Convention News – PAX Unplugged is This Weekend

This weekend (November 30th through December 2nd), make your way to downtown Philly and the Pennsylvania Convention Center for PAX Unplugged.

Studio 2 Publishing will have all your favorite Savage Worlds, Deadlands, and Doomtown products for sale at Booth 1807, while our own Jodi and Clint Black will be promoting their fantastic line of tables and accessories with Carolina Game Tables just up the aisle at Booth 1824.

Doomtown players will also have plenty to do this weekend as Christine and David Lapp of Pine Box Entertainment will be meeting, greeting, and gaming with everyone throughout the weekend:

Doomtown Greenhorn Round-Up! (Casual/Learn to Play) – Friday and Sunday: 12pm-4pm in Open Play

Meet up with other Doomtown players for some casual games, or learn how to play with the demo team. All participants will receive a special variant promo and other prize support just for playing.

Doomtown Social Meet & Greet – Friday: 6pm-10pm at Iron Hill Brewery

Join the Pine Box crew after the hall closes to play some games or answer your questions about anything Doomtown related.

Doomtown: Prelude to Twilight – Saturday 12pm-6pm in the Card Event Hall

In preparation for the Twilight Protocol Series events next year, this special Abomination Series event will not only allow players to vote on the terrors they want to see the characters face in the upcoming cards and fiction, but also participants will influence the tools used by the heroes and the Reckoners through this event.

Each round, a table will be chosen that represents the conflict between good and evil; a player using a Servitor/Fearmongers vs. a player not using a Servitor or using a Fearmonger outfit. The winning player will name a new card that will be representative of a Dude, Good, Deed, or Action that will help their chosen side in the upcoming conflict.

More information can be found in the Pine Box Entertainment forums.

Deadlands RPG/Savage Worlds: Twilight Protocol – Saturday: 6pm-10pm in Open Play

Check out a preview of the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition as Pine Box Entertainment hosts a session of the published Deadlands: Twilight Protocol adventure!


Licensee Spotlight: Crystal Heart – Now on Kickstarter

Fully funded within its first 24 hours, the Kickstarter for Crystal Heart from Savage Worlds Ace licensee, Up to 4 Players, is well underway with two fantastic Stretch Goals already unlocked (and a third about to pop)!

Crystal Heart is a brand new setting for Savage Worlds (yes, that does mean the forthcoming Adventure Edition), based on the ongoing storyline in the webcomic Up to 4 Players. In the world of Crystal Heart, people’s hearts are literally made of stone. Some folks – notably, the player characters – can replace their hearts with ancient Crystals which grant them unique arrays of superpowers… but also change their personality. As Agents of the mysterious organisation known as Syn, the heroes scour the world in search of new, powerful Crystals.

The 200-page setting book will include rules for using Crystals, new Edges and Hindrances for Agents, various ways to use Syn, a Plot Point campaign, and everything you need to know about the world of Crystal Heart.

Visit the Crystal Heart Roleplaying Game Kickstarter page to pledge your support, check out all the various Stretch Goals, and download the FREE Starter Set today!


Bring on Issue Eight of Savage Worlds Explorer

The eighth amazing issue of Savage Worlds Explorer is now available for purchase in our store. Savage Worlds Explorer is a continuing series featuring Savage Tales and other goodies for all our settings written by new authors and industry veterans.

In Fear Agent: Hard Bargain by John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic, Reloaded, Deadlands Noir), the crew is approached by a Klopin merchant with a seemingly easy job hauling trade goods to a primitive backwater planet. Nature itself, and an employer who’s less than forthcoming about all the details, turn a simple delivery mission into a fight for survival—and better bargains.

Supers: Teen Crush! by Tracy Sizemore is a standalone one– or two–session adventure for the Super Powers Companion. A group of teenage superheroes reaches the end of their mentorship with Captain Crush, an eccentric but beloved hero of Jupiter City. Just as the protégées ready themselves to attend an official graduation ceremony and press conference, they are side-tracked by an attack on the Cryo-Technica building downtown.

Rifts®: Stalled Cargo by Cameron Lyle and Roby Duncan is an adventure set at the forested Minnesota fringe of Coalition territory. It sends the Tomorrow Legionnaires on a race against time to save a captured caravan of D-Bee refugees before they are discovered by an approaching Coalition military force.

The Savage Worlds Explorer requires a copy of Savage Worlds core rules and may require the core books for the setting, such as the Fear Agent™ RPG, Rifts®: Game Master’s Handbook, and Rifts®: The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide. Add dice, a deck of cards, and explorers, and let the fun begin!

Preorder the print version of Issue Eight and get the PDF today (or just purchase the PDF for the same price).


Giving Thanks for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter

Thanks from Pinnacle

It’s been less than a week since the close of our hugely successful campaign for the upcoming Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, and as those of us here in the United States prepare to gather together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we here at Pinnacle Entertainment Group want to say thanks to the more than 5,000 of you who generously supported the Kickstarter.

In about three weeks, we’ll receive the the deposit from Kickstarter and get the final list of backers. Until then we’ll be working to put the finishing touches on the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition PDF so it’s ready to download as soon as that list is ready.

Backers, watch your email for Kickstarter Updates! We’ll distribute your digital rewards both through our own website and then through DriveThruRPG.

