MetaCreator Now Supports Thrilling Tales!

Metacreator from AlterEgo SoftwareMetacreator character management software has just released a new template to handle Adamant’s Thrilling Tales. Pick it up today—make your pulp a little smoother!

The core program also has updates available for full support of Savage Worlds Deluxe, the Horror Companion, the most recent version of 50 Fathoms, and more! Check the AlterEgo Software page for these and other improvements.


Deadlands Noir Update: Kickstarter Add-Ons and Shipping Dates

Deadlands NoirBackers of  the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter rejoice! The physical Deadlands Noir products will ship on July 15.

Are you one of the backers who wish they’d bought more? We’ve got you covered! You can add on products when you confirm your shipping details to pick up all those extras you might’ve missed. Check out Update #45 from the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter Updates for full details.

If you didn’t sign up as a Kickstarter backer, don’t despair. The full Deadlands Noir line will ship to retailers and web buyers about two weeks after the Kickstarter shipments. You’ve still got time to preorder books and Print-PDF Bundles—if you don’t delay!


Hero Labs Takes Savage Worlds into Space Past and Future

Space 1889 in Hero LabIf space adventuring is your cup of tea, check out the two newest Savage Worlds settings for Hero LabSpace 1889 and High Space.

Space 1889: Red Sands of Mars is the setting for space with that cup of tea! Take your Victorian heroes into space to see the red plains of Mars, the murky jungles of Venus, or even the rocky desolation of Mercury! Perhaps you could defend the Empire, perhaps even Earth herself, against the mad machinations of the unseen cabal set on destruction.  Good show!

High Space, the space opera from StoryWeaver, takes you to space’s far future, with fantastical science fiction heroes outfitted with the latest gadgetry!

This makes ten full Savage Worlds settings that Hero Lab supports for free, including Deadlands NoirTour of DarknessHell on Earth, Deadlands: Reloaded,  Rippers, and The Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Check out Hero Lab for Savage Worlds today! After all, it’s never a bad thing to make new friends.


Savage Worlds Comes to Haddon Heights High!

Gaming Table at GarnetConThree things we really care about here at Pinnacle are games, education, and kids. When a story crops up that involves all three, you bet we’re going to share it!

Ronald Corn, principal of Haddon Heights High School and amateur game designer, hosted a convention-style day of gaming for the students during Spirit Week. His goal was to reward students with a break from the typical day and show them some new hobbies they may have never experienced. Sessions ranged from classics like chess and Risk to newer games like Settlers of Cataan and even included RPGs!

“I was tired of hearing gamers dismiss the new generation of gamers, claiming that they would never be able to play classic RPGs because they needed to see the imagery; that they couldn’t create or imagine for themselves. I set out to prove them wrong.” Prove them wrong he did. The superhero RPG had two sessions of 12 students each. Six students asked to attend the second session. By the end of the second session, they wanted to have a regular club.

First he had to decide what game to play. He surveyed the students’ level of expertise and preferred genre. The responses varied greatly in both ability levels and genres. “I needed an easy to learn system that would be easy to pick up and be a lot of fun for the kids. I reviewed over a dozen games and settled on Savage Worlds and was so glad I did.”

The fifteen-member club has played every week they can since April, and the students want more. Ronald can handle the ever-growing group, having convention experience and a home game with up to a dozen players. His only difficulty was in funding.

“The kids are absolutely enjoying themselves. Every session is filled with the sounds of battle and the war cries of the victorious! The Savage Worlds system is just as described—fast & furious. It never gets old to hear the cheers after the dice explode! It’s awesome to see the enthusiasm and watch the camaraderie develop between students who don’t always talk during the school day.”

“I support them the best I can but can’t supply each student. I want each kid to experience owning their own player’s manual. I have such fond memories of researching every spell, every monster. In fact I still do! My love of reading and my love of writing were directly influenced by my love of RPGs. Likewise, I don’t want to charge students to join.”

To help the club, Ronald reached out to the gamer community. “I think we all know that gamers are a generous and inviting group, but what I am experiencing is beyond my expectations. I sent emails and Facebook requests to some of the game designers I knew. My first response came literally seconds after I sent the message. Within the first 24 hours, over 10 game designers and some very big luminaries in the history of RPGs pledged their support. I have to be honest I am humbled and completely overwhelmed at the response and not only from legends in the business but also from people I didn’t even send requests to.”

