The Whole Hole Now Available!

The Whole Hole: Volume 01, Keister IslandThe Whole Hole: A Gadabout’s Guide to Mutha Oith, Volume 01: Keister Island is the first in a series (That whole “Volume 01” makes a lot more sense now, don’t it?) of guidebooks and expansions for Low Life: Rise of the Lowly—a world gazillions of years in the future where the hoomanrace is extinct and everybody evolved from the dregs that survived the various cataclysms and apocalypses…your cockroaches, your worms, your snack cakes, and definitely your what-have-yous. The book is filled with the literally fantastic art of Andy Hopp.

Join intrepid gadabout Toucanacondor Flaminguez as he tours Keister Island. Explore dozens of locales, meet hundreds of peeps, examine new religions, gawp in awe at wondrous magics, and run in terror from a bunsload of horrifying monstrosities. Investigate the Fundamental nature of all things, dabble in smellcasting at the Garden of Smellemental Glee, chug suds with Floom’s elite, and marvel at the bottomless Keister of Gawd.

There’s new Edges and Hindrances, new PC species, new Setting Rules, and twenty pages of new monsters. Seriously, stop reading the description and just buy the goosin’ thing already.

The Whole Hole is an expansion for the Low Life RPG, an official Savage Setting, and uses the Savage Worlds rules.


Jackalopes Jumpin’ Into the Savage Worlds Minis Line

JackalopesRabbits may be cute, furry, and good luck unless you’re a garden crop, but jackalopes come armed with the horns of a dilemma. Can your posse survive the cloud of bad luck they bring across the Weird West?

The prairie tick swarms proved danger ain’t gotta’ be big, partner. These adorable li’l jackalopes prove it ain’t gotta’ be ugly, neither.

So as you go hoppin’ down the Chisholm Trail, don’t forget that Reaper’s full Savage Worlds miniature line may be comin’ with you. Best you see the whole range today in the light than tomorrow in the darkness, eh?


JourneyQuest Gets Savage on Film!

JourneyQuestSadly, that’s just not as salacious as it sounds. Our own Clint Black flew to Seattle to help our friends at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment satisfy one of their JourneyQuest Kickstarter rewards.

JourneyQuest is a hilarious fantasy web series brought to you by the makers of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. Their Kickstarter for Season 2 included an option to game with the cast, and one of the Brown Robe winners, Seth Davis, asked for a Savage Worlds game!

While Matt Vancil, JourneyQuest creator, ran the promised game, Clint ran a bonus game the day before for Seth, Matt, some of the JourneyQuesters, and our good friend Cheyenne Wright. The games have even become part of the JourneyQuest canon!

Oh, did I forget to mention some of that was captured on film? That’s right—with professional gamers, legitimate actors, and technical guys who know what they’re doing! As soon as we know what they’re going to do with that footage and have details on availability, we’ll let you know.


Beasts of the Dominions Expanding!

Beasts and Barbarians IndieGogoGRAmel’s Indiegogo campaign for Beasts of the Dominions has already exceeded their funding goals! Players of their Beasts & Barbarians sword-and-sorcery Savage Worlds setting can rejoice—or quake in fear, as appropriate.

But they’re not done with you yet. If you help them meet their stretch goal, an additional chapter, Disciples of the Black Temple, will be added to the book. Tall, gaunt men with dark staves, shapers of flesh, masters of shadow, and friends with death…just what every game needs, no?

Why not kill two birds with one sling stone. All contribution levels are still open, so you can help bring the Disciples of the Black Temple to print as well as becoming one yourself if you act soon!


Forge Con Hosts Part of the Pinnacle Crew

Forge ConventionForge Convention in Lexington, Kentucky will be hosting Clint Black, Jodi Black, and Joel Kinstle. The convention runs Friday through Sunday, May 25-27, which gives you Memorial Day free to do with as you please!

Come see the “Bizarro Vendor Hall”—it’s free and open to the public! Clint and Joel will be running games over the weekend, including a Savage Saturday Night with Tim Birch and his pirate flag. We’d love to see you.


