50 Fathoms Freebie—Fully Form Fillable!

50 Fathoms: Explorer's Edition Form-Fillable Character, Ship, and Ally SheetAll alliteration aside (almost), this week we’re giving you a freebie to really help you set sail in the world of 50 Fathoms and bring all your imaginary friends with you—the 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition Character, Ship, and Ally Sheet!

This is the same handsome set of players’ aids illustrated by the award-winning Cheyenne Wright ripped from the 50 Fathoms: Explorer’s Edition book. We’ve added form fields so you can record your character, all the details about your ship, and everything you need to know about your allies—and even save it when you’re done!

Be sure to check out the rest of our free 50 Fathoms downloads while you’re at it.




Enjoy Blood Feast, a Dark Thanksgiving Freebie for Solomon Kane!

Blood Feast One Sheet AdventureAs a special thanks to you from all of us, let us bring you a tale of a dinner of damnation for your Thanksgiving gaming. Blood Feast is a new Savage Worlds One Sheet™ from our very own Shane Lacy Hensley set in the world of everyone’s avenging Puritan, Solomon Kane™, but easily adapted to any era. After all, a dinner party gone bad is a timeless story, is it not?

Your wanderers come across a feast of thanks gone horribly awry, and must investigate the matter before the bloody end of the meal comes to its youngest diners! Will you be in time for there to be a reason to celebrate after all, or will innocent lives be lost to a dark “bounty” of the sea?

While you’re at it, be sure to check out all our Solomon Kane™ downloads and the rest of our One Sheet adventures. If you needed another reason to be thankful this season, remember that those downloads and One Sheets remain absolutely, completely, and utterly free!


Help Obatron Bring Tunse’al to You!

Tunse'al Quick Starts & Sidetracks KickstarterWe want to welcome new licensee Obatron Productions to the Savage Worlds fold. Their first offering, Tunse’al Setting Guide and a special project, Tunse’al Quick Starts & Sidetracks, is on Kickstarter right now, with less than a week left. Be sure to check it out quick, and be ready to help them start off with a bang!

Tunse’al is a world unlike any other. Honor is everything, magic is available to any who learn its language, and the world truly is out to get you! It’s also unique for what it doesn’t have: metals, money, or humans!

Be sure to check out the Tunse’al Kickstarter for full details and updates from the creators. Don’t dally, because it closes this Sunday!



Perpetual Motion Games Kickstarts Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire

Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire KickstarterPerpetual Motion Games is hoping for you help in bringing their first Savage Worlds product to fruition. Check out their Kickstarter for Exemplar: Tales of the New Roman Empire for more details and excitement!

Exemplar brings you tales from a world very close to our own from the past, but unavoidably different. When the Crusades are paused by a great cataclysm from the sky, no one foresaw the dawning of an age of heavenly power on earth. The Holy Roman Empire took the mandate and expanded its territory greatly with their nigh-unstoppable Holy Seven. But another brush with the heavens would leave power scattered across the globe, in the hands of those so recently oppressed, ready for vengeance.

Exemplar brings you a fantastic world of Holy Roman Empire, masks, super powers, fealty and service, and those tainted by their baser natures and powers—the Dark Exemplar.


The Blood Drive Trilogy Concludes with Range War!

DLR Blood Drive III: Range War! PDFIf you thought walkin’ a huge herd of beeves across the countryside was hard, wait until you try standin’ still! In Blood Drive 3: Range War!, you’ll find out just how hard it can be to settle down and start a ranch when you’ve got ruthless competition, a dark past haunting you from the trail, Weird Science gone mad, and at least two rail companies pokin’ around! If that ain’t bad enough, there might be something wrong with those cows…

The Blood Drive series is a complete campaign. Each adventure starts and ends in such a fashion that if you want to use it by itself without the others in the series, you can easily do so. In fact, they’re perfect for getting a posse from one part of the Weird West to another if that’s what you’re looking for, Marshal. Used together, the three combine to take the heroes from greenhorn cowpunchers to hardened trail hands fighting for their cattle, their land, and even their lives!

