Come See Us at a Con Near You!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouOur Pinnacle Convention Schedule is up to date for the summer convention season (and, in some cases, beyond)! We’d love to see you, so find the most convenient convention for you and come visit with us.

We’ll be updating the schedule as the convention season goes on, but don’t be too surprised if one of us appears someplace unannounced. We can be crafty that way, you know.


Live-Streamed Savage Worlds Gaming!

Rob's Game GroupR.G.G. (Rob’s Game Group)* would like to invite you to join them every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm Eastern for their Savage Worlds: War of the Dead role-playing game.

They broadcast the game live*. There’s always an open chat where you can ask questions about the characters and system they’re playing, and they let viewers take part by voting for what happens at certain points during the game.

And there are prizes, too! This week they’ll will be giving away a $20.00 gift card to our own Pinnacle Entertainment Group PDF Store! Join ’em for a reality show done “gamer style” and win yourself some Savage Worlds goodies while you’re at it!

*ADULT CONTENT WARNING: It’s a live game feed of uncensored players. Since we typically keep our news links capped at roughly PG-13, we wanted to make sure you were aware that the feed is unfiltered.


Shane at San Diego’s Game Empire Saturday, May 4

Savage Worlds Coming to a Town Near You!Drop by Game Empire in sunny San Diego this Saturday, May 4, for your chance to meet with our own founder and president, Shane Hensley! He’ll be there from about 1:00 to 2:00 pm, just to see you!

He’s happy to answer questions about our games, your games, breaking into the electronics game industry, or pretty much whatever you’re interested in.

Have any books you’ve always wanted him to sign? Bring ’em on by!

Not sure how to get there? They’ve got a map!

There’s more information on Facebook, but be sure to spread the word the old-fashioned way. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your family, and come on down!


Hell on Earth Form-Fillable Character Sheet Available

Hell on Earth: Reloaded Character SheetThe character sheet for Hell on Earth: Reloaded is now available as a free download!

If you’re lucky enough to still have a workin’ hand with the right number of fingers, you can just print it off and fill it in yourself. Jot down the numbers and you can really be someone in the post-apocalyptic wastes of Hell on Earth!

If you’re lucky enough to still have workin’ tech, you can fill the character sheet in electronically, save it, and print it all you like!

However you do it, you have the option of the full-color character sheet from Hell on Earth: Reloaded or a printer-friendly black-and-white version. The layers are already there—all you have to do is pick the one you want.


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You can now have our weekly updates and Pinnacle news delivered directly to your e-mail! It’s as easy as one, two, three—click the subscribe button on the right of the home page, enter your e-mail address, and click Submit. You’re all set.

Each week you’ll receive the Tuesday updates straight to your e-mail. You’ll also get occasional updates directly from us (like special sales or Kickstarter announcements). Don’ worry—we won’t spam you, we won’t sell your information, and we’ll keep the traffic light. Honest, we like you too much to treat you like that!


Shane Hensley in San Diego on May 4

Savage Worlds Coming to a Town Near You!Our own Shane Hensley is going to be visiting sunny San Diego on May 4. If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and see him.
But don’t listen to me. Here’s what Shane himself has to say:

For my San Diego friends,

I’ll be hanging out at Game Empire in your beautiful city Saturday, May 4th, from about 1:00 to 2:00 pm. I’m happy to sign books, answer questions about our games, give you some advice on your game or breaking into the electronics game industry, or whatever you’re interested in.

Please spread the word, and I’ll see you there. ;-)

More information is available on Facebook.


Metacreator Expands Savage Worlds Support

Metacreator from AlterEgo SoftwareMetacreator character management software has just released a new template to handle the Horror Companion for Savage Worlds. Check it out and make your ineffable terror a little easier to manage.

The core program also has updates available for full support of Savage Worlds Deluxe and the most recent version of 50 Fathoms! Check the AlterEgo Software page for these and other improvements.


New Adventures in Jalizar, City of Thieves, for Beasts & Barbarians

The Crying Mother for Beasts & BarbariansIt should’ve been an easy job. A rich merchant, a fat purse, and a dagger in the night. But life in the City of Thieves is never that easy.

GRAmel brings you The Crying Mother, an adventure filled with rooftop chases, terrible nightmares, swordfights, and an ancient gift from a mother to her beloved son. This is the first adventure for Beasts & Barbarians, their sword-and-sorcery setting for Savage Worlds, in the recently-released city of Jalizar.


Deadlands Trail Guides & Manitou Bluff Make Their Return!

Return to Manitou Bluff and Deadlands Trail Guides, Volume OnePrint versions of Return to Manitou Bluff and Deadlands Trail Guides, Volume 1 are now in stock and ready to ship, amigos.

Return to Manitou Bluff is an adventure for Legendary Rank heroes, including all the people, places, and plots you need to run this epic tale. Take care, amigo! Things aren’t always what they seem, and sometimes death—or somethin’ worse—is hiding just around the bend. If your Legendary posse is looking for more excitement after completing The Flood, there’s no better place to send ‘em than Manitou Bluff!

If you’ve got a ghoulish sort of curiosity, you might want to check out the Special Perdition Supplement of the Tombstone Epitaph. Read what the finest paper in the Weird West has to say about Clover Mesa without spending a nickel—plug, wooden, buffalo, or otherwise.

In the first three Deadlands Trail Guides, now compiled into one volume for ease of reference, you’ll take a tour of the less-traveled Weird West with your Epitaph correspondent Phineas P. Gage. This book includes Trail Guide: South o’ the Border, Trail Guide: Great Northwest, and Trail Guide: Weird White North.

Each Trail Guide offers you a closer look at the people, places, and—perhaps most important—things you’ll see in each region. And don’t forget the mini-Plot Point Campaigns and Savage Tales in each, as well. You’re bound to have fun or die tryin’!


GRAmel Taking Preorders for Nemezis and Jalizar, City of Thieves

Nemezis and Jalizar, City of Thieves, for Print PreorderGRAmel is taking preorders for print version of Nemezis, their dark space opera, and Jalizar, City of Thieves, an expansion for their sword-and-sorcery setting of Beasts & Barbarians.

Both books are available for print preorder or immediate PDF purchase. You can also get a print-PDF bundle preorder special for either—you’ll get the immediate PDF, the print book as soon as it’s available, and a handsome discount!

Whether your heading into a past we never had or a future we never want, let GRAmel take you there today!