To help Ronald in his ultimate goal—cultivating a passion in a new generation of gamers—the Haddon Heights RPG Club will gladly accept any game (past or present, in any condition), books, dice, or minis you care to donate. You can e-mail Ronald Corn directly for more information or send mail to Haddon Heights High School, 301 2nd Ave, Haddon Heights NJ 08035, c/o Principal Ronald Corn.


Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter Live!

Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter CampaignThis is your chance to help bring Shaintar to its full glory. After thirty-six years of development, Sean Patrick Fannon’s epic high fantasy magnum opus will be realized with the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter.

Shaintar (pronounced “Shine-tar”) is a Savage Worlds setting of great heroism, epic sagas, and high magic. Shaintar draws players in with interwoven relationships, threats, and stories crafted over decades of development and polishing.

Think we’re biased? Ed Greenwood, creator of The Forgotten Realms®, says, “A winner. Get this book.”

For more details about what’s offered and what’s to come, head over to the Shaintar: Legends Unleashed Kickstarter today!


Celebrate Triple Ace Games’ Fifth Birthday!

Triple Ace GamesTriple Ace Games has just turned five. To celebrate, they’re giving the birthday present to you—a 25% discount on their products!

That’s right, they’re offering a 25% discounts on products ordered through their website until the end of June. Just enter happybirthday in the Discount Code field during checkout to join the party!


Initial Advice for New Licensees

Licensing Savage WorldsQuestions about licensing for Savage Worlds are seasonal—we get them in summer with the conventions, fall with the return to school, winter with all the time indoors, and spring with thoughts of new endeavors!

To help those of you who might be wondering about how to approach Savage Worlds licensing, we’ve added Some Initial Advice to our Licensing page to cover the three most common first steps in the process.

While you’re on the Licensing page, be sure to double-check whether the Fan License or the Publication License better suits your goals.

The Savage Worlds Licensee community has always been a remarkably creative and talented bunch. If you’ve got the chops for it, we’d be happy to have you join in!


Modiphius Brings The Trellborg Monstrosities to Achtung! Cthulhu

The Trellborg Monstrosities for Achtung! Cthulhu1943 brings a turn in the tide of war against the Nazi Kriegsmaschine. Your band of heroes—resistance fighters, investigators, special forces, and more—plunge behind the frozen lines of the Norwegian-Finnish border to confront an ancient horror and its terrifying artifact before they swing the course of the war in the Nazi’s favor.

The Trellborg Monstrosities is the first in Modiphius‘ new stand-alone Adventure Series for Achtung! Cthulhu and is for both Savage Worlds veterans and newcomers. It includes everything you need (with the Savage Worlds core rulebook) for hours of gripping roleplaying adventure:

  • A stand-alone multi-part adventure with hours of spine-chilling play
  • Detailed maps with handouts of the border, the village, and more
  • Optional pregenerated characters for immediate play
  • New skills, spells, and specialty equipment
  • The Monstrosities at Trellborg original novella by John Houlihan

Don’t delay. Find out what lurks in your unknown past today!


Nemezis: Baris, The Light That Blinds Released

Bariz, the Light That Blinds for NemezisNobody can deny the beauty of Bariz. While the Horde is a constant threat on the land, life goes at its own pace in the skies. Politics and glamour are matters for flying cities, while the ground is left to sort itself out.

In this newest sourcebook for GRAmel’s Nemezis setting, you’ll get information on Bariz’ inhabitants, both land-bound and floating.

Don’t be left in the shadow of glory as it floats by—check out Bariz: The Light That Blinds today!


Battle for Oz Interview Coming as the Kickstarter Closes

Battle for Oz Kickstarter CampaignThis is the last week of the Battle for Oz Kickstarter campaign, but it’s not going gently into that emerald night!

The Kickstarter campaign is doing very well. With your support, they’ve just passed another stretch goal and are closing in on the last of their initial stretch goals.

Dave and Dan (aka Pirate Press) will also be doing an interview this Thursday, June 20, at 9:00 pm Eastern in the Beautiful Brains Books & Games weekly web chat. They’ll be joining Jodi and Clint Black for an hour of entertainment and insider info that you won’t want to miss.

Time is going by fast. Don’t let the Battle for Oz Kickstarter campaign or the Beautiful Brains web chat with Pirate Press slip by!