Happy ThanksgivingLater backers will be invited by to fill out a survey for this project. This is how you will tell us what Add Ons you want, whether you want to upgrade your pledge, and where to ship rewards. You’ll pay for shipping in the PledgeManager too.

The JumpStarts (and be sure to check out the HUGE list of ’em here) will deliver via DriveThruRPG bundles. We’ll release several bundles as we receive them from our partners until they’re all done.

If you missed the Kickstarter, please sign up for our weekly newsletter so you’ll know when the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition PDF is available, and know when the PledgeManager (for physical items) goes live. Late backers can request PDF copies of the books they pledge for by emailing

If you have any questions, please email:

Our little team is very thankful for the outpouring of support for our game. We can’t wait to share the many Savage Worlds of Adventure with you.

Now, please pass the mashed potatoes!


Announcement: Official Rules Sections of the PEG Forum

Savage Worlds Web ForumWe’re locking the official rules sections of the PEG forum until the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition has released and people have had time to absorb the new rules. No new posts in those sections will be made until we lift this restriction.

The other sections of the forum where Savage Worlds and Deadlands fans can gather to share gaming stories or ask advice from one another will remain open.

We’ll make another announcement about the forum once official answers are available from our team again.

Thanks, folks!


Licensee Spotlight: The Eye of Xalath

Now available for Beasts & Barbarians from Savage Worlds Ace licensee GRAmel Books, The Eye of Xalath is a 45-page Book of Lore Expansion and adventure for a party of four Seasoned heroes:

Human sacrifices are always a messy thing, especially if you are the chosen victim!

Trapped in a very dangerous situation in Tricarnia, the Land of Demons, you’ll have to make a flight in the dark to keep your neck away from the blood-hungry blade of a beautiful Tricarnian princess with nothing to lose except her soul. But this is only the beginning of the story, because, on the wings of the night, you’ll have to face the threats of one of the most mysterious places of the Dominions, the fabled Xalath, from which nobody emerges alive and sane.  

Are you ready to face the adventure?

Order The Eye of Xalath through DriveThruRPG today.


The End of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter is Nigh!

The Kickstarter for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition wraps up tomorrow (Wednesday, November 14th) at 10pm Eastern!

Thanks to you, this has been the most successful Savage Worlds Kickstarter in Pinnacle’s history (the previous record was held by Savage Rifts® back in 2016), rocketing past all our posted Stretch Goals!

If you want to see what you’re getting as a backer, check out the Kickstarter FAQ page for a summary of all the digital and physical stretch goals. It’s quite a good deal! As additional Stretch Goals above $460,000 we’ll deliver original One Sheets for all genres, including a taste of Deadlands: Lost Colony and Deadlands: Dark Ages.

Remember, backers can upgrade their pledge in the Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter ends (watch for it before the end of the year. It will stay open until at least the end of January). The only limited item is the Collector’s Edition core book. You will also wait to pay for shipping and Add Ons in the Pledge Manager, and the Digital reward level is only $25. Late backers in the Pledge Manager will not have access to all the digital rewards. If you haven’t pledged yet…we can’t make it any easier for you!

Visit the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter page where you can delve into the recently updated FAQ and pledge your support today!


End of the Semester for East Texas University on Saving Throw

Last night, Monday, November 13th, the special, three-night East Texas University “Undeclared” mini-series wrapped up on Saving Throw’s Twitch channel.

This streamed presentation of the adventure Last Rites of the Black Guard used the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules and featured the cast of Saving Throw’s weekly Deadlands stream, WildCards.

Several of us from Pinnacle were in the chat answering questions each night as Game Master Jordan Caves-Callarman introduced the players to a number of revised and brand new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules ranging from additional uses for Bennies, combat variants, alternate skills, powers, and revised conditions.

Check out the entire series on the Saving Throw Twitch channel, over on YouTube, or listen to it as an audio-only, actual play podcast.


Savage Worlds Explorer Issue Seven – UPDATE!

Recently we discovered that a band of mischievous gremlins got into our system and meddled with Issue Seven of Savage Worlds Explorer. This resulted in a missing page that featured a map of Kalran, making it rather difficult to Escape from Kalran in the third part of Matt Cutter‘s Savage Tales of the Red Band series for The Last Parsec.

If you already purchased the PDF, make sure you re-download the repaired file today. Also, for those who ordered the print version, shipping has been pushed back to December.

As far as we know, the gremlin scourge has been repelled and we thank you for your patience.


Licensee Spotlight: Titan Effect RPG

Savage Worlds Ace licensee, Knight Errant Media is thrilled to announce that the softcover and hardcover versions of Titan Effect: The Role-Playing Game are now available for order through DriveThruRPG.

In Titan Effect, Players take on the roles of trained operatives gifted with psychic abilities to battle against genetically-enhanced soldiers and shadowy organizations in a secret war for the future of human evolution!

Titan Effect is an explosive mix of biopunk and spy thriller with plenty of superhero elements. Imagine Tom Clancy meets Metal Gear Solid meets the X-MenTitan Effect plunges you into a world brimming with conspiracies, secret organizations, dangerous bioengineered creatures, and psychic phenomena. A world where the boundary between “good” and “evil” is blurred…

Order your copy via DriveThruRpg today!