Accursed Released—Have a Very Monstrous Holiday!

Accursed from Melior ViaYou are the Accursed, monsters made from ordinary men and women by the cruel magic of the Witches of the Grand Coven. The world rejoices with the end of their reign, with the downfall of the Grand Coven, and that light may once again prevail.

But not for you. You remain a monster, unwelcome, unwanted, unable to return to your home, and haunted by what you have done in service to evil.

The light, however, is not as strong as all have hoped, and darkness is ascendant again. Only forms as horrible, twisted, and powerful as your own can stand against it. Can you save a world that spurns you, a world you once struggled to enslave or destroy?

Find redemption, and perhaps a cure, in Melior Via’s Accursed. Both the full setting and the Player’s Guide are available now in PDF.


New for Christmas from Savage Worlds Licensees

New from the Savage Worlds LicenseesFamily is an integral part of the holidays, and our Savage Worlds licensees are our family. While they’ve been up to a lot this year, definitely worthy of a family letter, here’s some of their most recent activities:

Be sure to check ’em out!


The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp Available for Deadlands Noir

The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp Adventure for Deadlands NoirThe Crescent City is a mecca for bottom-feeders, a place where big trouble can rise from the smallest of things. So it is with The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp, an adventure for Deadlands Noir.

Things start out small—and simple—enough. Soon, your missing person’s case involves murder, magic, and mayhem. Soon, it becomes a diabolical tale of corrupt politicians, the Black Hand, and deep secrets as old as the Big Easy itself!

Don’t be a Prawn of Fate. With this 46-page full-length adventure written by Jason Mical and John Goff, take charge of the destiny of a handful of very unlucky palookas today!


Have a Happy Holiday Game!

Savage Worlds Free DownloadsGive the gift of gaming with a holiday-themed Savage Worlds game night! The Nutcrackers, Winter Break, and Silent Night, Hungry Night are all ready-to-go holiday adventures on our Savage Worlds One Sheets page.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out our full line of other Savage Worlds Downloads, all available at the same low price—absolutely free—for your downloadable enjoyment! Have an adventure or two on us, for the season or whenever your want!


One Shot Airs Deadlands Noir Actual Play Podcast!

Savage Worlds on the WebYou expect to find a lot of things in Deadlands Noir—murder, intrigue, greed, despair—but a festival of lights? That’s right, Hanukkah comes to the grimy streets of the Big Easy, and this year it’s been captured for your amusement!

The fine folks at One Shot podcast are releasing Eight Nights of Murder, their actual play podcast of Deadlands Noir. Follow along for a few weeks as One Shot walks you through a desperate city in a darker world of dire plots, and all you’ve got to do is listen.

But listen closely. You might be lucky with the dreidel, my friend, but the stakes are considerably higher than some chocolate gelt!


TAG’s Land of Fire Expands into the Southern Oceans!

Land of Fire Realm Guide to the Southern OceansBroaden your travel horizons in Triple Ace GamesLand of Fire setting with the newest Realm Guide—The Southern Oceans!

The turbulent coastal seas are a vital part of Al-Shirkuh’s trading and travel routes, linking all coastal cities in one vast maritime web. Ferry men, cargo, or anything you can dream of along the briny highways.

If you’re brave enough, take to the open ocean. While it’s generally avoided—with the fearsome giants, sea serpents, pirates, renegade djinn, and immense likelihood of death—the storyteller’s lures of islands littered with gems, ancient ruins stacked with golds, and lost magic undreamed of by modern man have sent more than one adventuresome sort into the glittering blue-green unknown!

Weigh anchor, hoist the sails, and follow in the Sinbad’s “sailsteps” with

  • Over a dozen locations on and beneath the waves,
  • More information on Upuaut, the god of travel, and other minor sea deities,
  • Setting rules for nautical travel, new ships, and underwater combat,
  • Eleven new monsters, and
  • The Brotherhood of Sinbad!

The Apex of Presents—The Pinnacle Gift Certificate!

