Savage Worlds Conan Actual Play Released!

Savage Worlds on the WebHave you always wanted to play a Conan-style game with Savage Worlds? The good folks over at Gamerstable did, and they had the foresight to record it!

Champions of Mother Earth introduces the characters and starts the adventure of the Tower of the Ape. Get in on the ground floor of adventure and see how other gamers adapt Savage Worlds to the swords-and-sorcery genre! Listen today.

Editor’s Note: Conan is the property of Conan International. We aren’t claiming any ownership or licensing in any way, and we don’t have a “Conan for Savage Worlds” book in the works. This is one group’s use of Savage Worlds to play a Conan-style game. Also, while their audio production quality is quite high, it’s likely to get more mature than we tend to be here.


Hellfighter—New in Wendigo Tales!

Hellfighter e-Fiction in the Pinnacle Web StoreThe 369th Infantry Regiment is home to World War One’s African-American “Harlem Hellfighters.” Sergeant Buck Henry’s men said they’d follow him to Hell and back. Somewhere along the French front, they just might get the chance to prove it.

Hellfighter (by Ed Wetterman of 12 to Midnight fame) is set in the world of Weird Wars and joins No Man’s LandWith Utmost DispatchWithout Fear, and Texter in our new line of e-fiction, Wendigo Tales.


Hell on Earth Reloaded Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

Hell on Earth Reloaded for Fantasy GroundsHell on Earth Reloaded is now available for Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds! Bind a tech spirit or two to bring your gaming group together across the trackless electronic void and adventure in the post-apocalyptic future of the strange past of Deadlands!

Hell on Earth Reloaded is available in either the player module only or the two-pack of player and GM modules, expanding the already-impressive list of settings and adventures ready for Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds! Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe—no matter how shattered it may be!


Marchland: Now in Print!

Marchland by Hearthstone GamesNow you can explore the haunted alleys and strange byways of Brighton Bay without a computer. Hearthstone Games is happy to announce that Marchland is now available in print through Amazon and Amazon Europe.

Marchland is 166 pages of urban fantasy goodness packed into a digest-sized paperback—perfect company for your Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition.

This full color print edition includes errata fixes, rules clarifications, and new art. Check us out on and order your dead tree version version of Marchland today—just don’t tell the Oak Queen!


Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter in Its Last Hours!

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectThere’s less than two days left for the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter! For the latest updates, including a sneak peek at the Legacy Setting Rules that allow for multi-generational character play in the centuries-span of Rome, be sure to check out the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page.

Interested in freebies? If you’re a backer at any pledge level, you get all the unlocked digital rewards. The Half-Set Sun (an adventure in Aegyptus) and Creature Feature: Cyclops have both recently been added, with Figure Flats and One Sheet Adventures ready to be added as long as the support builds. Check the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter for a full list of stretch goals achieved and ready to go! Remember, the more friends you get to join you in backing the Kickstarter, the more free stuff you get.

Time waits for neither man nor empire. Visit the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter project before it’s too late!


A Missive from Evil Mike and Chaos Steve

Evil Mike and Chaos SteveOn May 30, 2006, Pinnacle honored us by asking if we would like to run demos for them at conventions. After seven blissful years, Evil Mike and Chaos Steve are retiring from their official duties as convention support staff. We will still be going to conventions and playing (and maybe running) some games, but it’s time to for us to concentrate on family and relaxation.

We would like to thank all the Pinnacle family that have embraced us so heartily and of course the father of the family, Shane. We can’t thank him enough and he is truly the best. Never doubt that we will bug him mercilessly at every convention!

Unfortunately, this also means some changes in the Pinnacle convention space. The Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society will be retired and current Explorers Novice and up will be receiving a special discount code as a thank you for putting so much love and effort into running Savage Worlds. Convention support will be put on hiatus as Pinnacle reviews their policy going forward.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t thank all the players and GMs that we have met over these past seven years. There is no greater feeling in the world than knowing you have touched a person’s life in a positive way. And although we hope we have managed that from time to time, we can honestly say, you all have made our lives better and more fulfilled and we thank you for that from the bottom of our hearts.
If you see us at a convention, say “hello” and remember to keep it Savage!

