Last Chance for the Dragon Kings Kickstarter!

Dragon Kings Kickstarter ProjectThe Dragon Kings Kickstarter closes this Thursday, but don’t despair. Crowdfunding will continue on the Dragon Kings site until January 1, and the pledges will be combined for meeting stretch goals!

Help Timothy Brown—co-creator of Dark Sun and 2300AD (and author of Los!)— bring this dark and exciting new world to us in gaming, fiction, and song. The setting will be released as a system-neutral book with complimentary PDFs to support several RPG systems, including Savage Worlds!

Be sure to check it out soon!


Pinnacle Reaches Across the Web

Savage Worlds on the WebIf you were paying close attention, you might’ve noticed when we turned our own part-time editor Jodi Black into our Marketing Manager. While we still let her flex her editing muscles and stop us from confusing “you’re,” “your,” and “rhinoceros,” she’s also been busy spreading us across the blog-o-web-o-sphere-o-tubes.*

You want to follow us on Facebook? Not a problem. You want to join us on Google+? You can do that, too. Could only be happier following Pinnacle on Twitter? Wait no more! You can find and follow us more places than ever now!

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* That’s a thing, right? Maybe this is why I’m not the Marketing Manager…


The Inheritors—A Deadlands Hand-Me-Down of Horrors!

The Inheritors PDF Adventure for Deadlands ReloadedLissen up, hombre. There’s bad news and good news. Your dear Aunt Agatha has bought that big farm in the sky, but she’s left that big farm in Kansas to you!

All you gotta’ do is head out to bloody ol’ Kansas—a peaceable place is there ever was one—and sign a few papers. In a week, the place’ll be yours. Well, it’ll be yours if it don’t haunt you to death, if old feuds don’t unearth themselves to claim a few more victims, and if Black River don’t get a hankerin’ for the family plot. Everything should go off without a hitch.

But you might want to bring a few friends, just in case. This is the Weird West, amigo, and the only earth the meek inherit comes in six-foot-deep plots, one stone to a customer.

The Inheritors is a 24-page PDF adventure for Deadlands: Reloaded written by Zach Welhouse and Deadlands Brand Manager Matthew Cutter.


Deadlands Noir Dice Debut to the World!

Deadlands Noir DiceThe custom Deadlands Noir Dice Set is now available to everyone—not just the privileged few that know the special handshakes of the swankiest speak-easies!*

These little jewels are tailor-made for Deadlands Noir. The main polyhedral set hearkens back to days of frosted glass windows and white glove service—and to the murky nature of truth and justice in a dirty city’s smoky shadows. The custom Wild Die is all about the business—the business end of a pistol embossed into a stark black-and-white die that don’t take guff off nobody!

This is finally your chance for a set of rocks any dame would want to get her hands on. Don’t miss it!

* By which, of course, I mean the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter backers.


TimeZero Released by GRAmel Games!

TimeZero from GRAmel GamesStrap on your blaster, flintlock, gladius, or marginally-sharpened stick and take to the streams of time! In GRAmel’s newly-released TimeZero, it falls to you and the rest of the TimeGuard to fight time crimes along the millenia of history. Save the timeline from time thieves, chronoterrorists, and other incredible dangers.

TimeZero contains everything you need for quickly creating time-cops and running a time-travel game! Don’t forget the TimeZero Preview and the TimeZero Archetypes—available as free downloads—for an initial taste.

Synchronize your watches, folks—time waits for no man!


Feel the Dread Gazes of Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes

Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes from Misfit StudiosNot all demons want your soul or to drag you off to the deepest pits of hell! Not at all.

Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes just wants to get to know you better, to know everything there is to know about you. And about everyone else. If she lets the best-hidden secrets of your campaign world slip, revealing them for all to see, is the resulting chaos and disorder really her fault?

Yes, yes it is. And no one—no government, no priesthood, no celestial beings, no grand heroes, and not even other demons—is safe from her desire to share their deepest, darkest secrets. What secrets do your players have, and how far will they go to keep them?

Zunirei of the Thousand Eyes is the latest installment of Misfit Studios‘ Forces of Darkness line for Savage Worlds. Each one highlights a unique opponent—with motivations, allies, and several story seeds—designed to bedevil your players’ characters and to be easy to drop into any game.


Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill

Smiling Jacks Bar and GrillOctober—the clear fall air, the changing leaves, and episode 22 of Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill!

Take a break and listen to the crew as they cover something for everyone!

Like the theme song says, pull up a stump and hang out at Smiling Jack’s today.


A Frightfully Good Deal on the Horror Companion!

Savage Worlds Horror Companion BundleCelebrate the spooky season with your own Savage Worlds Horror Companion Bundle! With this fantastic sale, you can have madness in multiple media—the Horror Companion will be yours in both PDF and print at the same low price as just the printed version until Halloween!

Get the Savage Worlds Horror Companion Bundle today and rest easy with immediate access to all the eldritch secrets through immediate PDF download! Play as the monsters of myth, use ritual magic, and customize your worlds of terror with several new Setting Rules.

Get the Savage Worlds Horror Companion Bundle today and spend sleepless nights knowing that such a terrible tome is coming ever closer to your home, soon to place itself in print in your very hands! Refer endlessly to new spells, rules for your quickly-lapsing sanity, and an expanded list of Edges and Hindrances that might help you survive in a world gone mad.

Get the Savage Worlds Horror Companion Bundle today and avoid the bitter regret and self-loathing that will come to so many when the sale ends at the stroke of midnight on Halloween! If you want to run a dark setting of any sort, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Don’t be left alone in the cold, dark dread of the night this Halloween season—get a Companion today!


Tower of the Ape Actual Play Continues

Savage Worlds on the WebOpenly Gamer Theater has released its first full episode of Tower of the Ape, their actual play podcast in the Conan setting. Get swept away in the adventure and see how the fine folks at Gamerstable are using Savage Worlds to bring this iconic swords-and-sorcery setting to life!

Be sure to listen to the three character introduction prequels for the full effect!

Editor’s Note: Conan is the property of Conan International. We claiming no ownership or licensing, and there’s no “Conan for Savage Worlds” book in the works. This is one group’s use of Savage Worlds to play a Conan-style game. Also, the episodes are tagged for potential explicit content.


TimeZero Previews from GRAmel

GRAmel GamesJoin the TimeGuard! As a highly-trained operative, it falls to you to fight time crimes along the millenium. Save the timeline from time thieves, chronoterrorists, and other incredible dangers.

GRAmel has made both the TimeZero Preview and the TimeZero Archetypes available as free downloads, so go check them out. After all, there’s no time like the present, and there’s no present like time!

Watch for more on TimeZero coming soon.