not already added this Savage Setting to your collection, this is your LAST CHANCE as the rights to the legendary puritan swordsman return to Cabinet Entertainment at midnight tonight. After that, all Solomon Kane products will vanish from our site and DriveThruRPG.com, for both PDF and print + PDF sales. PDFs stored in your account will be accessible, but no more sales will occur.

Solomon Kane

Visit our store now and order The Savage World of Solomon Kane core rulebook, The Path of Kane, The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane, and the Traveler’s Tales adventure collection, all for a whopping 40% off their cover prices.

And don’t forget to download all the freebies there as well including the Solomon Kane Conversion for Adventure Edition document, our three One Sheet adventures including Blood Feast, The Forgotten Victim, and The Lincoln Imp, GM Screen Inserts, Character and Ally Sheets, and The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane Map Pack.

And Solomon Kane looked up into the silent hills and felt the silent call of the hills and the unguessed distances beyond; and Solomon Kane shifted his belt, took his staff firmly in his hand and turned his face eastward.” ~ Robert E. Howard


SWADE in the Pages of… Forbes?

This week, Forbes (yes, Forbes, the bi-weekly American business magazine) published an article in their Innovation: Games section titled My Favorite Role Playing Game Products of 2019 from frequent contributor and game designer, Rob Wieland.

In his article, Wieland lists and discusses his five favorite RPG products released in 2019 including (drum roll, please) Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!

See what the author had to say about SWADE plus learn about the other four products he found worthy of note in this week’s Forbes.


PledgeManager “Bridge” to Deadlands Lost Colony & Wendigo Tales

As eager as we are to get the Deadlands Lost Colony and Wendigo Tales PDFs and e-books into your hands, we don’t want to rush and make anything less than the best it can be. For that reason we’ve decided to delay releasing digital rewards until after the holidays. Thanks for understanding, friends!

If you know someone who missed the Wendigo Tales and Deadlands Lost Colony Kickstarter campaigns, please share this “Bridge” sign-up link with them.

When the PledgeManager portal launches, your friends will receive an email to join as a late backer at the same time as our Kickstarter backers. They can then pledge for both Wendigo Tales and Deadlands Lost Colony reward levels and ship them together!

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with family and friends. We are thankful for you, and wish you all the best for the New Year.


Savage Bloggers Now Feeding the Savage Worlds Media Network

In collaboration with Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the Savage Bloggers Network (SBN) feed is rebranding itself as the Savage Worlds Media Network (SWMN) feed. As a member of the SWMN, the SBN seeks to consolidate the content of the Savage Worlds community for the community.

Over the years, the content distributed through the SBN has advanced and taken some new Edges to bring its content far beyond blog posts. With the launch of the SWMN license, this collaboration is the next logical step forward.

As for the SBN itself, savagebloggers.net will remain as a home for all previously published content, including the SBN podcasts.

Below are some additional details about this change.


New subscribers can find the RSS feed at feed.savageworldsmedia.net.

If you’re already subscribed to the SBN feed, then you’re all set. You’ll still receive updates in your RSS reader as the feed updates with new sources and feed items. Behind the scenes, the profile for the Inoreader account used to aggregate sources and generate the feed will change to reflect the rebranding accordingly, but this will not have any impact on continuing service.

If you have any issues with your RSS subscription to the feed, email contact@savagebloggers.net.

Social Media Followers

The Twitter and Facebook profiles for the SBN will be renamed and rebranded, so if you follow the feed on either, you’ll still see updates from the feed through those channels.

Existing Content Publishers

Existing content publishers have nothing to worry about. If your feed was previously added to the SBN feed, it’ll remain as is. The only thing we ask is that you consider adding the Savage Worlds Media Network license to your site or content. If you have any questions regarding the SWMN license, contact PEGlicensing@gmail.com.

New Content Publishers 

If you are producing new content under the Savage Worlds Media Network license and would like your content to be included in the feed, you’ll need to provide a feed for your content when you request access to the SWMN Discord server and Google Group. For more information, read the informational post here.

If you have any questions about the news feed, send an email to contact@savagebloggers.net. If you’re interested in the Savage Worlds Media Network license and want to know more, head over to PEG’s licensing page.

With the new Media Network it’s easier than ever before to keep up with the latest news about all things Savage Worlds!


