Celebrate 10 Years of Savage Worlds at MACE!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouNow’s the time to plan ahead for what may be the highest concentration of Pinnacle staffers in a very long time—MACE 2013! Don’t believe me? Here’s a list:

We’ll be all over the place, but especially at Savage Saturday Night! In honor of Savage Worlds’ tenth anniversary, MACE and Beautiful Brains Books & Games will be hosting a special “post-party” at midnight. I hear there’ll be cake, soda, laughter, reminiscing, and the ritual watching-Steve-fall-asleep—all things not to miss!

See you there!

* I have no doubt she’ll tell me that should be “Force With Which to Be Reckoned”!


Visit Goblin Beat’s Shadow Island!

Shadow Island from Goblin BeatOur friends at the Goblin Beat have expanded their domain from podcasting and reviews to game publishing! Their first release, Shadow Island, is a Savage Worlds adventure for Seasoned characters in a fantasy setting.

Can your band of heroes defeat the evil that shrouds the coastal village of Glencrest? Can you break the foul bonds of necromancy chaining the village to a dark island estate? Will you bring hope or provide another example of the futility of resistance?

If you’re not the type to mind spoilers, the Goblin Beat even has a link to an actual play of a Shadow Island playtest!




Deadlands Noir Accessories for Everyone!

Deadlands Noir Accessories from the Pinnacle Web StoreHave you been jealously eyeing the goodies your buddies got from the Deadlands Noir Kickstarter—or wishing you’d signed up for more stuff yourself? Then, my friend, your day is about to get brighter than a Hexaco dock fire! It takes three things to get along in these tough times— somewhere to be, something to do, and a whole lotta’ luck on your side—and they’re all available to the right Joe with a little scratch.

When it’s time to quit pounding the streets and go somewhere special, we’ve got what you need with new Deadlands Noir Combat Maps! From offices and theaters that could be anywhere in New Orleans to ramshackle cabins that could only be in the bayou, you’re all set! These 24″ x 32″ maps are foldable and ready to take on any style marker—dry-erase, wet-erase…even permanent—that you care to throw at ’em. If you’re the type who can never work with a paper map, PDFs are available, too!

When the action really starts, there’s no better way to track it in style than with the newly-available Deadlands Noir Action Deck! Get a double-pack of elegantly crafted cards from Cheyenne Wright, an artist with more Hugo awards than a two-fingered fella’ can count!

And when the chips are really down, there’s one more thing you need—more chips! Put Lady Luck on your side with the Deadlands Noir Bennies, and get 20 more chances with these casino-quality agen sbobet poker chips.

Don’t be in the dark, mon ami. Check out the whole line of Deadlands Noir goodies today!


Exclusive One-Sheets at Savage Retailers!

Savage Retailer Exclusive One SheetsWould you like to see the Savage One-Sheet Crypt of the Scaled Ones? How about Death Worm, Old Todd Passage, or even Sinister Sorority Secret? They all come with characters, figure flats, and maps, and they’re all free!

The only way to get your paws on these goodies is to find them at an official Savage Retailer. Check the Savage Retailer page for the store nearest you.

If you don’t spot one, don’t lose heart. The Savage Retailer program is still very new, you can help spread the word by sending your local stores to the Savage Retailer Registration page, and you’ll probably need that heart for something important later!

If you’ve got any questions about the Savage Retailer program, shoot a note to our new Marketing Manager Jodi Black for more details!


Fae Nightmares Comes to Kickstarter!

Fae Nightmares Kickstarter ProjectEnter a shadowy war between Fae Courts as you’re thrown headlong into a world of extremes and contradictions. Adapt to the new reality as you change into something both less and more than human—or die trying!

Fae Nightmares is a modern urban fantasy setting for Savage Worlds from Dark Smile Games. In addition to your classic Celtic Fae, the game is flavored with a dash of North America—from Native American legends to urban myths to lumberjack tall tales.

Be sure to check out the Fae Nightmares Kickstarter project today and fill those dimly-lit corners of your town with even darker dreams!