Shane Talks with Hamis’hakia

Hamis'hakia - The Hebrew Gaming PodcastOur own Shane Hensley was a guest on a recent episode of Hamis’hakia, the Hebrew Gaming Podcast with interviewer Itamar Weisberg.

Interested in Shane’s history in gaming, his opinions on the gaming industry, or what he’s got to say about Savage Worlds? How about End of Nations? Be sure to listen to the interview for 38 minutes of gaming goodness.


Clint Black on Crucible of Realms Podcast

Crucible of RealmsOur own Clint Black guest-starred on the world-building podcast Crucible of Realms. Jim, Jon, and Kent—the hosts—join Clint in creating a fantasy megalopolis built to house the demon-riddled who are secretly shaping humanity’s future. No, really…and they did a nice job of it, too!

On a separate note, I feel compelled to give Crucible of Realms my kudos for having some of the most extensive timeline notes of any podcast I’ve ever seen!


Deadlands Noir—The Secret Setting Revealed!

Deadlands Noir

The year is 1935. New Orleans is one tough lady of a town. Some say her blood-red lipstick hides a heart of gold, others say it’s black as a killin’ bruise. Colorful, but a smart man don’t say nothin’ if he can avoid it—best to let the deadly secrets of the streets roll down the gutters like dirty rainwater.

This hard-boiled new setting brings the gritty history of the Deadlands world into the 1930s, giving you the shades of gray only a world of noir can deliver. Study the dangerous art of private detection in the city of New Orleans, solve whodunnits where both suspects and victims shoot back, venture into the gator-filled sludge of Louisiana’s deadly bayous, and learn just what the killer known only as “Stone” is doing in the Big Easy.

Deadlands Noir is also our first foray into Kickstarter. Even if you’re somehow not interested in the dizzying array of fabulous perks available, be sure to check out the first installment of the illustrated audio drama Hard Boiled in the Big Easy.

Since we first leaked a teaser about the new setting last Tuesday, we’ve been running a contest on our Facebook page to guess the name of the new setting. Give it a look-see for an explanation of the various clues and whether anyone guessed it correctly.


New Setting Revealed Next Week!

Savage Worlds Dawns on KickstarterIt’s like a revolution here at Pinnacle. We’ve got a new setting to talk about next week, and we’re going to try something new to us—Kickstarter! We’re even pretty sure what we’re doing with our Kickstarter is new, too!

Are we suffering from spring madness? Maybe. Are you suffering from insatiable curiosity? Probably. Do you desperately want a hint that’s almost certainly misleading? Well, let me oblige—the setting is something old with something new, where something dead can sing the blues…

You want better hints? You want more low-down? You want to visit our Facebook page!

Be sure to drop by next week for the full skinny.


A Trio of Thanks

This is a big week for thank-you holidays. Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day and World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. Sunday is Mother’s Day.

For most of us, our moms and our teachers helped shape our childhoods and the “grown-ups” we’ve become. If you follow the news for a roleplaying game company like us, odds are very high you’re more of a reader than most folks, and there’s almost certainly someone who helped guide you that direction. Statistically, it was your mom or a teacher. If nothing else, please thank them on our behalf for helping, in some small way, to lead you to us.

For many of us touched by disasters—from flood to famine, tornado to tsunami, earthquake to evacuation—the Red Cross and Red Crescent is one of the first agencies there to help. For 181 years now, they have been working to alleviate suffering, whether by well-reported relief efforts or quiet CPR training and blood drives in your neighborhood.

I urge you to take some time this week and say thanks. Whether it was your biological mother, an aunt, or even a neighbor, there’s probably someone who’d love to hear from you. Send a note to your old teacher, or volunteer in a classroom. Help the effort by giving blood or being prepared by taking a CPR or life-guarding course.

For our international friends, you most likely have similar holidays. Even if they aren’t celebrated now in your country, especially if you don’t know when they are, I encourage you to join us over the next week in appreciation.