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Pinnacle Coming to Aethercon, RinCon, Great Falls, and MACE!

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouLooking for the convention-sized fun of meeting the Pinnacle crowd without the travel? Join us this weekend for a roundtable discussion with the creators from Pinnacle Entertainment Group* Saturday, October 11, 2:00 pm ET. This event is being sponsored by Aethercon (coming in November) and will be available later as a podcast episode if you miss it live.

Not quite willing to forgo the fun of meeting us face-to-face? You can catch John Goff at the Great Falls Gaming Rendezvous in Great Falls, Montana. This is your chance to talk to John away from the rest of us, where he might be more willing to spill secrets and dish the juicy gossip! Don’t miss it.

If you’re a little more southerly this weekend, drop by RinCon in Tucson, Arizona. You can catch Pinnacle founder, president, and jefe-muy-mucho** Shane Hensley. In fact, he’s a featured RinCon Guest of Honor! If you’re in the area, drop by and say “Hi.”

And in the not-as-far-as-it-once-was future, you can find a bunch of us at MACE in Charlotte, North Carolina, November 7-9. But there’ll be more on that later.***

* Yes, that’s us, but who doesn’t like to talk about themselves in the third person now and again? “Not he,” says I!
** And a shout goes out to my Spanish teachers, who are probably now embarrassed to be associated with me.
*** I would like to dedicate this paragraph of two lonely sentences that both start with conjunctions to all my old English teachers who would shake their heads in disappointment if they were reading right now. To you! — Joel


The Last Parsec Kickstarter Really Takes Off!

The Last Parsec Deaders PosterThe Last Parsec Kickstarter project is still doing very well, and we have you to thank for that! For your direct support and contributions, we thank you, and for all your indirect support in spreading the word to others, we thank you just as much. Right now we’re at 650% funded, and we’ve got two more weeks to go!

For more Last Parsec materials, get the latest Last Parsec Design Diary in which we discuss faster-than-light travel. We’ve also got a new One Sheet for you to try—Ghosts in the Machine by Matthew Cutter. Freebies will continue to pile up in the right column of the Last Parsec page on our website, so keep an eye out.

Curious about what other people have to say? Check out Rob Justice’s remarks and be sure to read the hilarious Last Parsec: Chow Time playtest write-up on Living for Crits.

You can also catch a couple of Q&As with the authors: John Goff on Gamer XP and Matthew Cutter on Geeknative.

Be sure to watch here or the Last Parsec Kickstarter updates page for more news as it comes!


New Wendigo Tale—How the Life Goes On

The Last Parsec: How the Life Goes On from Wendigo TalesAfter a horrible accident takes his wife, Captain Desmond Jones decides it’s time throw in the towel. Just as he’s about to tender his resignation, his crew steps in and is able to convince him to make one last run. Together they journey to a strange little planet shrouded in mystery and promise. It’s a job that, by means he never could have imagined possible, will change Desmond’s life forever.

How the Life Goes On, the fifth Wendigo Tale for The Last Parsec, is now available. Author Michael Conn takes you into the mysteries of deep space and beyond to the most uncharted territories of all!

How the Life Goes On joins Christine Thompson’s Echoes, John Wick’s A Clear Understanding of Honor, Shane Hensley’s  The Searchers, and Cameron Dayton’s Scrapped in Wendigo Tales Season 3.

Answer the siren call of deep space and learn her cold, dark secrets—get your Last Parsec Wendigo Tales today!

Hell On Earth Releases One Week Nearer…

Hell on Earth CultistsLast week, we told you that the Hell on Earth Companion and The Worms’ Turn Plot Point Campaign were coming in October. We also said exactly when would be a surprise…and it still is!

They’re not here this week, but who knows what the future holds? If we did, would we make it Hell on Earth?

Don’t despair—we wouldn’t just tease you for fun. Until that hallowed day of delivery, enjoy your very own set of cultists from the upcoming books, from the hand of Jon Taylor.