Los!—New from Wendigo Tales!

Los! from Wendigo TalesThe life of a German submariner is unpleasant enough—the cramped quarters, enemy ships, and constant, crushing threat of the ocean herself—but the men of U-Boat 532 have a new and mysterious torpedo aboard, as well as a secretive staff of SS officers who watch over it. What is this new weapon? Why do sounds come from within it? Will it be the doom of the Allies…or the doom of the crew?

Los! is written by Timothy Brian Brown (yes, the Tim Brown of Dark Sun and Dragon Kings fame) and is set in the world of Weird Wars. It joins TeufelshundeHellfighterNo Man’s LandWith Utmost DispatchWithout Fear, and Texter in our new (and expanding!) line of e-fiction, Wendigo Tales.


Dragon Kings Comes to Kickstarter!

Dragon Kings Kickstarter ProjectFace the wrath of a violent world suffering after the inexplicable disappearance of the benevolent Dragon Kings. Protect the innocent, seek the lost Dragon Kings, and restore some shred of justice to a civilization on the brink of destruction!

Cold Skins and Krikis grow numerous, bold, and threatening the play a crucial roll in the game. Desperate cities struggle against marauders stalking ever closer to their tumbling walls. Magic, old and new, dark and light, mystic and not, flows through the hands the powerful, seldom to anyone else’s benefit.

Dragon Kings is a new fantasy game world conceived and presented in fiction, art, and music simultaneously by Timothy Brown—co-creator of Dark Sun and 2300AD (and author of Los!). Dragon Kings will be released as a system-neutral world book, with complimentary PDFs to support various rules systems, including Savage Worlds!

Be sure to check out the Dragon Kings Kickstarter project today. Listen to new song clips as they’re released, see new art and maps, and discover the expanding lore of the game world!


Achtung! Cthulhu—The Epic Showdown Approaches!

Achtung! Cthulhu Showdown CampaignModiphius Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are excited to announce the upcoming Achtung! Cthulhu: Showdown! game. Launching in spring 2014 with the awesome Achtung! Cthulhu miniatures, Achtung! Cthulhu: Showdown! is a stand-alone miniatures rulebook and full campaign setting—now skirmish players can dive right in to the world of Achtung! Cthulhu.

Think you’re excited? Check out what our own Shane Hensley has to say:

“We’ve been dying to see one of our Savage Worlds licensees do a big, full-blown Showdown miniatures game for some time. Modiphius has truly impressed us with Achtung! Cthulhu, and when we saw the incredible miniatures and terrain for the game Mark Margraf created for it at GenCon 2013, we knew this was something truly special. We can’t wait to get some lead painted and play it ourselves!”

So if you’re as interested in a game with all the rules and setting information you need for a campaign following Charlie Company through the Forest of Fear, if you want play out the Secret War with typical World War Two troops and Mythos creatures, or if you just want to know more about it, be sure to check out the full details on the Modiphius site today!


Rogue Warden Interviews Our Own Shane Hensley

Savage Worlds Interviews on the WebRogue Warden interviewed Pinnacle’s illustrious leader Shane Hensley. If you’re interested in some of Shane’s thoughts on the RPG industry, industry awards, or personal tidbits from Pinnacle’s past, be sure to read the interview today!

As a rare and special bonus, you’ll get to see Shane field questions that he admits he hasn’t gotten in an interview before! With questions like that, you know there’s bound to be answers you’ve never heard before, too!


Wild Card Creator 1.0 Released!

Wild Card Creator from Journeyman GamesJourneyman Games has released the 1.0 version of Wild Card Creator, their Savage Worlds character creator tool. Be sure to give it a look!

Wild Card Creator  lets you import content directly from your Savage Worlds PDF files. It already supports content from the most popular settings, including Pinnacle’s recent Deadlands Noir and newly-released Weird Wars Rome. Journeyman Games’ goal is to support every published setting from over 20 licensees within a year!

You can also export your character directly to a form-fillable PDF character sheet, including the Fantasy Companion character sheet released just last week.