John Goff finishes off your long ride on the trail in spectacular style, and leaves you holdin’ a basket o’ rattlers in case you want the fun to keep on comin’.


Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter in Its Final Hours!

Wormling Green for Studio 2 Publishing's Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release KickstarterStudio 2 Publishing’s Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter will be wrapping up soon. In fact, if you’re not a timely reader of the Tuesday web page update, it may already be too late!

With a dozen or more stretch goals met and funding over 1,000%, I’d have to say their campaign has been pretty successful. They’ve also introduced a dizzying array of additional materials, from backer-selected minis to Savage Worlds Miniatures Transporters to soundtracks, and I really don’t know that they’re done rolling out new material!

Don’t let this one slip by you. Be sure to check out the Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter before it’s gone. The Grandmaster Traveling Warband pledge level now has so many bonus rewards that it’s worth over twice its price and comes with free U.S.  shipping (with worldwide shipping available at astonishingly low rates).


Help Triple Ace Games Kickstart The Land of Fire!

Lands of Fire KickstarterWelcome, oh noble stranger, to a land of flying carpets, bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and trap-laden tombs bloated with fabulous treasure! The is the Land of Fire, where the secrets of the sands are revealed!

Land of Fire is Triple Ace Games‘ first Kickstarter project, and looks mighty good. Land of Fire uses the world of the popular Hellfrost setting to bring the Arabian Nights to Savage World!

Dare you enter the world of Al-Shirkuh, where the crumbling ruins of long-forgotten empires stand by glittering cities, where the fire giants and once-defeated jinn begin to threaten man again, where the withered dead begin to stir in the majestic pyramids? Do you dare more than that—do you dare to help bring it to reality?

Visit the Land of Fire Kickstarter campaign today for full details and your chance to help bring a world to life!


Nemezis Now Available—Fight the Horrors of Space!

Nemezis from GRAmelThe ancients foresaw that monstrosities from the dawn of time would awaken to destroy the earth and all humankind. These “Dark Gods” and their formless minions came as foretold.

Luckily, the ancients didn’t predict just how lethal humanity would become before the arrival of the “Dark Gods.” Plasma weapons were not in their visions of the Time of Judgement. Armadas of starships launching hundreds of thousands of missiles at once weren’t part of the prophecies.

You are one of the people who do not fear inhuman beasts, servants of dark deities, and unspeakable forces. You have discovered the secrets of the debased nobles, tracked cultists taking over dying planets, and hunted monstrous spawn for sport.

Get your PDF copy of Nemezis now from the Pinnacle PDF Store or RPG Now. Buy before the end of November, and you’ll get the sale price and a free soundtrack!


Hell on Earth Minis Kickstarter Now Includes a Savage Worlds Minis Transporter Option!

Savage Worlds Miniatures Transporter from Studio 2 Publishing’s Hell On Earth Miniature Mega-Release KickstarterIt’s the last full week of Studio 2 Publishing’s Hell on Earth Miniature Mega-Release Kickstarter campaign, and they just keep uppin’ the ante. They’ve added new minis, new options, new combinations, and the really cool Savage Worlds Miniatures Transporter to their list of backer rewards.

The campaign is more than fully-funded now (over 800% of their $3,000 target), but you can still pack more minis into their initial release by helping them hit more stretch goals. Remember, getting the word out and recruiting your friends can get you more minis just as effectively as pledging more money.


Smiling Jack’s is Back and Live* from Tacticon

Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill PodcastSmiling Jack’s Bar and Grill talks with the people in this show recorded live, on-location from TactiCon’s Savage Saturday Night! If you’re interested in a wide-ranging conversation, some summary of the awesome games from TactiCon, or just hearing from their surprise celebrity gaming guest, you should listen now!

This show is also a milestone for the Savage Mommy (Chris “Beldar1215″ Fuchs) of the Rocky Mountain Savages, as it’s the first show in which he’s introduced as a new part of the permanent cast, joining Veronica Blessing, Justin Suzuki, and Ron Blessing for—one presumes—all time. [Cue the thunder!—Ed.]

*Well, as “live” as a podcast can really get, I suppose.