The World of Aden Kickstarter Closing Soon!

Thunderscape: World of Aden KickstarterThe Kickstarter for Thunderscape: The World of Aden is closing soon, and I’d hate for you to let it sneak by. Visit a battered-but-unbroken world where knights, sorcerers, and mechamagical golems fight together against the nightmarish hordes spawned by the Darkfall, a world where a burgeoning magical-industrial revolution was slowed — but not stopped — by an onslaught of unspeakable creatures springing from an unnatural darkness.

The Age of Thunder has not ended, and Aden will not go quietly into that unwholesome night.

You might’ve heard of Aden before. It’s been in several computer games, RPGs, and novels. Oh, did we mention many of those were from our own Shane Hensley? Shawn Carman of Kyoudai Games has secured the rights to bring Shane’s world to Pathfinder, and an already-achieved Kickstarter stretch goal is bringing the world of Aden to Savage Worlds, as well!

There’s only a few days left. Don’t be left in the dark—it’s not a friendly place at all any more!


Hellfrost Gets Organized!

Hellfrost Organization GuideTriple Ace Games has released the Hellfrost Organization Guide. Take a look inside the players, both major and minor, that populate the world of Hellfrost!

Learn about their histories. Learn about their structures. Learn their secrets and — probably most importantly — how to join up!

Get to know 19 different organizations, including the Arcane Hand, the Convocation of Elementalists, the Dragon Guard, and the Order of Jotundauðr. You’ll never be at a loss for new “friends” again!


More Fantasy Grounds Support for Slipstream and Deadlands Reloaded

Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop SoftwareSmiteworks has just released conversions of The 1880 Smith & Robards Catalog (the premiere gear support for Deadlands Reloaded) and Heart of Steel (an adventure for the Slipstream setting). These releases fully integrate into the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop software. That’s right, you can finally order a clockwork de-moler on the internet!

The Smith & Robards Catalog brings together hundreds of new item, including the images and the text for easy reference online with or at the table! The items can also be dragged on character sheets for use in game. Between that and the many adventure hooks, your Deadlands game can’t help but be more memorable!

Heart of Steel is a complete Slipstream adventure ready to run as-is (or modified as you like) on Fantasy Grounds. With more NPCs, items pre-loaded with stats, Edges and Hindrances, all fully linked and ready to drop in, you’re set to step into an outer space where the air is really thin…and dominated by the evil Queen Anathraxis. Charge your ray gun and ready your rockets!

Remember, Fantasy Grounds already offers a full suite of roleplaying tools for Savage Worlds, including dice, initiative cards, character sheets, maps, character tokens, and bennies, with expansion packs for 50 FathomsDeadlands, and Slipstream, as well as accessories like the Super Powers CompanionHorror Companion, and the Adventure Deck!

Don’t delay—see what Fantasy Grounds can do for your online gaming today!


GRAmel Releases Ash: The Dying Planet for Nemezis

Ash: The Dying Planet for NemezisAsh is a dying planet. Everyone knows the terraformers are dead and repairs of the functional few are too expensive to be profitable. The best workers move to other, safer systems, and so does the capital of the major companies. Ash is freezing and only a miracle can change its fate.

In this sourcebook you will find additional materials about Ash, rules for weapon modificaton, information about the Syndicate, generators for gangster rumors and technobabble, and Serena, a new town ready for an expiring planet!

Join GRAmel as they expand their space opera setting Nemezis. The planet you save may be your own!


Grim Tree Games Plays Achtung! Cthulhu

Grim Tree GamesHave you been interested in Achtung! Cthulhu but wanted to hear the unspeakable words of the Mythos Resistance in World War II for yourself? Your wish has come true with Grim Tree Gamesactual play podcast of Achtung! Cthulhu! Check it out, if you dare!*

*And by “dare,” we’re talking the “mythosy unspeakability” of it all. The Grim Tree Games crew assures us that the podcast meets the general PG-13 target we use for the Pinnacle home page.