Subscribe to the PEGShow Podcast

If you haven’t yet listened to the PEGShow podcast yet, what are you waiting for?

Hosted by Pinnacle Community Manager, Ron Blessing, the PEGShow is our new, official, weekly in-house Savage Worlds podcast featuring one-on-one interviews, Savage Worlds news, and much more, all presented in 20 minutes or less!

The latest episode (episode five) features an interview with the one-and-only John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, Deadlands Noir, and many others). Ron has also chatted with Pinnacle Entertainment Group COO Jodi Black, Charles White (Fabled Environments), Tracy Sizemore (Ede Sol Games), and David Jarvis (Gunmetal Games). And there are many, many more exciting interviews to come!

Subscribe to the PEGShow through iTunes, via the RSS feed provided on the show’s site, or wherever you download your podcasts.


Upgrade Your Online Savage Worlds Games in the Fantasy Grounds Winter Sale

If you play or run Savage Worlds games using the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop, SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds is currently having an unbelievable end of year Winter Sale now through January 2, 2020!

This sale, offered through the Fantasy Grounds store as well as Steam, includes the Standard License at a whopping 75% off or 40% off the Ultimate FG license! You’ll also find discounts on hundreds of add-ons, with popular bundles marked down 50%.

Pick up Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, The Last Parsec, Deadlands, a number of Savage Tales, complete Plot Point Campaigns, licensed settings, and so much more!

Now’s the time to join in on the fun of Fantasy Grounds!

*** Please note that this sale ends Thursday January 2nd at 10:05am Pacific, so grab these deals today ***


Scott Woodard Talks Savage Worlds and More on Gaming with Gage

Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin Beat

In the latest episode of the Gaming with Gage podcast, host Gage Verronneau chats with Scott Woodard ( The Sixth Gun RPGThe Savage World of Flash Gordon™) about writing for Savage Worlds, why he considers tabletop roleplaying games to be the “Pinnacle” of entertainment, and his pre-game industry career in movies, TV, and publishing.

Gage and Scott also spend a fair amount of time talking about how great “Baby Yoda” is and Scott’s personal connection to the lil’ womp rat.

Stream this episode, along with all the other fun and informative episodes of Gaming with Gage, right here or subscribe on Apple Podcast or Android.


RPGnet Review of Doomtown: There Comes a Reckoning

Originally funded on Kickstarter at the end of 2017 and then unleashed upon the world in the summer of 2018, There Comes a Reckoning is an expansion for the Doomtown: Reloaded Expandable Card Game.

Recently, Cedric Chin posted an in-depth review of this incredible expansion (as well as the additional promo cards) to RPGnet, branding it with five shiny gold stars for both Style and Substance!

If you’ve been fence-sitting about picking up There Comes a Reckoning, be sure to give Cedric’s review a read. We hope he’ll convince you to order a copy for yourself!


Hell’s Comin’ With Me Preorder Release for Doomtown!

“I arrived in the town of Gomorra with a plan. I pulled the strings behind Ivor Hawley’s Fourth Ring Circus. Through Sloane, I controlled a notorious gang of outlaws. My Tumblebleeds turned Gomorra’s streets red with blood. But now the Fourth Ring has dispersed, its tents in tatters. Sloane’s leader is a madman vanished into the Great Maze. My plans for Gomorra thwarted, I turn my attention northward. My name is Jonah Essex and I am headed for Deadwood. But this time I am not alone. This time, Hell’s comin’ with me!”

The Tombstone climax is finally here as a new era begins! Hell’s Comin’ With Me, Pine Box Entertainment’s fourth expansion for Doomtown, is now available for preorder in our store.

This new expansion chronicles the climactic events that conclude the epic Tombstone arc. Deadlands stalwarts Andrew Lane, Hank Ketchum, and Lacy O’Malley arrive as Doomtown Legends. And an experienced version of Jonah Essex previews Doomtown’s upcoming focus on Deadwood!

*** Please note that ordering the Hell’s Comin’ With Me expansion today will get you the free print-and-play PDF right away, but any orders containing the preorder for the physical product will not ship until March 2020. So if you’re doing some holiday shopping, be sure to place a separate order for the items you’d like now —otherwise you’ll be waiting until spring for everything to arrive. ***

Hell’s Comin’ With Me is an expansion for Doomtown and the base set (currently on sale in our holiday sale) is required to play.