New Fiction Imprint Wendigo Tales Launches with Without Fear

Wendigo TalesThe wendigo howls with excitement as we present our new line of ebooks under the Wendigo Tales imprint.

Wendigo Tales kicks off with a focus on our Weird Wars lines, starting with a tale from the upcoming Weird Wars Rome!* The first ebook, Without Fear by Shane Lacy Hensley, tells the story of gladiator Magnus Bos, left addled and simple by a fight with a strange gray beast of Aegyptus. But the Thracian was also left without fear, which may be why he’s been purchased and taken to a cursed village on a distant isle, and the strangest arena of his life!

In addition to the upcoming new titles, Wendigo Tales also provides a more consistent home to our existing fiction, such as the Deadlands Dime Novels, Deluge (the novelization of The Flood Plot Point Campaign), Texter (a short thriller written entirely in text messages), and the saga of Kyla Kidd from 50 Fathoms!

*Yes, you heard that right. “The upcoming Weird Wars Rome.” Watch closely next week for more details on that one.


ENnies Voting Open with Several Savage Worlds Nominations!

ENnies AwardsVoting is now open for the ENnies awards! You can vote until July 31, but why wait? Remember, you can vote for the ENnies award nominees as well as for next year’s judges.

Speaking of ENnies award nominees, there’s a few names there you’re bound to recognize.

Don’t be shy. Don’t keep your opinions to yourself. Go vote today!


Fabled Environments High School Kickstarter Closing Thursday!

Fabled Environments High School Map Kickstarter ProjectJust as school is about to start across the country, Fabled Environment’s High School Kickstarter is about to close!

In addition to being a handy-dandy game accessory, one of their already-achieved stretch goals is a Savage Worlds adventure from Kevin Rohan and the fine folks at Silver Gryphon Games!

If you act fast, you still have (a little) time to back their High School map Kickstarter project and get all sorts of game-map goodies. Don’t delay—check it out today!


Today’s Numbers—10th Anniversary, 25% Off, 2 More Weeks!

Savage Worlds 10th Anniversary Sale!Celebrate the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Savage Worlds with our massive sale in our newly-expanded web store!

For the next two weeks—one fortnight, if you linguistically lean that way—select items are 25% off in the PEG Web Store. Click the sale banner for the featured products, and don’t forget to use the SW10 code when you check out to get your discount.

This rare sale also marks the return of physical products to the PEG Web Store, so you can be looking at 25% off the print products you’ve been wanting, too!

Don’t let this July-only sale pass you by—get your discounts today!


Epic Shaintar Kickstarter Comes to a Close

Shaintar Legends Unleashed KickstarterThis is your chance for the Shaintar Legends Unleashed Kickstarter before its final days pass this Saturday. There are still great* deals and unique involvement opportunities in Sean Patrick Fannon’s epic fantasy magnum opus.

At more than 200% funded, with decades of Sean Fannon’s writing and development, and with Savage Mojo’s artistic and production oversight, you really can’t miss unless you just miss out.

For a truly unique closer to the Shaintar Kickstarter, Sean Patrick Fannon himself will start a live 24-hour countdown web event. Beginning at noon Eastern, Friday, July 19, he’ll appear live on G+ until the Kickstarter closes at noon Eastern, Saturday, July 20. Will he give away free stuff? Run games? Party like a madman? Pass out on air? While they’re all likely, nobody knows for sure—including Sean!

Let’s see—excellent deals, unique involvement opportunities, crazy live web stunts, and an expansion book co-written by our own Aaron Acevedo. What more could you possibly want?

* With sourcebooks at less than a third of their post-launch planned prices, I’d say “phenomenal” deals are still available. And I’m notoriously cheap.—Joel


Something Written This Way Comes

Wendigo TalesThe wendigo howl cuts the night with fear and terror. Foreboding, yes, but it has stories to tell…such stories to tell…

Join us next week for the first installment of our new short fiction line, Wendigo Tales, featuring stories from our game lines and beyond!

Our first offerings focus on Weird Wars, with authors including Kevin Andrew Murphy, Aaron Rosenberg, Ed Wetterman, Tim Brown, and our own Shane Hensley. What stories will the wendigo tell after that? Listen to the wind in the darkness, and listen closely


Fire Comes to Hellfrost!

The Land of Fire for HellfrostWishes do come true! Land of Fire, the first major expansion for Triple Ace GamesHellfrost setting, brings Savage Worlds fantasy to mythic desert sands.

Grab your scimitar, hop a flying carpet, and explore a land of bound jinn, glittering palaces, scheming wizirs, regal sphinxes, and trap-laden tombs bloated with fabulous treasure.

Adventuring doesn’t get hotter than this!


Savage Worlds Tenth Anniversary Sale and Celebration Starts Monday!

Savage Worlds 10th Anniversary Sale!In celebration of Savage WorldsTENTH ANNIVERSARY, we’re having a web discount bonanza!

Starting Monday, the PEG Web Store will once again feature physical products in addition to direct PDF downloads! No friendly local game store? Let us take care of your Pinnacle and Savage Worlds needs.

With the expansion of the PEG Web Store next week, select items will be available at 25% off! Take the discount on select PDFs, print books, or both—the choice is yours. Be sure to enter the code SW10 when you check out to get your discount.

Pinnacle sales are like sasquatch sightings—rare, unpredictable, even possibly mythical. The Tenth Anniversary Sale runs for two weeks, and then it disappears back into the forest. Don’t let it pass you by!


Savage Worlds Brewing at Storm-Con

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouCome to Storm-Con this weekend for the most excitement you can get without a National Weather advisory!

Our own Clint Black and Jodi Black (also of Beautiful Brains Books & Games) will be there. Dan Smith and Dave Hardee from Pirate Press will be there running Battle for Oz! Darren Miller, part of The Old Absinthe House Blues team, will also be running games.

This might be your last chance at a Savage Saturday Night this summer, so don’t miss out!


MetaCreator Now Supports Thrilling Tales!

Metacreator from AlterEgo SoftwareMetacreator character management software has just released a new template to handle Adamant’s Thrilling Tales. Pick it up today—make your pulp a little smoother!

The core program also has updates available for full support of Savage Worlds Deluxe, the Horror Companion, the most recent version of 50 Fathoms, and more! Check the AlterEgo Software page for these and other improvements.