Todd Breitenstein Memorial Fund

06-ZombieRun_Breitenstein_Edition-1Todd Breitenstein and his family, “Killer” Kerry (also of Doomtown fame), Jonathan, Alex, and Marissa, are dear friends of ours. Todd left us on March 24th.

He was best known for his constant smile and his games–Twilight Creation’s Todd Breitenstein’s Zombies, along with many others (including Deadlands Slaughter Gulch). Dave Aikens, Todd’s friend and illustrator of all the Zombies series, also did the cover for us on Zombie Run.

To honor his memory, all sales from this edition of our best-selling Savage Tale of all time, Zombie Rungo directly to his family. Please give what you can. The original price of Zombie Run was $7.99, but all contributions are appreciated.


The Fantasy Companion Returns!

Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion in Print from Studio 2 PublishingThe Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion is once again available in printed form. You can order it directly from Studio 2 Publishing or find it gracing the shelves of your local game store. Put a world of expanded fantasy right in your hand once again!

The second printing has been fully updated to the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules set. All the spells that were brought into Deluxe have been updated in the Fantasy Companion, as have all the Edges and racial information. The Guts skill has been replaced with wording that allows for settings either with or without Guts (for those of you wanting to bring your Horror Companion to your fantasy games), and all the item generation tables have been redone to smooth out the probabilities.

If you’ve got the PDF, don’t despair.* An updated copy can be downloaded (or even bought for the first time) from the Pinnacle PDF Store and from the Studio 2 Publishing web site. Those of you who bought it from DriveThru/RPGNow should watch for an update e-mail.

And kudos to the eagle-eyed fans who noticed the return of the Fantasy Companion before this announcement! Whether it snuck in under the cover of darkness (or Deadlands Noir) or I was just asleep at the switch, we may never know. [Well, we might. —Ed.]

* If you managed to get a copy of the PDF that doesn’t have a cover, a redownload should take care of the problem.


Deadlands Noir Companion Available for Print and Bundle Preorder!

Deadlands Noir Companion PreorderAs if you weren’t excited enough last week when we announced that the Deadlands Noir Companion PDF was available, now you can preorder the printed Deadlands Noir Companion from our partners at Studio 2 Publishing!

For those of you who want it all, we’ve also put out the Deadlands Noir Companion Print-PDF Bundle. Get an immediate download of the PDF, a preorder of the printed book, and a discount for buying both at the same time. Remember, our bundles go away when the printed version is available, so don’t delay.

Of course, the Deadlands Noir Companion PDF is still available from the Pinnacle PDF Store, Studio 2 Publishing, and DriveThruRPG/RPGNow.

This is your chance to make sure you’ve got a friend coming to join you in the dark and desperate times of Deadlands Noir, and you can’t afford to pass up an opportunity like that!


Deadlands Noir Actual Play Podcast from Roo Sack Gamers

Savage Worlds on the WebRoo Sack Gamers is putting their Deadlands Noir game out as actual play podcasts—three so far! Starting with Episode 90, you can listen in as the Roo Sack gang finds their way around a dark and gritty New Orleans from a past that’s not quite our own.

Download a few podcasts today and get a feel for roleplaying in the world of Deadlands Noir!


Peacekeepers Now Available from GRAmel

PeacekeepersGRAmel unveils its new mini-setting for use with the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion.

A masked supervillainess somehow drove back the invading horde of super-powered aliens, but the great cities and major superheroes didn’t survive. Now it’s your turn to maintain the peace as the global superhero team, look into the origins of the invading Ultimians, and rebuild the world.

Peacekeepers can be incorporated into an existing campaign or run on its own. It includes new optional rules (including a Wealth system), new Edges and Hindrances, a superheroic adventure generator, a random civilian events generator, the outline of the Plot Point Campaign, Savage Tales, and a collection of unusual suspects!