Red Blizzard: New from Silver Gryphon

Driving through forlorn countryside in the dark and the snow is a nightmare, but that nightmare is just beginning. A sudden accident leaves you stranded, a victim to the storm, until a helpful stranger happens by and offers to put you up for the night. There’s no way you can survive the darkening snow, but can you survive a kindly offer of hospitality?

Silver Gryphon’s Red Blizzard is 29 pages of adventure by Shannon Patrick and Kevin Rohan, featuring the art of Storn Cook and the colors of Ben Overmyer. Red Blizzard is available from Silver Gryphon directly or from DriveThruRPG.


Pinnacle a Gen Con Premier Group!

SavageWorldsAtGenConCongratulations to members of the Savage Worlds Explorer’s Society for making Pinnacle one of the 2012 Premier Groups at Gen Con! Your volunteerism and running games at Savage Saturday Night made it all possible!

Thanks to you, Pinnacle will have a more visible position at Gen Con and will get priority placement of events. Keep up the good work, and remember that turning in your tickets is key to keeping us in the spotlight for Gen Con game placement!


Visit the Yaurcoan Empire!

YuarcoanEmpireGun Metal Games has released Yuarcoan Empire, the first supplement for their Totems of the Dead setting.

The Yaurcoan Empire is a land of mystery in the Untamed Lands. Far to the south, it rules over the great mountains and cloud wrapped valleys of the mighty Andred Mountains. The Yaurcoa have forged a great empire of powerful armies, skilled craftsmen, and mighty cities and roads. It is only now coming into its own power, struggling to overcome a recent and brutal civil war. Are you strong enough to survive, much less rule?


Experience the “Magic” of World War I

KaisersGateArtThe Savage Worlds community has taken to Kickstarter projects like nobody’s business, and that trend continues with Kaiser’s Gate from Battlefield Press. They’ve already exceeded their first four stretch goals with nearly three weeks remaining! If you’ve not checked it out already, visit the Kaiser’s Gate Kickstarter page.

Immediately after the Tunguska explosion in Siberia in 1908, energy portals appeared across the globe, usually preceded by strange or intense weather—Arizona snows, Egyptian sandstorms, and Bavarian rains of trout. Magic may have returned to the world, but war certainly has as well in this alternate history, genre-blending fantastic take on World War One.


Horror Creeps Across the Land—in Paperback!

The Horror Companion print copies are spreading a cold cloak of dark terror upon a world only newly turned to spring.* Beginning this week, copies will ship to distributors and those who preordered. Next week, you’ll start seeing them in stores.

With new rules for portents, playing monsters, buckets o’ blood, ritual casting, sanity, and gear, the Horror Companion will spice up your creepiest settings. Add in a series of Setting Rules, over a hundred new monsters made for horror (but useable anywhere), and tips for keeping the tone of terror, and it becomes a must-have!

But all tales of terror have a treacherous twist; this one is no different. With the release of the printed books, the Horror Companion Preorder Bundle will vanish like weak resolve in the face of fear. The bundle savings will disappear by Tuesday, April 3. The dark forces coming for you won’t delay—why should you?

*Those of you in the southern hemisphere should read that as “upon a world quickly turning from the sun.”


See the Green World in Beasts & Barbarians

Green WorldThe Dread Sea Dominions is not a place most would normally call “pleasant,” but you’ve woken up in a lovely green forest. And that certainly seems to be a pretty girl lying next to you. Now, if only you could remember how you came to be here…

Ancient sorceries, alien creatures that would make anyone shiver, and an old friend await you in Green World, the third adventure in the Beasts and Barbarians series, GRAmel’s sword and sorcery setting for Savage Worlds.


TAG’s G-Men & Gangsters—Taking Tiny Tommy Guns to the Tabletop!

G-Men & GangstersExtra! Extra! A Nation Divided! Crime Rampant!

It’s 1936, and America is a land in trouble. The Union is shattered, criminals control many cities, and violence is a way of life. Every day, federal agents from America’s rival nations battle it out against vicious criminal gangs for control of the streets using armored cars, weird science, and excessive firepower. It’s Good Guys vs. Bad Guys. Which side are you on?

Grab a copy of Triple Ace Games’ G-Men & Gangsters for Savage Showdown and you’ll get:

  • A history of a divided America
  • Complete setting rules for running urban battles
  • A custom Freak Events Table
  • Scenarios and Ace Tales ready to play off the page
  • Stats for Common Troops, six Good Guy Factions (including the Bureau of Vehicular Crime, Canadian Mounties, and Rocket Rangers), six Bad Guy Factions (including the Chickago Bunnies, Doctor Destructo, and Seven Dragon Brotherhood), and three Neutral Factions
  • Stats for a range of armored and armed vehicles
  • Complete set of unit cards designed for easy reference and play

Remember, G-Men & Gangsters: The Gang Wars is a Savage Showdown setting. The great news is that Savage Showdown, Pinnacle’s tactical miniatures combat rules, are available for free!


KantCon 2012 Kickstarter Closing

There’s still a few days left to get in on KantCon’s 2012 Preregistration Kickstarter Campaign. With your help and enthusiasm, they reached their first stretch goal—importing our own Shane Hensley, author of Savage Worlds and founder of Pinnacle Entertainment. So, if you want to see Shane and Kansas at the same time, KantCon 2012 is your big chance!

They’ve also met their next few stretch goals, which really sweeten the pot for anyone pledging $50 or more. It’s not too late to get on board or upgrade your existing pledge to $50 or more, so drop by the KantCon Kickstarter today!KantCon 2012


Get a Little Taste of War Today

The Last Sons Player's GuideSo, you want to know your way around the bloodiest parts of the Weird West without looking behind the curtain of War’s secrets? We’ve got you covered.

The Last Sons Player’s Guide is now available, and it covers all the new player options—like new Edges, Hindrances, powers, and gear—that you need to expand the horizons of your Deadlands games, leaving the full-scale, all-out battle of a Plot Point Campaign for your Marshal’s eyes only. Round out your native heroes and get a deeper glimpse into the shadowy world of secret agents.

You wanna’ know the best part, partner? The Last Sons Player’s Guide is totally free to download along with The Flood Player’s Guide from the Pinnacle Downloads page. Don’t miss out on any of your Weird West options just ’cause you didn’t click on ’em!

Of course, if you want the full experience of The Last Sons, don’t let me stop you from getting The Last Sons PDF, preorderin’ a print copy of The Last Sons, or even goin’ whole hog and gettin’ The Last Sons Preorder Bundle. The choice is yours, amigo, but choose wisely!


Deadlands Minis—Walkin’ Tall and on the Wall

Texas Ranger (Female)WallcrawlerSure, the Weird West is a place full o’ danger and doom. Terror lurks under every rock and ’round every corner. Woe stalks men down the trail like the vengeful skeleton of a horse left for dead. But it’s also a place of equal opportunity, partner!

Sometimes, Law can be just as much a lady as Luck. Bring her to your table with the new Female Texas Ranger mini. Even if her eyes are more stunning than steeley, her gun’s filled with the same hot lead, and she’s already got a date with Justice. Perhaps you best do as she says or just move along.

O’ course, equal opportunity ain’t all well and good—sometimes it just means you can be jumped from any angle, up, down, or sideways. There’s no better way to bring that to your game than with the new Wallcrawler mini. Sure, you watch your back in a fight, but the ceiling!?

Be sure to check out Reaper’s Savage Worlds miniature line for anything you mighta’ missed, amigo.