Weird Wars II in the Latest Bundle of Holding

Weird War II“Ten-hut!”

If you’re a Weird War II fan, check out the current Bundle of Holding now offering a number of Weird War II products for Savage Worlds as well as your d20-compatible games.

For just $7.95, the Savage Collection bundle includes the Weird War II core rulebook, the Weird War II Player’s Guide, the Island of Dreams adventure, the Ardennes of Darkness mini-campaign, and the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules.

Plus, if you want to greatly expand your Weird War II experience, grab a hold of the d20 Collection starting at just $17.95. You’ll bring home Horrors of Weird War IIAfrika KorpseBlood on the RhineHell Freezes Over – The Russian FrontLand of the Rising DeadDead from Above, and Hell in the Hedgerows. And while these sourcebooks and adventures are packed with d20-compatible content, the supplemental material can easily be adapted to your Savage Worlds games.

The Bundle of Holding is a site that presents time-limited offers of RPG ebooks at amazingly low prices in support of fantastic causes, and this time around, 10% of each purchase of these Weird Wars offers (after gateway fees) goes straight to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Act now, because these incredible Bundles wrap up, Monday, October 22nd!


Licensee Spotlight: FREE Crystal Heart Starter Set

While the Kickstarter for the upcoming Crystal Heart setting book (from Eran Aviram and Aviv Or) doesn’t launch until mid-November, you can snag a PDF copy of the free Starter Set right now simply by signing up for their mailing list through the Up to 4 Players website.

“In a world where people’s hearts are made of stone, special Agents of the mysterious organization Syn can replace their hearts with ancient Crystals, which grant them superpowers – but also affect their personality and moods in unpredictable ways.

Inspired by anime and superhero comics, the Crystal Heart setting was developed in the webcomic Up to 4 Players as the characters were playing it. Now you too can become a Syn Agent, explore ancient locations and hunt down powerful Crystals!”

Grab the free, 21-page, fully-illustrated Crystal Heart Starter Set today to get the rules for using Crystals, six ready-to-play Agents, a one-shot adventure, a summary sheet with all the necessary Crystal rules, and a two-page comic explaining how to play Savage Worlds!

And to keep up on all the latest developments, be sure to follow Up to 4 Players on Facebook and Twitter.


Hurricane Florence Relief Charity Bundle

Savage Worlds Great Deals For A Great CauseHurricane Florence was a powerful storm that caused catastrophic damage in the Carolinas, leaving several dead and thousands homeless. Not only is the flooding there continuing, residents are now preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Michael.

Fainting Goat Games (The Savage Worlds Deluxe Super Villain HandbookSecret of Sapphire Lake) has partnered with a number of publishers to raise funds for the North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund and the One SC Fund. The Hurricane Florence Relief Bundle contains 25 fantastic PDF products including four items for Savage Worlds.

For just $25.00 (retail value, $179.27), not only do you get some amazing Savage Settings and supplements (including the core books for Accursed and Judgment Day), you’re also helping a number of Savage Worlds fans get back on their feet.

Order the Hurricane Florence Relief Bundle through DriveThruRPG today!


Savage Worlds Kickstarter: “Core Skills” Rules Preview!

With just two weeks to go until the Kickstarter gates open wide for the new Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition, here’s another sneak peek of what’s in store from Pinnacle Entertainment Group President, Shane Hensley:

Core Skills

Some skills feel basic to just being a statistically average human (or other similar species). Default rolls allow every character to try most anything, and the Wild Die and Bennies give them a decent chance of success. But to some, not having a basic skill like sneaking up on someone, overhearing a conversation, or being able to ask for a favor, feels like they can’t do it at all. They can, of course, that’s what default rolls are for, but not having it listed and the –2 penalty to default rolls makes it feel like they can’t.

At conventions, we sometimes hear: “You mean I can’t sneak up on someone? I’m no ninja in real life, but I sneak up on my spouse/friend/dog/etc. all the time!”

Again, they can, but since the ability isn’t printed on their sheet and they have to subtract 2 from the total, it doesn’t feel that way.

So we created something called “core skills,” abilities that every reasonable character has at least a modicum of ability in and gets at a d4 for free. In alphabetical order, they are Athletics, Common Knowledge, Notice, Persuasion, and Stealth. (Yes, Common Knowledge is an actual skill now!)

