Smiling Jack’s Sweet Sixteen!

Smiling Jack's Bar & Grill Episode 16: Electric BoogalooSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill triumphantly returns to their regular schedule after Veronica and Ron have a child, Chris Fuchs mothers a con, and Justin Suzuki claims to have done something with a game that put a very unwholesome image in my mind.* R2, aka “The Silent Fifth Man,” also joined the regular cast.

Unlike other sweet sixteens I’ve been involved with, there was no talk of cars, boys, nail polish, high school, or clothes! The focus of the show is on electronic tools, including Justin’s review of Hero Lab!

Vern also takes a minute to dash my hopes and dreams with a grizzly piece of truth. I guess my childhood days of wonder are finally behind me now.

*That’s almost certainly just me, though. I have that kind of mind.


Metagames Anonymous Talks with Shane Hensley!

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebMetagamers Anonymous, a weekly podcast dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games and (mostly) related material, has just released their interview with Shane Hensley. Shane shares some of his experiences designing both tabletop and computer RPGs, talks Deadlands and Savage Worlds, and discusses a few of his insights into Kickstarter, the publishing business, and licensing.

Shane also threw some prizes into their Holiday Giveaway prize package. Be sure to check out the interview and the giveaway today!


Help Usher in the World of the Dead on Kickstarter!

World of the Dead Kickstarter CampaignFour years is a long time to live in the rotter lands, the kingdoms of the survivors of the War of the Dead. Trade routes have been established and people are harder now. Resources and labor are the new currency, and a man can make a killin’ off pre-outbreak goods. But is a killin’ enough to buy a miracle some say has been selfishly hidden by those in power, the rumored immunization to the zombie infection?

World of the Dead combines a harsh world of zombie apocalypse with the two-fisted action of Savage Worlds! Check out Daring Entertainment’s World of the Dead Kickstarter for more details and see just what sort of goodies you can get for helping to bring about a new and decidededly dead world order!


Savage Insider Premium Issue #4 Now Available

Savage Insider Premium Issue 4Mystical Throne Entertainment brings you Savage Insider Premium Issue #4—the fourth premium issue of the Savage Insider magazine—with five new full-length pieces:

  • Tavern Tales
    a continuation of life at inns and taverns for fantasy games with a look at games and Agen Sbobet gambling.
  • The Secret of Isla de Monos
    a pirate-themed adventure for Savage Worlds
  • Nation Guide: Bulgarian Empire
    a gazetteer detailing the Bulgarian Empire for Faith & Demons: The Rising with new source material, character options, and bestiary
  • Hastilion Expanse: Mission Delta
    the continuation of the Hastilion Expanse campaign for Mercenary Breed, designed for Seasoned characters
  • Surveyed: Underhome
    a mini-sourcebook for Ancient World detailing the city of Hightower and the nearby ancient inhabitants of the now-gone city of Underhome

Look for new issues of Savage Insider Premium between releases of the free Savage Insider standard issues, all available from the Mystical Throne Entertainment section of the Pinnacle PDF store.


Rippers in Hero Lab—Free!

Rippers for Hero LabHero Lab—the award-winning character creation software—is ready to help you take back the night with added support for Rippers. This is the third setting for Savage Worlds that Hero Lab has made available, joining Deadlands: Reloaded and The Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Did we mention that all three of those setting files are free downloads? That’s right, absolutely free.

So see what everyone’s talking about and make some spiffy characters of your own: check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds today!


Deadlands Noir—Updates and Downloads

Deadlands Noir Kickstarter UpdatesHave you been keeping up with the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter updates? You should watch it like a vengeful monkey with a shotgun and a bottle of tequila.

Earlier this month, we released the Deadlands Noir original soundtrack by Harry Mack. If your peepers were on the updates page, you could’ve enjoyed the free sample track for nearly a month now!

We’ve just added our latest—and unannounced— reward release: the digital version of Cheyenne Wright’s massive map of New Orleans! You can print it as a poster for the full-size experience or fit it to the page to help line the pockets of your trench coat.

The Deadlands Noir backers site also contains the Tenement Men dime novel and your PDF copy of Savage Worlds Deluxe. Just log in with the e-mail you used to back the Kickstarter, and download away. [Be sure to right-click and Save As for better downloading!]

And keep yours eyes peeled. Word on the street is that the next release is coming soon!


50 Fathoms Freebie—Fully Form Fillable!

50 Fathoms: Explorer's Edition Form-Fillable Character, Ship, and Ally SheetAll alliteration aside (almost), this week we’re giving you a freebie to really help you set sail in the world of 50 Fathoms and bring all your imaginary friends with you—the 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition Character, Ship, and Ally Sheet!

This is the same handsome set of players’ aids illustrated by the award-winning Cheyenne Wright ripped from the 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition book. We’ve added form fields so you can record your character, all the details about your ship, and everything you need to know about your allies—and even save it when you’re done!

Be sure to check out the rest of our free 50 Fathoms downloads while you’re at it.




Enjoy Blood Feast, a Dark Thanksgiving Freebie for Solomon Kane!

Blood Feast One Sheet AdventureAs a special thanks to you from all of us, let us bring you a tale of a dinner of damnation for your Thanksgiving gaming. Blood Feast is a new Savage Worlds One Sheet™ from our very own Shane Lacy Hensley set in the world of everyone’s avenging Puritan, Solomon Kane™, but easily adapted to any era. After all, a dinner party gone bad is a timeless story, is it not?

Your wanderers come across a feast of thanks gone horribly awry, and must investigate the matter before the bloody end of the meal comes to its youngest diners! Will you be in time for there to be a reason to celebrate after all, or will innocent lives be lost to a dark “bounty” of the sea?

While you’re at it, be sure to check out all our Solomon Kane™ downloads and the rest of our One Sheet adventures. If you needed another reason to be thankful this season, remember that those downloads and One Sheets remain absolutely, completely, and utterly free!


Help Obatron Bring Tunse’al to You!

Tunse'al Quick Starts & Sidetracks KickstarterWe want to welcome new licensee Obatron Productions to the Savage Worlds fold. Their first offering, Tunse’al Setting Guide and a special project, Tunse’al Quick Starts & Sidetracks, is on Kickstarter right now, with less than a week left. Be sure to check it out quick, and be ready to help them start off with a bang!

Tunse’al is a world unlike any other. Honor is everything, magic is available to any who learn its language, and the world truly is out to get you! It’s also unique for what it doesn’t have: metals, money, or humans!

Be sure to check out the Tunse’al Kickstarter for full details and updates from the creators. Don’t dally, because it closes this Sunday!



Perpetual Motion Games Kickstarts Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire

Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire KickstarterPerpetual Motion Games is hoping for you help in bringing their first Savage Worlds product to fruition. Check out their Kickstarter for Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire for more details and excitement!

Exemplar brings you tales from a world very close to our own from the past, but unavoidably different. When the Crusades are paused by a great cataclysm from the sky, no one foresaw the dawning of an age of heavenly power on earth. The Holy Roman Empire took the mandate and expanded its territory greatly with their nigh-unstoppable Holy Seven. But another brush with the heavens would leave power scattered across the globe, in the hands of those so recently oppressed, ready for vengeance.

Exemplar brings you a fantastic world of Holy Roman Empire, masks, super powers, fealty and service, and those tainted by their baser natures and powers—the Dark Exemplar.