Evil Mike and Chaos Steve

A Postscript to Mike and Steve from the Editor: You will both be sorely missed by us all. Time (and liniment) may dull that pain, but nothing will lessen our memories of the fun and nearly child-like joy of the game you’ve passed on to so many for so long. Until the next convention, my friends. — Joel


Deadlands Novels in the Tor Pipeline!

DeadlandsWatch for Deadlands coming to the shelves of your favorite book store! Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Comics have reached an agreement with Tor Books to publish original novels set in the world of Deadlands! The initial deal is for three novels, with authors including best-selling Jonathan Maberry and Jeff Mariotte.

Jeff Mariotte, author of Season of the Wolf and writer/creator of the horror western comic book Desperadoes, said, “Deadlands is a terrific universe, rich with story possibilities and right up my alley. Getting to write short fiction and comics based on Deadlands was a treat; getting to be part of the process of bringing that world to life in novels for the first time—as a writer, and behind the scenes—is an honor and a fantastic pleasure.”

Shane Hensley added, “It’s been such a joy watching Visionary play in our sandbox. We truly consider them partners in growing and expanding the Deadlands universe. Now Jonathan Maberry and Jeff Mariotte get to really dig deep and explore the world in the kind of depth you only get with full-length novels, and we’re as excited as anyone else to see what they do.”

Jonathan Maberry, multiple Bram Stoker award-winning author said, “I’m really excited about writing Deadlands: Ghostwalkers, a balls-to-the-walls alt-history steampunk supernatural shoot-‘em-up action western. With zombies. I think I was genetically designed to write this kind of book.”

Watch here for more details, or sign up for e-mail delivery of our weekly news updates.


Pinnacle Celebrates Labor Day Weekend with Gaming!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouLabor Day weekend is a time of celebration here in the states, and—for some of us, at least—that means game conventions!

Our own Shane HensleyEd Wetterman (one of the main ETU: Degrees of Horror developers at 12 to Midnight), and Tim Brown (of Dark Sun and Dragon Kings fame) will be at TactiCon in Denver. See what may now be the largest Savage Saturday Night in the world!

The infamous Clint Black, the lovely Jodi Black, and the undefinite Joel Kinstle will all be at Dragon Con in Atlanta. Be sure to check out Savage Sunday Night while you’re there! Licensees in attendance include Blackwyrm Publishing, Eloy Lasanta of Third Eye Games, and Ken Hite of Atomic Overmind Press.

Whichever convention you find yourself at, be sure to find us, too! We’re always happy to talk to a Savage Worlds fan.

If, for some weird reason, you don’t come see us, then enjoy the long holiday weekends with friends, family, and festivities on your own! If you can’t have fun with us, just be sure you’re having fun!

India MikeAnd if you weren’t able to come to Gen Con, Roo Sack Gamers has posted the audio of the Pinnacle Seminar. But if you get only one thing from the Pinnacle Seminar, it probably needs to be this picture* of Evil Mike.

Thanks to Mike Dukes of Vorpal Edge Productions for the photo.


No Man’s Land—New in Wendigo Tales

No Man's LandConrad Von Helmand has been stationed in an idyllic village far from the front lines. This exercise of his aunt’s political clout comes at a very small price—that he find proof of the fairies rumored to be in the area before she dies. But not all prices are so small when a man peers beyond the mortal veil.

No Man’s Land (by the accomplished Kevin Andrew Murphy) is set in the world of Weird Wars and joins With Utmost Dispatch, Without Fear, and Texter in our new line of e-fiction, Wendigo Tales.


Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter Closing Soon

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectThe history of Rome shows that even great things come to an end. The Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter has just over a week remaining. For the latest updates, including new art, be sure to check out the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page.

If you’ve not backed us yet, check it out. If you pledge at any level, you’ll get all the unlocked digital rewards. We’ve added Res Romana (a supplement by Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios) and Creature Feature: Hydra to the list since the last post, and The Half-Set Sun (an adventure in Aegyptus) and Creature Feature: Cyclops are both in easy reach. Check the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter for a full list of stretch goals achieved and in the future!

If you have backed us, thanks! We appreciate your support, and look forward to bringing you into the deep shadows cast by a shining empire. Be sure to let you friends know—even the Romans traveled with company, you know!