We know that lots of other skills could fall into this category as well, like Intimidate or Taunt, for example. And yes, most everyone can scare or belittle others, but only those with some real gravitas behind it can have a game effect (and remember, anyone can still do these things as a default roll…it’s just a little harder). We went through many different versions of which skills should be core and these are the ones our playtesters agreed with across the many different genres we’ve now played with them.

Along with consolidated skill lists and a little more explanation why certain skills are so broad and others remain fairly narrow, we think you’ll enjoy what we’ve done and players across the world will have a slightly easier time with these common and basic tasks.

Next week, we’re saying so long to… Charisma!

~ Shane

Marching on to Weird Wars with the Latest Bundle of Holding

Savage Worlds Great Deals For A Great CauseThings are gettin’ mighty weird around these parts because today through Monday, October 22nd, the weirdest wars of the 20th century, as presented in our Weird War I and Weird War II settings for Savage Worlds, can be yours thanks to the latest Bundles of Holding.

The Bundle of Holding is a site that presents time-limited offers of RPG ebooks at amazingly low prices in support of fantastic causes, and this time around, 10% of each purchase of these Weird Wars offers (after gateway fees) goes straight to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Climb out of your trenches and engage with the Weird War I Starter Collection. This collection contains the Weird War I Player’s Guide, the War Master’s Handbook, the Weird War I Creature Feature: The Graf Schmidt, five sets of Weird War I Archetypes (The Americans, The British, The French, The Germans, and Civilians), the Weird War I Horrors of War Figure Flats, and the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules, all for just $9.95!

And if you pay a little more than this offer’s low threshold price of only $19.95, you’ll round out your collection with five Weird War I adventures including Raid on Fort Douaumont, The 13th Warrior, Hellfighters, In Vin Veritas, and No Man’s Land, four Weird War I Combat Maps (Bridge, No Man’s Land, Trenches, and Village), and the War Master Screen Inserts.

Weird War IIAs for Weird War II, check your six and start things off with the Savage Collection. This bundle includes the Weird War II core rulebook, the Weird War II Player’s Guide, the Island of Dreams adventure, the Ardennes of Darkness mini-campaign, and the Savage Worlds Test Drive Rules, for only $7.95!

Plus, if you want to expand your Weird War II experience, grab a hold of the d20 Collection starting at just $17.95. You’ll bring home Horrors of Weird War II, Afrika Korpse, Blood on the Rhine, Hell Freezes Over – The Russian Front, Land of the Rising Dead, Dead from Above, and Hell in the Hedgerows.

March to victory with these amazing Weird Wars Bundles of Holding today!


The Wild Die Interviews Clint Black

Clint and Jodi Black Talk to the Goblin BeatLong-running Savage Worlds podcast The Wild Die recently chatted with Clint Black (Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager) about everything from maximizing your characters to better understanding core game mechanics to licensing and the new Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG).

Clint also volunteers a few tasty tidbits about the upcoming Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition (coming to Kickstarter in just two weeks) and talks a bit about Carolina Game Tables.

Warm up your Wild Dice and click here to check out this jam-packed bonus episode! You’ll never think of mahogany oil the same way again.


Licensee Spotlight: The Pelion Report

Heads up, all you Paragons and Demihumans! This is the final week for the Kickstarter for The Pelion Report, the second setting book for Olympus, Inc.* for Savage Worlds.

The Pelion Report offers five new Paragon bloodlines (Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, and Hera) and two new Demihuman bloodlines (Cyclospawn and Centaur) along with new powers, corporations, and subsidiaries. The book also contains new Edges and Hindrances plus new NPCs, IMBs, Slosi, and more!

If you’re not familiar with Olympus, Inc. check out this epic video and then click here to download the eight-page sneak peek of The Pelion Report available through

This Kickstarter wraps up next Tuesday, October 9th at 6:00pm, so be sure to pledge your support for The Pelion Report today! Plus, if they hit $4500, you’ll get an all-new adventure from Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™The Sixth Gun RPG), with several additional authors on deck for even more Savage Tales set in the world of Olympus, Inc.

You need both the original Olympus, Inc. book and the Savage Worlds core rulebook to play. For a test drive version of the Savage Worlds rules, click here.


Savage Worlds Kickstarter: “Test” Rules Preview!

We’re now just three weeks from the launch of the Kickstarter for the new Savage Worlds: Adventure Edition and here to present another sneak peek of what’s in store is Pinnacle Entertainment Group President, Shane Hensley:

Tricks and Tests of Will have always been fun but not as mechanically useful as we’d like. So just like we did with Support (see last week’s sneak peek), we’ve taken the core of the idea and made it much simpler, easier, and more narrative. Check it out!


