Can’t Make Gen Con? Try ConFUSEcon!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouThis Saturday (August 12th), if you’re in the Richland, WA area (just a little over three hours’ drive from both Seattle and Portland, OR), head over to ConFUSEcon 3 at the Richland Public Library.

ConFUSECon is a totally free, family-friendly gaming event where you can learn and play a mix of boardgames and roleplaying games including, of course, Savage Worlds. There will be tournaments, prizes (including a few of the Savage variety), and friendly volunteers teaching and running games all day long.

Also, our resident webmasters Brendan and Sara Quinn (of Squid&Crow), will be on-hand ensuring everyone is having a great time!

ConFUSEcon is dedicated to creating an open and welcoming environment for tabletop and roleplaying game enthusiasts. Head over to now and register. Everyone, at any experience level, is welcome.


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Lastly, for those attending Gen Con next week, copies of all three issues of Savage Worlds Explorer will be available for purchase at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group booth (#1929).


Gen Con Swag for GMs – FINAL DAY for Embroidered Shirts!

Red ShirtIt’s the 1st of August and that means we’re just a couple weeks away from the start of Gen Con 50. My how time flies when you’re having fun!

For those running four or more official Savage Worlds games (those published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group) at Gen Con this year, we’ve got an incredible name-embroidered shirt for you to wear while you show your players a SAVAGE good time.

To ensure you don’t miss out, submit the Gen Con confirmation Email of all the Pinnacle games you’re running (plus the name you’d like on your shirt) to Jeannine at by the end of the day TODAY to ensure we get your shirt ordered in time! This is the FINAL DAY for submitting your info for a name-embroidered shirt! Don’t miss out!

After today, plain shirts (Savage Worlds logo on the back, but no embroidered name) will be available for sale.


All-New Deadlands Adventure PDF Now Available

DLR_Shootout_Circle-R_Corral_Cover_900While the new Deadlands adventure, Shootout at the Circle-R Corral originally appeared in the second jam-packed issue of Savage Worlds Explorer, you can now get your mitts on the PDF of the adventure alone for just $2.99!

Recommended for characters of Seasoned Rank or higher, Shootout at the Circle-R Corral, written by Brand Manager John Goff, pits the posse against the Iron Men, a gang of bank robbers that rely on a wild array of gizmos and weird science creations to give them a decided edge over any small-town law dogs that might oppose them.

This adventure is recommended for characters of Seasoned Rank or higher, and requires the Savage Worlds core rules plus the Deadlands Player’s Guide and Marshal’s Handbook to play.

To order a complete Print+PDF copy of Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 2, just go here.


A There Comes A Reckoning Update for Doomtown: Reloaded

12---Deed---Epitaph-Branch-Office[14663]Well, looky here, amigos! We’ve got yet another spoiler from There Comes a Reckoning, the upcoming expansion for Doomtown: Reloaded.

Say hello to the Tombstone Epitaph Branch Office! And speaking of news, as we gear up for the Kickstarter and Gen Con, our pardners over at Pine Box Entertainment will soon be featuring a week of articles written by the There Comes a Reckoning playtest team featuring the Servitors and strategies using the new Legend Card type.

There’s plenty to look forward to for Doomtown: Reloaded fans, so keep your eyes on us and the Pine Box Entertainment website so you don’t miss a thing.


Get the PDF of His Brother’s Keeper for Deadlands Noir

DLN_His_Brothers_Keeper_Cover_900Brand Manager John Goff takes us back to the 1930s in His Brother’s Keeper, a thrilling, all-new adventure for Deadlands: Noir set in New Orleans.

Originally published in the pages of Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 2, His Brother’s Keeper (now just $2.99 for the PDF) takes the heroes from the Garden District’s posh mansions to the edge of the bayous and back again. It contains a mix of investigation and combat, and is suitable for characters of all Ranks, although the Marshal may want to toughen up the foes for Veteran or higher characters.

This adventure requires the Savage Worlds core rules and Deadlands: Noir to play.

His Brother’s Keeper was originally published in the Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 2. For a Print+PDF copy, go here.


Savage Tales of the Red Band and The Lion Man Preview

TLP_Red_Band_Part_I_Cover_900We’re getting all sci-fi up in here with Savage Tales of the Red Band (Part I), by Brand Manager Matt Cutter and a Preview of the Lion Man playable race by Scott A. Woodard.

First, Savage Tales of the Red Band (Part I) is an ongoing serial for The Last Parsecthe parts of which can be assembled to form a loose Plot Point Campaign. While this first part of the serial originally appeared in the second issue of Savage Worlds Explorer, you can now grab the PDF on its own for just $2.99 and start playing among the stars right away.