Celebrate the Deadlands Renaissance with What a Man’s Got to Do

Deadlands: What a Man's Got to DoVisionary Comics is celebrating the spread of Deadlands! With the relaunch of the Deadlands comics from Visionary, the impending release of the Dead Man’s Hand trade paperback from IDW, the upcoming prose novels with Tor, and the and television development, there’s a lot to hoot about. Heck, even  ICv2 is in on the Deadlands news!

When we say “impending release” of Dead Man’s Hand, we mean it. You can start ordering that at your friendly local game or comic shop this January.

Visionary is even helping you get in the mood with an original Deadlandsshort story by our own Big Bug o’ the Weird West, Matt Cutter. Take ride down a dark trail and see exactly What a Man’s Got to Do!

Go to ETU On-Line with Fantasy Grounds East Texas University Extension!

East Texas University for Fantasy GroundsNot sure if the college experience (of fleeing in terror and trying to keep the world safe, anyway) is something you can fit into your day? Now, with Fantasy GroundsEast Texas University Extension, you can desperately try to survive college from the comfort of your own home!

Grab a few friends, fire up the internet, and enjoy an East Texas University education in the warm glow of your very own monitor today!

The Last Parsec Kickstarter Rockets out of the Gates!

The Last Parsec Kickstarter Project The Last Parsec Kickstarter project is off to a stellar start!* Thanks to you, we funded in an hour and are currently a little over 500% funded.

With such a strong start, you’ve already unlocked a number of our Stretch Goals, including the original soundtrack The Jump by fan favorite Harry Mack, the customized Last Parsec Wild Die, and a cargoload of PDF files—custom GM Screen Inserts, the Enigma Equation adventure, digital ship maps, a dozen full-color full-page Last Parsec Character Archetypes, and the full-length adventure Pranac Pursuit!

With so many goals achieved and so many other good ones on the endless horizon, there’s never been a better time to join as a backer or to bring your friends to the party! Futile Position, Tales from the Savage Troll, and Halfway Station are all spreading the word through their blogs. We’re curious to see what sorts of different ways you can come up to spread the word on the The Last Parsec Kickstarter project. If you do something particularly creative, clever, or interesting, please be sure to drop Jodi Black a note and let us know!

If you’re still thinking about it, check out the latest The Last Parsec Wendigo Tale or the totally-free Last Parsec Primer. We know you’ll be back for more.

* You probably deserve an apology for that cheap wordplay. Unfortunately, my apolo-jet printer is out of ink right now. Check back next week.

Echoes: A New Wendigo Tale of The Last Parsec

Echoes: A Wendigo Tale of The Last ParsecLieutenant J.G. Sara Pike lost everything when her sister was killed in action on a JumpCorp mission. Now everything Sara thought was gone is coming back to haunt her, and the secrets won’t stay buried.

Echoes, the fourth Wendigo Tale for The Last Parsec, is now available. Follow author Christine Thompson into space, where people don’t even manage to die like they do planetside!

Echoes joins John Wick’s A Clear Understanding of Honor, Shane Hensley’s  The Searchers, and Cameron Dayton’s Scrapped in Wendigo Tales Season 3.

Why stick with the standard terrestrial fare? Start reading beyond the horizon today!

Bring ETU to Life with New Figure Flats!

ETU: Heroes of ETU Figure FlatsMake your campus bustle with life, activity, and people of all sorts—get the newest set of paper minis, ETU: Heroes of ETU Figure Flats! You’ll get dozens of characters made to walk the halls of ETU —or anywhere else you need them, for that matter.

Each full-color Figure Flat is a 28mm scale character ready for use. You can put them together as columns, tents, or with bases to suit your style, and print as many of them as you need.

The next best thing to a college tour is checking out all the fine products we’ve got ready for East Texas University. Be sure to set a bookmark, because we’re adding more all the time!