With Utmost Dispatch Added to Wendigo Tales of Weird Wars: Rome

With Utmost DispatchLegionary Titus Aetius is tasked with hunting down a deserter, his best friend of a decade and fellow soldier. But Titus isn’t the only hunter stalking the dark forests of Gaul. The deserter’s trail disappears in a blood-soaked and empty village. Torn between honor and loyalty, Titus must find some way to outwit his officers, save his friend, and survive whatever horror has ravaged the countryside…with utmost dispatch.

With Utmost Dispatch (by the prolific Aaron Rosenberg) is set in the world of Weird Wars: Rome and joins Without Fear and Texter in our new line of e-fiction, Wendigo Tales.


Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Stretch Goals Released…And Met!

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectSince the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter is more than 400% funded,* let’s talk about stretch goals.

If you pledge at any level, you’ll get all the unlocked digital rewards. If you’re getting anything, you’ll get each and every one of the downloadable stretch goals!

At this point, three of the stretch goals have already been reached! Thanks to your enthusiasm, you can look forward to receiving Strength & Honor (a Weird Wars: Rome soundtrack by Harry Mack), Wellspring (an adventure by John Beattie), and ten full-color, full-page, ready-to-play archetypes!

And there’s literally no limit to how many stretch rewards you could get! The whole series of stretch goals is announced and available on the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter Updates page. Curious about what the future holds for an empire long past? Check it out!

* And we sincerely thank you for your support. It’s one more thing that reminds us how awesome you guys are!


Pinnacle Entertainment at GenCon 2013!

Savage Worlds at Gen ConWe’re putting the final touches on our plans for going to GenCon 2013—much like a lot of you are probably doing right now—and we hope to see you there.

Need a little more convincing? How about new Pinnacle products, the majority of the Pinnacle staff, the Pinnacle seminar, and nearly 100 Savage Worlds games!

We’ll put together more details for you for next Tuesday. You go finish packing.


The Old Absinthe House Blues Now Available for Fantasy Grounds!

The Old Absinthe House Blues for Fantasy GroundsThe Deadlands: Noir adventure The Old Absinthe House Blues is now available for Fantasy Grounds for Savage Worlds! Get your friends together—wherever they may be in this gritty world of neon and lost hope—to find the missing dame with a velvet voice.

The Old Absinthe House Blues joins a whole passel of settings and adventures ready for Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds! Check out the whole list today, and get your game going across the globe.


Frozen Skies Kickstarter Starts Its Last Week

Frozen Skies Kickstarter ProjectThe Frozen Skies Kickstarter is in its final week. Take to the air—the cold, cold air—above mysterious Alyeska!

Utherwald Press‘ arctic dieselpunk setting already has the support of other Savage Worlds licensees, with Savage Mojo signed on for layout and design and Fabled Environments providing maps as rewards for meeting the funding target! Join in and up the caliber (and lethality) of your next snowball fight!


Weird Wars: Rome Rises with a New Kickstarter!

Weird Wars Rome Kickstarter ProjectThe Legions of of Rome reached from the center of civilization to conquer the corners of the world and found shadows hiding even darker places—and things—that defied recording. As both empires and shadows spread, so, too, do the things in them.

Join the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter and join the very Legions of Rome. Discover the terrible secrets left out of the history books. Explore—and save!—the ancient world!

Just as Weird Wars: Rome distills the essence of an empire-spanning, multi-generational campaign, the Kickstarter is designed to be easily accessible. Stretch goal rewards will be automatically added to your other rewards, pledge levels are straightforward with no complicated add-ons to track, and we’re not going to bombard you with updates. Building an empire might be complicated, but we don’t think backing the Weird Wars: Rome Kickstarter should have to be.


Last Chance at the Savage Worlds Tenth Anniversary Sale!

Savage Worlds 10th Anniversary Sale!If you were watching last week, you’d think this awesome sale celebrating the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Savage Worlds in our expanded web store was over. Since July has thirty-one days and I apparently can’t count, you actually have through the end of Wednesday, July 31, Pacific time.

Select items are 25% off in the PEG Web Store. Click the sale banner for the featured products, and use the SW10 code when you check out to get your discount. Don’t miss out—we have presidential elections more often than Pinnacle has a sale like this!


Memories of Yesterday Expands Deadlands Noir Fiction

Memories of YesterdayA bald man with a bad memory wanders the Big Easy. The stranger needs a hand–but finds only the Black Hand, New Orleans’ mafia. They’ve learned the stranger has escaped from a secret government program up north, and want to see if his weird abilities are a match for their rivals–the Red Sect!

Memories of Yesterday is the third Dime Novel for Deadlands Noir. Written by John Goff, this e-book comes in a zip file with .pdf, .epub, and .mobi formats to cover all your e-reading needs.

For a taste of Deadlands Noir fiction, catch our four-part illustrated audiodrama Hardboiled in the Big Easy on YouTube.com.


Ronin: Chrome & Shadows Kickstarter Begins

Ronin: Chrome & Shadows Kickstarter ProjectGlove & Goggle Labs is proud to announce Ronin: Chrome & Shadows, a new post-apocalyptic cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds.

Walled cities span hundreds of miles in an irradiated wasteland that spans thousands. Corps fight each other for power using Ronin—deniable freelance assets. The remnants of old governments struggle to hold the walls of cities they no longer really control. Raiders and engineered bio-horrors assault the cities in ceaseless waves. And all the smart money has left for the comfort of space.

With everything from mohawked cyber-soldiers in dune buggies to wealthy hackers on orbital platforms, Ronin: Chrome & Shadows is sure to have something for you. Check out the Ronin: Chrome & Shadows Kickstarter today!


Last Week for 10th Anniversary 25% Sale!

Savage Worlds 10th Anniversary Sale!This is the last week celebrating the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Savage Worlds with the big sale in our newly-expanded (now with physical/print products) web store!

For only seven (that’s 7!) more days, select items are 25% off in the PEG Web Store. Click the sale banner for the featured products, and use the SW10 code when you check out to get your discount. Don’t miss out!