Free Map of the Slipstream Pocket Universe

Published back in 2008, Slipstream was our very first “space pulp” setting for Savage Worlds, well before the rise of The Savage World of Flash Gordon™.

We know plenty of fans out there are still rocketing around the pocket universe and doing battle with Queen Anathraxa and her hordes of Hand Maidens. We now offer the full-color map that originally appeared in the endpapers of the print core rulebook.

Keep track of your players’ progress through the Slipstream, drop your own gaming worlds into the black hole, or use the map as your Virtual Background for your online games.

Download the FREE Slipstream Map from our store today!


Licensee Spotlight: Gold & Glory – Holiday Dungeon Bundle

While you may have already pulled down the lights, stripped the tree bare, and packed all the ornaments away, you still have a week left to get in on the Gold & Glory Holiday Dungeon Bundle from licensee SpaceOrange42.

If you’re looking for a great way to play “Old School” dungeon games using Savage Worlds, Gold & Glory is the way to go, and for just $14.96 USD, this deeply-discounted bundle is a GREAT way to get into the adventure!

The amazing offer includes PDFs of the following:

  • Gold & Glory – Seven Deadly Dungeons, the core book to play zero prep classic dungeon games. Sporting the unorthodox and super Fast, Furious, and Fun Wild Draw character generation, dungeon exploration rules, downtime activities, and other sweet options and rules, it also includes the titular Seven Deadly Dungeons: self-generating dungeon adventures that will keep your heroes busy for dozens of sessions.
  • Ebenezer’s Gold, a holiday-themed dungeon adventure by Richard Woolcock.
  • Old School Gaming in Savage Worlds, a guide to enhance your Savage Worlds games with that “Old School” style.
  • Gold & Glory – Solo, GMless,and One-on-One Adventures, a guide and rule-set with options to play all those sweet, prepless dungeons in a variety of ways.

The Gold & Glory Holiday Dungeon Bundle is available on DriveThruRPG until January 11th, so get it now before the dragon awakens!


FINAL WEEK for Deadlands: the Weird West Pledge Manager

This is it, amigos!

If you missed out on our original Kickstarter for Deadlands: the Weird West, you now only have until next Monday, January 4th, 2021 to jump in as a late backer at before those creaky saloon doors slap shut for the last time.

Through the Pledge Manager, you can preorder the game in beautiful full color, hardcover print and snag some of the reward levels including boxed sets of books, maps, adventures, cardboard pawn miniatures, deluxe metal dice, a dice tray, Marshal’s Badge, and more.

We also just added several requested items including the Powers and Status Cards, Action and Adventure Decks, Templates, the Science Fiction and Super Powers Companions, the Deadlands: Lost Colony product line, the Grand Adventures Print Bundle, the Wendigo Tales fiction anthologies, and our Deadlands miniatures for use with those amazing new poster maps! Please note that many of these items, like the black leatherette SWADE Collector’s Edition, are in very limited supply, so don’t delay!

Shipping of Deadlands: the Weird West begins in February.

If you have any questions at all, email us at [email protected] and we look forward to seeing you all out in the Wild and (very) Weird West.


Too Ghoul for School—A New Savage Worlds One Sheet™ for East Texas University

To wrap out the year in style, we’re excited to present another FREE One Sheet™ adventure for you and your fellow classmates.

Too Ghoul for School by writer Gord Henderson pits the students of East Texas University against a full-contact enemy from beyond the grave!

“A student will stop at nothing to climb to the top, leaving carnage in his wake.

“How far would you go to pursue your dreams? For one student at ETU, the hunger to succeed becomes overwhelming. Can you and your study group discover the culprit before more students go missing?”

This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules, the East Texas University setting book, and the free download, ETU Conversion for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

And right now, you can get print versions of the core books and much more in our discounted East Texas University Bundle! This incredible collection contains an array of essentials including limited edition hardcover core books, GM Screen & Class Ring Adventure, combat maps, Bennies, archetypes, and more, all for only $99.99 (retail, $162.83)!

Scream for the home team with Too Ghoul for School and pick up this amazing discounted ETU bundle today!


The Deadlands: Blood Drive Pledge Manager is Opening Soon!

For those who might have missed out on our recent Kickstarter for Blood Drive: A Deadlands Booster Campaign (or those backers looking to upgrade their original pledges), the Pledge Manager will be unlocking soon so that you can ALL get in on the fun.

While Kickstarter backers will be automatically notified when the Pledge Manager opens, the rest of ya’ can follow this link to sign up and be first in line to have the opportunity to ride along with the rest of the cowpokes.

Through the Pledge Manager, backers will be able to grab a few extra goodies and complete their checkout process, while others can fill up their saddlebags with Blood Drive goodies for the first time.