During the early exploration of the Known Worlds, JumpCorp survey teams color-coded bands of expansion. For several decades, the “red band” proved the most dangerous—and the most profitable. Eventually, several of these trailblazing charters joined together to form the “Red Band Conglomerate.” Red Band is so large it defies any simple description, much like JumpCorp itself. Its charters participate in everything from galactic defense to the usual gamut of exploration, shipping, and R&D.

This adventure series requires the Savage Worlds core rules, the Science Fiction Companion, and The Last Parsec core rule book.

Second, we’ve got a sneak peek of the Lion Man playable race from the upcoming Flash Gordon Roleplaying Game, and this PDF is completely free (unlike the people of Mongo under Ming the Merciless!)

Savage Tales of the Red Band (Part I) and the Lion Man Preview were originally published in the Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 2. For a Print+PDF copy, go here.


Witness the Twilight of the New Dawn in this Weird War One Adventure

WWI_Twilight_of_the_New_Dawn_Cover_900Written by Weird Wars Brand Manager, Teller, Twilight of the New Dawn ($2.99 for the PDF) is an all-new adventure for Weird War One set in the final year of the Great War.

Originally published in Issue 2 of Savage Worlds Explorer, Twilight of the New Dawn details the event that leads to the end of the global conflict, one way or another, and should serve as the culmination of the other plot point campaigns. Successfully completing this mission will bring about the end of the centuries-long machinations of the cabal and smash the organization once and for all. Of course, if your players are not successful, the war will end in a catastrophe of Biblical proportions and usher in an age of darkness and despair.

This adventure requires the Savage Worlds core rules plus the Weird War I Player’s Guide and War Master’s Handbook to play.

Twilight of the New Dawn was originally published in Savage Worlds Explorer Issue 2. For a Print+PDF copy of the complete issue, go here.


The Forum is Dead! Long Live the Forum!

Savage Worlds Web ForumAs many of you are aware, we’ve had more than our fair share of issues with our older forum software. For a while now, we’ve been working hard to migrate all the information from the old forum to a new one, but after a valiant effort (and we’re talking Matrix-style virtual Kung Fu battles here), it simply proved impossible.

And so… we’ve decided to move forward with an entirely new forum system which we’re setting up right now and expect to go live next week right after the Tuesday Update!

And if you’re worried about all the old forum information, don’t panic! While we can’t migrate the data, we are setting up a separate archive site so it will be totally accessible (just not interactive). You’ll still be able to search for all your answers and in-depth discussions there.

As always, thanks for your patience as we’ve worked our way through to the best solution possible and we’ll see you all in the new forum next week!


Doomtown: Reloaded – Now Bigger and Better

Mockup_v4[14508]While we finalize all the details behind this here curtain, we wanted to share with you all exactly what we mean when we say “bigger and better.”

First off, Doomtown has always been a part of the Deadlands universe, but generally it has kept to its own sandbox. Now, with this next expansion, the game is directly, unequivocally, and officially tied to the entire Weird West!

Our previous title, “Tales From the Epitaph, didn’t really convey this significant change, so we’ve renamed it There Comes a Reckoning. You’ll see all the major Deadlands adversaries in the game including the four servitors: Reverend Grimme, Darius Hellstromme, Stone, and of course the one who started it all… Raven.*

We’ve also done more than just offer another Saddle Bag or Pine Box… We’ve created the TRUNK to help you house and organize your ENTIRE collection! This sturdy, heavy duty box not only contains There Comes a Reckoning, it also holds all your other cards, plus it comes with dividers to help you keep all six factions from quarreling with each other while you’re away. We’ll be sure to post some pics (inside and outside) of this bad boy soon!

When it comes time to support the Kickstarter, you’ll be able to pledge for just the cards, or for the deluxe Trunk, as you see fit, pardner!

Not only will you get a phenomenal new expansion and a heavy duty box to store everything in, to better integrate with the setting of the Deadlands roleplaying game, we’re including a gorgeous, full-color sourcebook for Doomtown: Reloaded with background and stats for the most interesting rascals, varmints, and critters found in the game… as well as featuring Ivor’s final stand on the cover, gloriously rendered by artist David Hammond.

And finally, we’re also including a complete copy of the rules, updated to the latest edition, featuring the most recent FAQ, and lavishly illustrated with some of the best art Doomtown has to offer!

We’ll let you all know the launch date just as soon as we nail down a few final details, but trust us… It won’t be much longer!

*For Deadlands RPG fans, this set comes before the events described in the Servitor Plot Point Campaigns. We’ll reflect those events as our timeline catches up in future updates.