Pinnacle Gift CertificateStop struggling with what to give that Savage gamer in your life! With a Pinnacle Gift Certificate, they can choose exactly the right thing for themselves from the Pinnacle Web Store. With both physical books and PDFs, we’re sure to have something that will make them as happy as they are rerolling a d6 the seventh time!

And don’t worry about the budget—you set the amount for each Pinnacle Gift Certificate when you buy it! Whether you want to give someone across the globe a stocking stuffer or really spoil your Savage Worlds-playing neighbor, we’ve got you covered.


Savage Retailer Holiday Bundles—for a Limited Time!

Savage Retailers ProgramThe limited-time Savage Retailer Holiday Bundle is a merry Christmas special for everyone in the Savage Retailer program! Let us help you stuff your shelves and stockings with all the most popular Savage Worlds products at special pricing with free shipping—not even a reindeer feed upcharge!

For the best holiday deals on Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition, Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion, Savage Worlds Horror Companion, Savage Worlds Action/Adventure Decks, Deadlands: Reloaded Player’s Guide Explorer’s Edition, and Deadlands: Reloaded Marshal’s Handbook Explorer’s Edition, sign up on the Savage Retailer Registration page.* You’ll be the first to hear about limited-access specials, have access to special sales support materials, and be listed on the Savage Retailer page so more customers can find you more easily! You’ve got nothing to lose, my friend!

I did say “for a limited time,” though. Be sure to get your Savage Retailer Holiday Bundle before December 31, or you’ll miss out!

If you’re not a retailer, you can find your closest participating store on the Savage Retailer page. Heck, you might even want to point your local friendly game store at the page so they can join up!

*If you’re an existing member of the Savage Retailer program, you should have received information from Jodi Black, Pinnacle’s Marketing Manager. Contact her for any additional details you might need.


It’s an Achtung! Cthulhu Christmas Bundle Special!

Achtung! CthulhuThe stars are right—or very, very wrong—and Achtung! Cthulhu is now upon you for the holidays! Not only are Modiphius‘ Achtung! Cthulhu Investigator’s Guide and Achtung! Cthulhu Keeper’s Guide available in all their Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu dual-statted glory, but they’re available as a two-book special Christmas bundle!

Discover the dark and secret struggles shrouded in World War Two between both men and inhuman things. Cling desperately to your sanity and health as you try to save a world you increasingly worry is doomed from one of many sources of apocalypse. Fight the good fight.

Pick up your own copy from Modiphius.comRPGNow, or DriveThruRPG just in time for the holidays—whatever slithery, mind-altering, otherworldly holidays you might celebrate…



Weird Wars Rome Gets Physical!

Weird Wars Rome DiceWeird Wars Rome stretches beyond the confines of recent electronic PDF releases and breaks into the world of physical products! With a shipping date of mid-December, everyone can now literally put their hands on several Weird Wars Rome products.

First and foremost, the Weird Wars Rome core book is available in both softcover and limited-edition hardcover, as well as several bundle options to get print and PDF copies together at a significant discount! Become a part of a history darker than you know in an Empire more hard-fought than you ever imagined.

Every good leader has things he must know—and secrets he must keep! The Weird Wars Rome GM Screen will help you do exactly that. As battle rages across the three-sided landscape facing your players, all the most important charts, tables, and references will be quickly at hand. The 32-page Nox Germanica adventure—a desperate tale of blood and battle with rebellious barbarians and their sinister allies—is also included.

Sturdy, double-sided, erasable poster maps will also be shipping. Choose from either a Frontier Fortress/Village or the Druid Circle/Village to bring your Weird Wars Rome—or any other—game to life on the table!

And how can you seek the blessing of Fortuna without paying her homage? Our customized Weird Wars Rome Dice would be most pleasing to both of you! Five Roman red dice with Imperial gold numbering comes with a custom Weird Wars Rome Wild Die to complete the set.

With a shipping date of mid-December, they’re the perfect gift for Saturnalia (or any other holiday you might celebrate around that time)!