The Support option allows a character to help out an ally. Test is the opposite—it lets him make things more difficult for his foe!

Tests include embarrassing an opponent, throwing sand in his eyes, staring him down with a steely gaze, or anything else a clever player can think of to rattle his enemy and put him off-balance.

To perform a Test, the player describes the action and works with the Game Master to determine the most appropriate skill to roll for it. The player then makes an opposed roll resisted by whatever attribute the skill is linked to.

Tripping someone up, for example, is an Athletics roll. Athletics is linked to Agility, so that’s what the defender resists with. Taunt is linked to Smarts, so verbally humiliating someone with Taunt is resisted by that attribute.

(Note that Fighting, when used as a Test instead of an actual attack, isn’t opposed by Parry—it’s opposed by Agility.)

If the attacker wins the opposed roll, he can choose to make his foe Distracted or Vulnerable. If he wins with a raise, the target is Shaken as well.

Example: Red is fencing a master vampire in a Gothic manor. Emily, her player, says she wants to make a Test against the bloodsucker, cutting the heavy drapes off the window to tangle him up. The GM thinks that’s clever as it might also reveal the rising sun and drive him off in later rounds. He gives Emily a Benny for the idea and tells her to roll her Fighting as a Test. Red gets a lousy 3 but immediately uses her new Benny to reroll. She Aces twice and gets a 15! The vampire rolls Agility and gets an impressive 10, but that’s not enough to avoid the raise so he’s Shaken. Red wants to pile it on, so she makes him Distracted. That means he’s now at -2 to recover from being Shaken as well!

Modifiers: The GM determines which modifiers apply to a Test. A Shooting Test should include Range, Cover, Illumination, Recoil, etc. Game Masters should also apply any subjective modifiers based on the situation as usual—granting a bonus to Taunt for hitting a rival’s ego where it hurts, for example, might be worth a +2 bonus to the attacker.

As for Support (discussed in last week’s rules preview), well, that option can be used against an opponent narratively. If a character wants to “trip up” an ogre, for example, to help a friend make a Fighting roll against it, she can add +1 or +2 to his roll, but she doesn’t actually trip the ogre. It’s not made prone, Distracted, Vulnerable, or Shaken as it might have been if she had used the Test option.

The advantage for a player in making a Support roll over a Test is to help an ally and avoid a more difficult opposed roll for the Test (even though narratively it might seem like it should be).

Next week, we’ll take a look at character creation and the “Core Skills” that really help shape those Wild Cards right out of the gate!

~ Shane

Prepare for Issue Six of Savage Worlds Explorer

Heads up, pardners!

It’s time for the triumphant return of Savage Worlds Explorer, our continuing series featuring Savage Tales and other exciting articles for all our settings written by new authors and industry veterans.

The latest issue opens with a visit to East Texas University for a horror mystery entitled The Curious Death of Violet Evans by Tracy Sizemore. Then it’s off to New Orleans during the 1930s for A Face by Any Other Name, a brand new Savage Tale for Deadlands Noir by John Goff (Deadlands Classic and ReloadedDeadlands: Hell on Earth Classic and Reloaded, and many others). And finally, issue six brings you Six More Relics for your Sixth Gun RPG campaigns from Scott Woodard (The Savage World of Flash Gordon™).

Preorder the print version of Issue Six and get the PDF today (or just buy the PDF for the same price).

Savage Worlds Explorer requires a copy of the Savage Worlds core rules and may require the core books for each setting. Add some dice, a deck of cards, and a few brave explorers, and let the fun begin!


Doomtown: Too Tough to Die is Now Shipping!

The Too Tough to Die expansion brings the fight to Tombstone, Arizona—and it’s shipping now!

This Doomtown expansion is set during the legendary conflict between the Cowboys and the Earps. In Death’s domain, tensions are high and the body count is higher. Whose fight will you join in this high-stakes battle for the soul of the town that’s Too Tough to Die?

Those who preordered the new Too Tough to Die expansion for Doomtown should soon find their copies in-hand as shipping has officially begun, so watch those mailboxes, amigos!

Also, anyone ordering the expansion now will receive their sets once all our preorders have left the building, and please note that the There Comes a Reckoning backer coupons for this product are no longer eligible for use.

If you have any questions at all, please email us at!

Too Tough to Die is an expansion for Doomtown and you need the base game to play.