Please note that the core rules for Deadlands: the Weird West, available through a separate PledgeManager, closes on Jan. 4th. Pledges from the two Kickstarters cannot be combined, although the core rules will be available as Add Ons in the Blood Drive project. The best deal on shipping—especially for our friends overseas—is to pledge for the core rules and as many extras as they may want in the Deadlands: the Weird West PledgeManager, and then sign up for the Blood Drive PledgeManager to check out the deals once it goes live.

We look forward to seeing you all out on the trail soon!


Vote Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds in EN World’s Most Anticipated RPG of 2021 Poll

It’s that time of the year to visit EN World and vote for the Most Anticipated RPG of 2021!

This time around, we hope you’ll consider casting your vote for Pathfinder for Savage Worlds which will be arriving on store shelves in Q4 of 2021. Due to an initial processing error, Pathfinder for Savage Worlds was a late add, so you can easily find it near the bottom of the list of nominees.

Thanks to your support, back in 2019, Savage Worlds Adventure Edition took the number one spot, while Rifts® for Savage Worlds was voted number one in 2016.

As you can vote for up to three titles, why not add Interface Zero 3.0 from “Ace” Savage Worlds licensee, Gun Metal Games to your ballot.

Voting is open through January 2nd, so don’t miss your chance—vote today!


Shane Hensley Talks Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds on the Paizo Blog

Last week, our very own Shane Hensley wrote a guest entry for the Paizo Blog to share a few thoughts about Pathfinder for Savage Worlds!

For those of you who have been wondering what we have in store for this very exciting project, be sure to pop over to the blog right now and give it a read.

At the moment, we are still on track for launching the Kickstarter next month with eventual retail release of all items targeted for Q4 2021!

To stay up to date on all the latest news about Pathfinder for Savage Worlds, watch this space, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, and keep your eyes on our various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Fantasy Grounds Winter Sale Wraps Up Next Week

While our crack Virtual Tabletop Conversion Team is working hard to bring you official Savage Worlds rules and accessories for most popular virtual tabletops, one of our long-time favorites, Fantasy Grounds, is currently having a phenomenal storewide Winter Sale that may help convince you to take their fully automated and integrated VTT out for a spin!

Start with discounted prices on both their Standard and Ultimate Licenses and then fill your virtual game shelves with Savage Worlds core rules, setting books, adventures, and other supplements, all for 25% OFF their regular prices!

And note that these sale prices stack ON TOP of their existing bundle discounts including the Deadlands Reloaded Complete Bundle that contains almost 30 adventures and supplements including the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules.

Visit the Fantasy Grounds store today to discover even more great deals happening through next Tuesday, January 5th, and get ready to upgrade your online gaming experience.


Happy New Year from All of Us Here at PEG!

2020 was unlike anything any of us have ever experienced, and while it impacted us all in unimaginable and even tragic ways, it also brought many of us closer together through the use of virtual tabletops and online conventions.

In the coming year, if you’re not already regularly rolling dice with friends or family members, consider organizing a game group, even if you only meet (face-to-face or virtually) once in a blue moon! We think nothing builds bridges and friendships more than good ol’ fashioned tabletop gaming.

For now, though, we’re taking it easy and celebrating the season for a few more days, and while our website never closes, please note that we will have limited customer service through January 3rd, so plan accordingly.

From all of us here at Pinnacle, Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays from All of Us Here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Before we lose you to trimming the tree, wrapping presents, baking cookies, and all those other fun holiday traditions you and your family observe, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for what you have done for us, Savage Worlds, and the Savage Worlds community throughout this particularly trying year.

2020 was difficult for many, and while staff at Pinnacle faced challenges and grief this year, the company as a whole is better than ever. That’s due to the amazing friends we’ve made worldwide with our games, and the joy we hope you feel when playing them. Whether you were backing our very successful Kickstarters for Deadlands: the Weird West and Blood Drive: A Deadlands Booster Campaign, participating in Hollerween (our first official Savage Worlds online convention), streaming content from our Savage Worlds Media Network, purchasing or downloading new items from our store, supporting our many amazing licensees, welcoming new players and Game Masters in our forums or other online platforms, or simply playing loads of Savage Worlds games with your friends using your favorite virtual tabletops, you kept Savage Worlds alive and growing throughout 2020, and the future looks very bright indeed!

We look forward to a new and much safer year in 2021 that will (hopefully) see us back together at our game tables and maybe even conventions.

For now, though, we’re going to step back for a couple weeks to celebrate the season. While our website never closes, please note that we will have limited customer service through January 3rd, so plan accordingly.

From all of us here at Pinnacle, Happy Holidays and may all your Wild Dice Ace in the New Year!